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93rd Giro d'Italia - Stage 11 Rider Comments
By Fabio
Date: 5/19/2010
93rd Giro d'Italia - Stage 11 Rider Comments
Ivan Basso saw the glass as half-full at the end of the leg that upset the leaderboard:
"Our team got four men into the breakaway group as our goal was to have the GC leader's team working hard; then we would try something in the end. Unfortunately things didn't go according to plans. It's a fact that for the umpteenth time we had to do most of the job, and that it was a bad day. It's too early to come to conclusions (about the stage) anyway, we'd better wait until the evening, but I can tell you for sure that as usual Liquigas-Doimo played its part. We told two riders of ours that were inside the breakaway to stop and wait so that they could help us in the chase, and we tried to limit our losses."

"Yes, it was a negative day for us, but all top GC players at the stage start were with us in the end. Sastre was the exception, but after all the misfortunes he had in earlier days, he deserved to be back to the top spots overall. So one more time the mountain stages are going be the race decider".

Liquigas's team manager Roberto Amadio fired back at those (harshly) criticizing his team's attitude with a harsh reply: "Astana's behavior was a shame, not ours. In the end we took responsibility, or the Giro would have just finished today ... We had the third and the fifth placed riders in the GC, but Vino was the Maglia Rosa holder. They should have worked first in order to keep the gap within five-six minutes, then other teams would have joined them. I'm not Evans's domestique, neither Vinokourov's ... all journalists should keep that in mind".

Gibo Simoni: "It was a hard stage with a little bit of everything: cold, wind and rain. And the breakaway that kept the peloton at bay all the time. Everything got messed up today, I saw riders having a very hard time even in the first hundred kilometers. We got dropped in a flat piece because of the wind, and struggled to make it to the finish. Yeah, I was missing a stage like this in my Giro d'Italia career. Sure I would have been very glad to avoid that, but it's part of the game after all ...".

Michele Scarponi didn't look (didn't sound either) too upset at the way things went today:
"I really don't know how we could have a stage like this, regardless of all the team managers, radios etc. All I can say is that I talked with my teammates and directors and resolved to act the way we did. I think my team did fine, but the stage was long and difficult, the breakaway opened up a huge advantage and made it to the finish unfortunately. That's it".

Stefano Garzelli sounded a bit resigned at the stage finish:
"You shouldn't ask us the reasons why such things occurred today. You should ask team directors about that. Speaking of my own team, all I can say is that Acqua & Sapone was the first to step up the chase, as I told them, once I noticed the situation. But if such a big group takes five, six, seven or eight minutes out of you, it just becomes impossible for anyone to bring them back. So in the end all of us "team leaders" just took turns on the front of the bunch in order to limit damage, but inside the breakaway group were too many guys, and they were going too fast for us. With bad results for many of us on the GC side of the matter. Myself included. If I was still harboring some hopes to finish in the top spots, now I can spot many unexpected riders ahead of me in the overall standings".

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