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2010 Gran Premio Miguel Indurain
By Fabio
Date: 4/3/2010
2010 Gran Premio Miguel Indurain

Gran Premio Miguel Indurain Just In
Volta a Catalunya winner Joaquin Purito Rodriguez  wraps up a sensational week with a great solo victory in Navarra

Only a few days after clinching a prestigious "home win" in the Volta a Catalunya overall, Joaquim "Purito" Rodríguez made the headlines again, this time as winner of GP Miguel Indurain in Big Mig's own region Navarra. It's his first ever victory on Navarran soil, and Purito crossed he finish line in front of the Basilica of Our Lady of Puy en Estella, six seconds clear of Alejandro Valverde (Caisse d'Epargne), with Garmin's young Dutch talent Michel Kreder in the remaining podium spot.

Rodriguez's Katusha team mate Alexander Kolobnev and Euskaltel's Ruben Perez Moreno followed with separated by a gap of 2 seconds to each to grab 4th and 5th. Behind the peloton finished with riders and small groups fighting up the final climb to the finish spaced out over the next 2 to 13 minutes.

Winner, Joaquim "Purito" Rodríguez  and second place Alejandro Valverde on the podium. Photo © 2010 Caisse d'Epargne & Alejandro Valverde 

Alejandro Valverde
In Good Form for  the Tour of the Basque Country

Alejandro Valverde finished the second in the twelfth edition of the Grand Prix Miguel Indurain which finished in front of the Basilica of Nuestra Señora del Puy after a race of 179, 3 kilometers. The rider from Murcia finished six seconds behind winner Joaquím Rodríguez who won the race solo after he attacked in the final climb.

Alejandro Valverde and Miguel Indurain  Photo © 2010 Caisse d'Epargne & Alejandro Valverde 

“I had good feelings during the race”, explained Alejandro on the finishing line, “but after almost three weeks without racing it was almost impossible to defeat Joaquím Rodríguez who is in great shape as his victory in the Tour of Cataluña proves. I trained very well during these weeks; but of course the intensity is not the same and I still have to find the right rhythm in the race.”

“The Grand Prix Indurain is a race I like very much and I really would like to win it someday. Nevertheless it has never been possible so far,  even if I am each time I've been very close to the first step of the podium.”

“I believe that this second place is a good sign before the Tour of the Basque Country where I will try to do my best during the entire week. The route is nice and it seems that the weather will be nice too. All the conditions will be there to achieve a good race and I hope to be there fighting with the best riders”, concluded Alejandro.

2010 Gran Premio Miguel Indurain
The day was dominated by attacks the first  initiated by Guillermo Lana Navarra (Caja Rural) and Mikel Ilundain (Orbea) who opened a gap of 42 seconds in the first 20 km and joined by Javier Ramirez Abeja (Andalucía-Cajasur) shortly after. The trio moved bravely up the road apparently with no fear of the 5 categorized climbs ahead over the 179 kilometers to the finish.

Ramírez Abeja led Guillermo Lana and Mikel Ilundain through the intermediate sprint after 35 km with the  peloton led by  Burgos 2016  closing in at 20 seconds. 

Ilundain's Orbea mate Adrian Arregi Saez and  Raul Santamarta (Burgos 2016) made the jump to join Illundain,  Javier Ramirez Abeja,  and Guillermo Lana by the next intermediate sprint in Estella it was Arregui leading Santamarta and  Ilundain as the gap went to two minutes. By the summit of the  category 2 Alto de Arradia with 109 km to go the quintet led by Ramirez, Saez and Lana had 2:30 on the peloton led by Xacobeo/Galicia and Caisse d'Epargne.

Andalucia's Javier Ramirez Abeja locked up the points prize as he led sprint in Villatuerta followed by Arregui and Santamarta... the peloton continued to pace the quintet keeping them close as they approached the climb of the Cat. 2 Alto de Eraul.

Once again Ramirez seemed to have an abundance of energy to lead the break taking the mountain points with Ilundain and Santamarta on his wheel; the peloton followed over the summit at 2 minutes with the bleack and red jerseys of Caisse d'Epargne leading.

With about 70 km to go Caisse led the chase as the fantastic five swept through the sprint in Estella with Saez leading  Santamarta and Ilundain with an urgent pace as the black birds of Caisse d'Epargne closed in to 1:50 to the out riders.

On the climb of the category 1 Alto de Guirguillano Katusha's Luca Mazzanti attacked catching all of the leading quintet save Santamarta and Ramirez with Mazzanti. on their wheels. Behind the trio Azanza, Zandi, Fran Perez and Amador led the pack. On the descent Mazzanti and Santamarta dropped Ramirez and led with 36 seconds to Jorge Azanza. trying hard to bridge to our leading duo.

Mid-climb the three riders were swept up by the Katusha led peloton over the summit Ivan Velasco led, Ruben Plaza, Alexandre Botcharov and David Arroyo with 35 km to go.

The final action came in the last 15 km to go with Katusha forcing the pace after the final hot sprint and splitting the peloton to eliminate some of their rivals at the finish. Colombian Rigoberto Uran attacked with 8 km to go as the selection of 6 riders  joined him. Euskaltel's Igor Anton countered and opened a 15 second gap with 5 km  to go. Behind the chase exploded with Valverde and Rodriguez on the hunt.

Into the final kilometer Anton led as 'Purito' and Valverde closed in on Anton's brave effort; but with 500 meters to go Rodriguez blasted by a spent Igor Anton with Valverde and the final challengers flying past the orange warrior to take the top placings.

A noteworthy performance by Garmin's young gun Peter Stetina as the top North American at the finish today climbing with some of the best climbers in the world to finish in 20th only 19 seconds off the pace.

2010 Gran Premio Miguel Indurain
179 km - 4:52:40
1 Joaquin Rodriguez Oliver Team Katusha SPA 4:52:40
2 Alejandro Valverde Caisse d'Epargne SPA - 0:06
3 Michel Kreder Garmin/Transitions NED   - 0:08

4 Alesander Kolobnev Team Katusha RUS  - 0:10
5 Ruben Perez Moreno Euskaltel/Euskadi SPA - 0:12

6 Beñat Intxausti Elorriaga Euskaltel/Euskadi SPA - 0:14
7 Mauro Finetto Liquigas/Doimo ITA
8 Maxime Bouet Ag2r/La Mondiale FRA
9 Juan Jose Oroz Ugalde Euskaltel/Euskadi SPA
10 Valerio Agnoli Liquigas/Doimo ITA  - 0:18
11 Angel Vicioso Arcos Andalucía/Cajasur SPA  - 0:19
12 Arkaitz Duran Aroca Footon/Servetto SPA
13 Ivan Velasco Euskaltel/Euskadi SPA
14 Amets Txurruka Euskaltel/Euskadi SPA
15 Kristijan Koren Liquigas/Doimo SLO
16 René Mandri Ag2r/La Mondiale EST
17 José Alberto Benitez Roman Footon/Servetto SPA
18 Egoi Martinez De Esteban Euskaltel/Euskadi SPA
19 Aitor Perez Arrieta Footon/Servetto SPA
20 Peter Stetina Garmin/Transitions USA

21 Gustavo Cesar Veloso Xacobeo/Galicia SPA  - 0:24
22 José Herrada Lopez Caja Rural SPA 0:00:25
23 Christian Meier Garmin/Transitions CAN
24 Guillaume Bonnafond Ag2r/La Mondiale FRA 0:00:28
25 Gustavo Domingez Xacobeo/Galicia SPA
26 Christian Knees Team Milram GER 0:00:31
27 Manuel Vazquez Hueso Andalucía/Cajasur SPA 0:00:32
28 Javier Moreno Andalucía/Cajasur SPA
29 Dominik Nerz Team Milram GER
30 Marcos Garcia Xacobeo/Galicia SPA

31 Vladimir Efimkin Ag2r/La Mondiale RUS  - 0:37
32 Victor Rodrigues Caja Rural SPA
33 Mikel Landa Orbea SPA   - 0:40
34 Gregory Obando Burgos CRC

35 Brian Vandborg Liquigas/Doimo DEN   - 0:42
36 Vasili Kyryenka Illes Balears/Caisse d'Epargne BLR - 0:48
37 Johannes Fröhlinger Team Milram GER
38 Eduard Vorganov Team Katusha RUS
39 Jose Angel Gomez Marchante Andalucía/Cajasur SPA
40 Igor Anton Hernandez Euskaltel/Euskadi SPA  -0:53
41 Rubén Plaza Illes Balears/Caisse d'Epargne SPA  - 0:55
42 Rigoberto Uran Illes Balears/Caisse d'Epargne COL  - 0:56

43 Alan Perez Lezaun Euskaltel/Euskadi SPA   - 1:00
44 Fabricio Ferrari Caja Rural URU 0:01:07
45 Egoitz Garcia Caja Rural SPA
46 Mikel Nieve Euskaltel/Euskadi SPA
47 Alexandre Botcharov Team Katusha RUS
48 Ivan Santaromita Liquigas/Doimo ITA
49 Vladimir Karpets Team Katusha RUS 0:01:37
50 David Arroyo Duran Illes Balears/Caisse d'Epargne SPA
51 Giampaolo Cheula Footon/Servetto ITA

52 Xabier Zandio Echaide Illes Balears/Caisse d'Epargne SPA   - 1:57
53 Aketza Pena Iza Caja Rural SPA 0:02:30
54 Pedro Merino Footon/Servetto SPA 0:04:21
55 Angel Madrazo Illes Balears/Caisse d'Epargne SPA
56 Francesco Bellotti Liquigas/Doimo ITA
57 Markus Eibegger Footon/Servetto AUT
58 Marco Corti Footon/Servetto ITA 0:04:51
59 Biel Kadri Ag2r/La Mondiale FRA
60 Evgeni Petrov Team Katusha RUS
61 Thomas Rohregger Team Milram AUT
62 David Garcia Xacobeo/Galicia SPA
63 Serguei Klimov Team Katusha RUS
64 Juan Mauricio Soler Hernandez Illes Balears/Caisse d'Epargne COL
65 Timothy Duggan Garmin/Transitions USA
66 Luca Mazzanti Team Katusha ITA
67 Matthias Russ Team Milram GER

68 Alessandro Vanotti Liquigas/Doimo ITA  - 5:03
69 Iban Mayo Diez Footon/Servetto SPA  - 6:13

70 Ion Izaguirre Orbea SPA 0:06:28
71 Diego Gallego Burgos SPA

72 Jorge Azanza Soto Euskaltel/Euskadi SPA  - 9:48
73 Andres A. Antuña Burgos SPA
74 Javier Ramirez Abeja Andalucía/Cajasur SPA
75 Raul Santamarta Burgos SPA
76 Gustavo Rodriguez Xacobeo/Galicia SPA
77 David De La Cruz Caja Rural SPA 0:09:53
78 Manuel Calvente Gorbas Andalucía/Cajasur SPA - 9:56
79 Antonio Piedra Perez Andalucía/Cajasur SPA
80 Alberto Fernandez De La Puebla Ramos Xacobeo/Galicia SPA
81 Oleg Chuzhda Caja Rural UKR
82 Trent Lowe Garmin/Transitions AUS
83 Ivan Melero Burgos SPA 0:11:31
84 Sergio Carrasco Andalucía/Cajasur SPA  - 12:29
85 Vladimir Isaichev Xacobeo/Galicia RUS  - 13:04
86 Andoni Blazquez Orbea SPA 0:13:29
87 Pablo Lechuga Andalucía/Cajasur SPA
88 Adrian Saez Orbea SPA
89 Ricardo Garcia Orbea MEX

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