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93rd Giro d'Italia - Stage 7 After Race Interviews
By Fabio
Date: 5/15/2010
93rd Giro d'Italia - Stage 7 After Race Interviews

93rd Giro d'Italia - Stage 7 After Race Interviews
Vino, Evans, Cunego, Pozzato,  Nibali & Basso comment on the day and its consequences - "It was a difficult day, now we'll start planning the race in a different way, but the Giro is still open."

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2010 Giro d'Italia
Jersey Leaders - After Stage 7

Maglia Rosa:  Alexander Vinokourov
Points: Tyler Farrar  Garmin/Transitions
KOM:  Matthew Lloyd  Omega Pharma/Lotto
U26:  Richie Porte Saxo Bank
Team: Saxo Bank
Stage 7 Report

Cadel Evans: "Today's was a truly spectacular leg, it was something one just can't describe. The team prepared well for this stage, and I think all the work we've done makes us deserved winners. I'm very happy for myself but also for the whole squad. This is a pretty important step in my Giro d'Italia bid, but let's wait and see what comes next; hilly stages that suit other teams better than mine are going to come later in the race. Sure this one was more appropriate for me, I was a high-level MTB rider for seven years, and what I learned in that period was much of use to me today."

Cadel Evans   Photo 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

"Everything went fine. I was lucky to avoid falling in the piece prior to the start of the unpaved section. Late in the stage I think I made the difference more in the cobbled portion in the middle of the town than in the very last uphill piece. Tomorrow's stage is another test for those seriously aiming at winning the race, as much of a significant test as it was today's, but even harder stages are yet to come."

Alexandre Vinokourov: "I realized right from the fast start that this was going to be a hard stage, and today's last 40 kilometers were even more difficult than Paris-Roubaix. I noticed that some riders had fallen but did not realize that Nibali was amongst them. At first we wanted to wait for them, to understand what was going on, but in the last 20-30 kilometers it was difficult for us to keep waiting in a situation like that."

"I wanted to make the ride hard today, but getting the jersey back wasn't my goal. Courses like can be good in one-day events like P-R, but are not appropriate for three-week races like the Giro. I haven't thought about what kind of lead I'd like to have when we hit the last week, at the moment I just think about tomorrow's stage, which is going to be a tough one too, and someone can have a bad day and bonk."

Filippo Pozzato: "Earlier I thought that this stage was good for my skills, but it turned out to be harder than I expected. It turned out to be one for the overall contenders. So when I said, this morning, that today's could make bigger gaps than some mountain stages, I was right. Something happened to the leader board indeed. Unfortunately for them Liquiqas lost quite a lot of time. When Vinokourov and a few others attacked we had to make a decision, and chose to try hard to close down on them. We succeeded, but that took toll on my legs and in the last part I just couldn't be a factor. I'm happy that Vladimir (Karpets) made some progress in the GC however".

"Today's unpaved sections were different from those of Paris-Roubaix; in any event, riders like Evans, Basso etc. knew the route in advance because they had checked it before. So stirring polemics about the parcours today would be totally pointless; I'd rather think that stages like this make for a great show and are good for the public. The roots of cycling themselves can be found out in rides like today's".

Vincenzo Nibali      Photo 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti      

Vincenzo Nibali: "When Scarponi fell, I just couldn't avoid going down myself too. What can I do about that now? The effects of the fall were so bad I could not even ride for a minute and a half. The team helped us immediately, then me and Ivan stayed together until the finishing line, taking regular turns that eventually helped us lose just two minutes, so I think that we went fast too. Tomorrow's stage? Well, now let's just try and recover from today's fall, then we'll see."

Ivan Basso at the pre race press conference.    Photo 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

Ivan Basso: "What happened is that unfortunately three of us (Vincenzo, Agnoli and me) fell and lost quite a bit of time. Then all of our chances concerning today's ride were over. We had a bad day, but sometimes things do not go the way you want to. All we could do was try and defend ourselves, limit our losses as much as possible. I was ahead of Vincenzo but chose to wait and join forces with him, for it was hard for me to make up for that all by myself, later it was Nibali that slowed down his pace and waited. We were about one minute back at the entrance of the unpaved piece and in the end we lost only some two minutes, I think we did quite a good job in this sense. It was a difficult day, now we'll start planning the race in a different way, but the Giro is still open."

Damiano Cunego: "Today was a very tricky day from the beginning, also because of the weather; it rained almost all the time, and when we entered the Eroica race's unpaved roads in the last 45 km. everything got even harder. It was like one of those epic races of the past. I tried my best in order to stay with the likes of Vinokourov and Evans, in fact it was a miracle that I did, but in the end I just couldn't be a match. Anyway, while trying to follow Evans' wheels, I could notice how strong he was today. The important thing for me now is to try and try again, going for some good results; we'll see what I can do in the upcoming stages."

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