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Italian Anti-Doping Rrobe Surfaces
By Staff
Date: 4/7/2010
Italian Anti-Doping Rrobe Surfaces

Italian Anti-Doping Rrobe Surfaces
Ballan and Cunego  mentioned in anti-doping investigation 35 implicated in probe...

by Patrick Lyons

Gazetta dello Sport reported today that several formerLampre riders could be involved in a large scale involvement in doping  in connection with veterinarian Dr. Guido Nigrelli. Including Allesandro Ballan, Damiano Cunego, Francesco Gavazzi, Mauro Santambrogio and 9 other names of Lampre have been mentioned.

Alessandro Ballan, the former 2008 world champion and winner of the 2007 tour the Flanders, now riding with BMC has acknowledged the news commenting, “I’ve received word that the investigation  into this case has been extended to 6 months”. “Everything is now in the hands of my lawyer” reports La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Several Italian media companies report that Ballan, now riding for BMC, is one of the in of the total 35 persons (including  riders, doctors and team managers) involved in this study. Including Damiano Cunego, currently  riding for Lampre.

Ballan and Santambrogio are currently riding for the American BMC Racing Team. The are under suspicion of violating Article 9 (the use of/or possession of illegal narcotics) of the anti-doping law book 376/200

The investigation under the expertise of Antonino Condorelli focused on the period from January 2008 until 31st of July 2009, but a part of the study also expanded beyond this date. In total there are 35 suspects. Including not only riders of Lampre but also managers, technical doctors and medical assistants.

Last weekend the houses of Alessandro Petacchi and Lorenzo Bernucci, Lampres team doctors, Carlo Guardascione and Andrea Andreazzoli were searched for illegal narcotics. The main lead in this case is a drugstore ownerwho is reportedly befriended by Lampre boss Giuseppe Saronni according to La Gazzetta.

Lampre dissociate themselves from this doping scandal.\
Barely a week after Lampre got their ProTour license the team has been linked to a into a major doping investigation and potential scandal. Lampre has dissociated of any involvement in this doping scandal in Italy, due to the finding of Illegal narcotics in the house of rider Lorenzo Bernucci.

Lampre-Farnese Vini team responded by pullling Lorenzo Bernucci from competition as a precautionary measure following searches by the Guardia di Finanza of his and teammate Alessadro Petacchi's homes. The police reportedly banned products in Bernucci's home.

Saronni insists that the team has nothing to hide. “None of our team has behaved in an incorrect manner,” the Gazzetta dello Sport quoted. “Nigrelli has never been an employee of ours. Lampre pays Sergio Gelati as our athletic trainer. I would put my hand in the fire for him.” Gelati doesn’t figure on the list of 35 names that has been leaked, however.

lead suspect-  thus Gazzetta dello Sport – horse doctor Guido Nigrelli. Who would be an acquaintance of Giuseppe Saronni. The team absolutely denies these accusations: “We have no contact with such people, and we will start a lawsuit in violation of our image”

Doctor Guido Nigrelli is not unknown person in the doping World. In 1999 after a search warrant they found bottles of Haemacell (blood thinners).

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