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93rd Giro d'Italia - Stage 13 Live Part 1
By Fabio
Date: 5/21/2010
93rd Giro d'Italia - Stage 13 Live Part 1

93rd Giro d'Italia - Stage 13 Live Ticker Part 1
The escapees are away, the action is on, Flying Karpets and Spiderman... another typical day at the Giro..

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2010 Giro d'Italia
Jersey Leaders -  Stage 13

Maglia Rosa:  Richie Porte Saxo Bank
Maglia Rossa: Jerome Pineau Quick Step
KOM:  Matthew Lloyd  Omega Pharma/Lotto
U26:  Richie Porte Saxo Bank
Team: Saxo Bank
Stage 12 Live
G.C. After Stage 12

Welcome to our live ticker of stage 13, and the most unpredictable Giro ever... what surprises we will soon be revealed.

We join the race in progress with 46 km. to go and 17 men on a breakaway; Wyss (BMC), Bertogliati (Androni), Grivko (Astana), Claude (Bouygues), Kriit (Cofidis), Belletti (Colnago), Mayoz (Footon), Meyer (Garmin), Marzano (Lampre), Lang (Omega), Facci (Quick Step), Stamsnijder (Rabobank), Henderson (Sky), Lewis (Columbia), Horrach and Klimov (Katusha) and Voss (Milram).

The peloton is about six minutes back. Standing in between are Vladimir Karpets (Katusha) and, further back, Linus Gerdemann (Milram).

Stage 13 Friday 21 May: Porto Recanati - Cesanatico  223 km
© 210 Gazzetta dello Sport

 Karpets made it to the Mercato Saraceno intermdeiate sprint, he made some gains on the escapeesB, but is still 04'45" behind them. The group also got to Mercato Saraceno, coming in 05'57" behind the leaders.

he made some gains on the escapes, but is still 04'45" behind them. The group also got to Mercato Saraceno, coming in 05'57" behind the leaders. The fugitives are taking on today's second climb, the Cat. 2 Barbotto.

So is Karpets, and the bunch is about to start such uphill challenge too. Linus Gerdemann was swallowed back into the main field instead. Bobridge (Garmin-Transitions) didn't take to the tart line today, while Pozzovivo (Colnago) and Possoni (Sky), pulled out of the Giro during the stage.

 Marzano is steadily picking up the pace in the front group, thinning the first group down to about ten riders.

1603 CEST - Horrach and Klimov of Team Katusha are now driving the breakaway group close to the Barbotto summit. The bunch just went under the 45-to-go banner.

Vladimir Karpets managed to put over a minute into the Gruppo Maglia Rosa. The breakaway group rides along Spiderman (or was it a weird guy in a Spiderman dress? Nah, it must have been the real one   ...)

The break climb through the massed Tifosi who line the slopes of the Barbotto
Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

 Rubens Bertogliati (Androni) gives it a try at breaking clear, and apparently succeeds.  The Swissman powered away of the others and took maximum points at the KOM Prime, with Mayoz in second and Marzano coming in next.

Wyss, Claude, Henderson, Grivko and Stamsnijder were among those dropped by the front group (courtesy of Marzano's high pace ...) on the Barbotto slopes instead. Bertogliati was awarded 5 KOM Points, three for Mayoz and 1 for Marzano.

The Gruppo Maglia Rosa, driven by the Liqui-guys, is about 1 kilometer from the summit of the second category ascent.  It's Valerio Agnoli riding tempo for the peloton.

Karpets struggles a bit (well, a lot) on the Barbotto's last, and toughest, part (gradient up to 15 percent or so).  Belletti, Lewis and Horrach came to the top of the climb 25 seconds behind Bertogliati, with Meyer and Facci a further five seconds back.

The climb took its toll on Karpets, whose time distance to the frontrunners went over the five-minute mark again. The Russian should sit up and wait for the peloton now, that would be a wise thing.

The peloton still trailing him by 01 minute and 08 seconds, as their gap to the current stage leaders is uop to 06'15".

 1614 CEST - Karpets continues in his action, and just goes under the 40 km to go banner. Needless to say, the Barbotto climb was dotted with banners paying homage to Marco Pantani.   But there were also many fans of one of today's two "local" riders, Alan Marangoni.

The break, Manuel Belletti center leads with Klimov and Mayoz.
Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

1617 CEST - It seems that, after the Barbotto action, a dirty dozen riders gathered together again on the front, setting up such front group: Bertogliati (Androni), Krit (Cofidis), Belletti (Colnago), Mayoz (Footon), Meyer (Garmin), Marzano (Lampre), Lang (Omega), Facci (Quick Step), Lewis (Columbia), Horrach and Klimov (Katusha) and Voss (Milram). While a lime green-clad quartet keeps driving the peloton's charge.

 Karpets managed to turn the gap into "coming down" mode again, as it was slightly over four and a half minutes at the latest check. But the fact Horrach and Klimov are still in the front group instead of waiting for their teammate and helping him, seems to tell us that the Katusha managers are not much confident in Karpets' chances.

1621 CEST - Lack of cooperation and agreement in the front group, with Mayoz looking like he's hungry to go clear all by himself. The Estonian member of the breakaway, aka Kalle Kriit of Cofidis, had to change his bike and was subsequently caught by Grivko, Wyss, Henderson, Stamsniijder and Claude.

Team Liquigas leads the chase in the Maglia Rosa group with Valerio Agnoli and Ivan Basso on the front  Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

 So we have got Bertogliati (Androni), Belletti (Colnago), Mayoz (Footon), Meyer (Garmin), Marzano (Lampre), Lang (Omega), Facci (Quick Step), Lewis (Columbia), Horrach and Klimov (Katusha) and Voss (Milram) in the lead now, and their six former fellow escapees trying to close down on them.

 1624 CEST - The stage enters the last thirty kilometers. Marzano keeps riding tempo, with Lang in second wheel. But excellent descender Henderson joins the front group again. So does Grivko.

 And so do all others. We are back to the original seventeen-strong breakaway!!

Still, it looks like someone is going to attack soon.

25.8 km. to go for the escapees, 30 km for the bunch, whose latest gap is 05'44", with Karpets "only" 04'26" behind the leaders.

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