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93rd Giro d'Italia - Stage 2 Live
By Mark Sharon
Date: 5/9/2010
93rd Giro d'Italia - Stage 2 Live

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2010 Giro d'Italia
Jersey Leaders Stage 2

Maglia Rosa: Bradley Wiggins Team SKY
Points: Bradley Wiggins Team SKY
U25: Richie Porte Saxo Bank
Azzuri: Bradley Wiggins Team Sky
Team: Team SKY
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May 09 - Stage 2: Amsterdam - Utrecht 209 km
 Welcome to our live coverage of the 2010 Giro d'Italia; and a Happy Mothers Day  too. A break of three are away at the moment. The break of four went from the start with Rick Flens (Rabobank), Milram's Paul Vos, Stefano Perazzi and Mauro Facci (Quick Step). Facci went back to the peloton with the three soldiering on, on the front opening a break to as much as 4:35 with yellow jersey Bradley Wiggins' SKY team leading the peloton.

raphic © 210 Gazzetta dello Sport

We start coverage with news that Tyler Farrar of Garmin has hit the deck, a victim of some street furniture. It was heavy fall but he is up and back on his bike.  It is not the first crash of the day by far, and street furniture has been implicated along with the narrow roads and nerves of the peloton all playing a part.

As speak a Katusha rider has gone down - Juan Horrach, he is up though but he has some catching up to do as the peloton is motoring.

Another massive crash - at least half the peloton including Pink Jersey Bradley Wiggins; Chris Sutton is one of the victims, as is BMC's Michael Schar. Wiggins is holding his hand but is back on his bike. It's caused a big problem to the peloton.

16.33 CET - 40km to go, Paul Voss (Milram), Rick Flens (Rabobank), Stefano Pirazzi (Colnago – CSF Inox), have a 1'19 gap to a chasing group, with a further 1'29 to the peloton; there is some disagreement amongst the leading trio. It seems Pirazzi is not flavour of the moth with Voss and Flens.

They have slipped to just over a minute's advantage and Pirazzi seemsto have decided to be uncooperative. The two Germans are berating him for not working.

1638 CET, 35km to go. - The road layouts are a nightmare. The Northern European obsession with traffic islands is causing absolute mayhem as riders have to deal with transitions of sqeezing the 200 man peloton into even narrower roads and concrete curbs and islands.

Bradley Wiggins has made a real effort and has caught up to the front courtesy of his Sky teammates. The leaders have a real decision to make - flick Pirazzi or keep up the pressure. Astana have joined Sky on the front, while Voss has attacked on the front.

The others haven't responded, but Voss has a long way to go solo. Acqua Sapone have joined the effort at the front of the peloton but they haven't got much of a sprinting presence, plan an attack?

 Flens has finally "latche'd" Pirazzi while Voss has been absorbed by the peloton. It's only a matter of time before the break is over as the peloton passes FC Utrecht.

Flens has just 15" now. The pack of hounds will smell him soon. Wiggins is keeping out of trouble six or seven back from the head of the peloton. The crowds are immense in Utrecht - massive crowds awaiting the riders.

It's like a flat mountain stage - with Flens having the narrowest of road space to use  Dmitry Kozontchuk of Rabobank has touched wheels and gone down. Almost as quickly he is up again and chasing back through the team cars.

teammate Flens has 25 km to go and is enjoying great support - literally thousands packing the roads - not a gap in the local tifosi... The peloton has allowed Flens his moment of glory - very generous but now they have decided enough is enough and they close in on the lone Rabobank rider.

16:54 CET - 22km to go, Team Sky is out of the saddle as one man keeping the speed very highl Liquigas has joined with the battle at the front of the peloton

17.01 CET -  16km to go, Sky's Sutton is the team's lead man, while Liquigas is driving along to. HTC has decided that they have to make their presence known. At 15 km to go the race is shaping up to be a hectic, scrappy finish and the teams will be looking a maximum control.

The key sprinters are looking at their positions carefully. Petacchi, Pozzato, Greipel - Less than 10 km to go for the Giro d'Italia second stage. Vladimir Karpets has appeared near the front, while Damiano Cunego (Lampre) is off the back.

6 km to go - Another huge Crash!  20 or 30 riders are down, including Pozzato who is badly injured but riding; Pozzato is up but he's taking it easy not making an effort to chase back.

Liquigas is making the pace, looking after Ivan Basso who is just 23 secs down on GC

4.5 km to go - Another crash - just a few but more damage; the peloton has split... a group of 20 riders leads with 15 seconds

2 km to go! The Pink jersey is in a chasing group with Liguigas leading the race

1.6 km to go, and Garmin Transitions are on the front, with Petacchi and an HTC rider trying to neutralise the efforts of Garmin and Sky - Farrar  leads around the right turn... 200 meters to go... SKY leads the sprint...

Farrar and Greipel on the right respond and pass the SKY rider... a Liquigas rider is next,  its Goss, not Greipel is gaining - but he runs out of road.... and our stage winner is...

Garmin/Transition's... TYLEEERRRR Farraarrrr Wins!!

It's a big win, Farrar's second Grand Tour stage win - And a big loss for Bradley Wiggins who finished around 20 seconds  back, losing the maglia rosa.

It's Tyler Farrar, with Matt Goss of HTC in second, Fabio Sabatini of Liquigas in third

Stage 2 Results
Amsterdam - Utrecht
209 km - 4:56:46

1 FARRAR Tyler USA GRM 4:56:46   B-20"
2 GOSS Matthew Harley AUS THR  0:00 B-12"
3 SABATINI Fabio ITA LIQ   0:00  B-8"

4 GREIPEL Andre GER THR   0:00
5 PETACCHI Alessandro ITA LAM  0:00

6 SUTTON Christopher AUS SKY   0:00
7 MCEWEN Robert AUS KAT  0:00
8 BROWN Graeme AUS RAB   0:00
9 DEAN Julian NZL GRM   0:00
10 MODOLO Sacha ITA COG 4  0:00
18 EVANS Cadel AUS BMC  - 0:03
79 WIGGINS Bradley GBR SKY  -  0:37

There is a big chance it is now Cadel Evans in pink - and it is, ahead of Farrar and Alexandre Vinokourov, Richie Porte and David Miller fifth.

Great win for Farrar, useful gain for Evans, but bad luck to Bradley Wiggins who was caught up in the after effects of the final big crash.

World Champion Cadel Evans steps to the podium to receive his Maglia Rosa and the pink storm of confetti obscures his smiling face...

General Classification After Stage 2
 EVANS Cadel AUS BMC 5:07:09 
2 FARRAR Tyler USA GRM  - 0:01
3 VINOKOUROV Alexandre KAZ AST - 0:03

4 PORTE Richie AUS SAX  - 0:03
5 MILLAR David GBR GRM 5:07:13 0:04
6 VAN EMDEN Jos NED RAB 5:07:16 0:07
7 NIBALI Vincenzo ITA LIQ  - 0:08
8 STAMSNIJDER Tom NED RAB 5:07:18 0:09
9 SIEBERG Marcel GER THR 5:07:19 0:10
10 GOSS Matthew Harley AUS THR  -  0:13
11 MORKOV Michael DEN SAX  - 0:13
12 GREIPEL Andre GER THR - 0:13

Now here is a quiz, courtesy of Eurosport's David Harmon - when was the last time you saw someone winning a sprint in a major race wearing two different styles of shoe?

Well that's it for today - thanks from the team here at the Daily Peloton for following today's coverage. Stay tuned for our follow up team and rider comments and complete results.

Join us tomorrow for Stage 3, the final day in the northern raid before the race returns to Italy after a rest/transition the start for the second time trial in Savigliano. Another classic style day awaits the riders from Amsterdam to Middle burg over 224 km in what may well be the flattest stage in the Giro d'Italia's golden history. Another day for the sprinters. Or given rain or wind - for the classics men with the spirit of  adventure.

Read Giles Belbin's more detailed preview of the stage.

raphic © 210 Gazzetta dello Sport

        Celebrating our tenth year!

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