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Help! Support the Daily Peloton
By Staff
Date: 6/4/2010
Help! Support the Daily Peloton

Help! the Daily Peloton
An open letter to our readers and friends... The Daily Peloton needs your support

Celebrating our tenth year!

The Daily Peloton comes to you free every day. However, our current advertising revenue is not sufficient to cover our server and other costs that make the site possible. We would like to continue creating the DP as we have the last nine years; with your support it will be possible.

To be completely frank it's been a tougher year than most; not surprisingly due to the current economic conditions. We hate to ask; but when big races like tour of Missouri have to ask for donations and others disappear from the pro calendar. Our server rents, and other expenses are due July first, so we need your help today.

If you would like to support our continuing efforts to bring you unique and entertaining coverage of races like the Tour de France, please click on the Paypal link below to and send a donation to support the Daily Peloton. We appreciate help and support. (More below)

If you would like to advertise on our site, contact us.

Help the Daily Peloton

Other ways you can help:

  • If you work for, or know a company involved in manufacturing, distributing bikes, clothing or other associated products or services suggest that they support us by advertising on the DP. Our advertising is both economical and effective.
  • Tell a friend; If you have a blog or personal website, link to the DP, a simple thing but it will help others learn about us.

The DP crew

About the Daily Peloton: The Daily Peloton was launched in Spring of 2001 in England as: on the Rivals sports network. Abruptly losing our home there we re-launched the site in March of 2002 as with  a core of writer-owners driven by a passion for the sport with the intention of bringing a fresh look at the sport from writers on 5 continents who are long time fans and racers. Over the years we have published over 19,000 articles and many more photographs and photo galleries in our continuing coverage of the sport.

Our goals were to bring timely coverage of the breadth of the sport:. the organizations, teams and races and riders that create the drama and spectacle that inspired us to ride and become devoted fans. We also sought to enlighten new fans and help the sport grow to achieve greater prominence. We also endeavored to be interactive on the site, being one of the first to offer a message board, a forum and chat room so fans around the world could meet and discuss the sport and keep an open ear to our readers to deliver coverage they wanted.

We grew and became one of the top 4 sites on the internet, well placed on search engines; each year for the first 7 years we had to upgrade to faster servers and greater bandwidth. All of this takes time and money to create. With this growing popularity and success we hoped we might actually earn enough income through advertising revenue to cover our expenses for servers, photographs,  and some allowance for travel expenses.

As a group we always are open to add new writers and photographers, providing a framework and help for them to sharpen their talents and add their unique view of the sport. All and all, it has been an adventure. one we hope continues long into the future with your help and feedback.

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