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British Premier Calendar - Round one: Tour of the Reservoir
By Nick Bull
Date: 3/30/2010
British Premier Calendar - Round one: Tour of the Reservoir

British Cyclng Premier Calendar
Tour of the Reservoir
Sunday 28th March
140km (87mi)

Sigma Sport's Simon Richardson triumphed in style to take the honours in the Tour of the Reservoir, the opening round of the 2010 Premier Calendar The 140km race was notable for the strong winds throughout; Richardson overcame the conditions and nineteen breakaway companions to win solo on the roads around the large Derwent Water reservoir. It was his first victory in British Cycling's headline series.

The conditions offered little respite in a race that was notable for the enforced absence of race radios, a new national level rule that was making its début at the race. These two combined ferociously, with the peloton frequently splitting and team managers without means of contacting their riders consistently to assist in controlling the race.

Richardson's team mate Kit Gilham broke away on the opening lap, however he was soon greeted by a headwind which meant his quickly-amassed twenty-five second lead eroded just as fast. Two laps later the decisive split occurred, as another headwind and a sudden acceleration at the top of the main incline on the course broke the field into many groups. Twenty riders formed the lead group, from which the winner would seemingly come. Both Sigma (Richardson and Wouter Sybrandy) and Team Sprocket (Nicolas Gustavsson and Tobyn Horton) had two riders in it, while Endura Racing were represented by three: Ian Wilkinson, Jack Bauer and Scott Thwaites. Rapha Condor missed the break, rendering their race over halfway through it.

The eight riders listed above, along with Marcin Bialoblocki (Willier soon left the other eleven escapees behind, and with a ten minute lead on the remnants of the main group, they were unassailable. Endura were working hard upfront, seeking to make their numerical advantage count. Bauer seemed extremely strong on the climbs, however he did not follow when former mountain biker Richardson attacked with just over one lap remaining.

He even increased his lead on the chasers at the top of the penultimate passing of the steep incline, and the headwind did little to shrink his advantage. He was assisted by a fragmentation of the chase group, with Wilkinson, Bauer, Williams and Gustavsson the only riders able to chase. With the lead up to a minute as he began the final lap, the chase lost momentum, allowing Richardson to comfortable take the honours. Wilkinson (Endura) beat Team Sprocket's Gustavssen and Bialblocki bridged the gap to the first chase group to take third. The next group, consisting of Horton, Thwaites, Bauer and Williams finished 2'10” behind. Wouter Sybrandy finished ninth, having assisted Richardson in not aiding any work attempting to reel his team mate in. The peloton trailed home over nine minutes behind.

Race Results

1. S Richardson Sigma Sport ( E ) 03:57:08
2. I Wilkinson Endura Racing ( E ) @ 54 secs
3. N Gustavsson Team Sprocket ( E U23 )
4. M Bialoblocki Willier / Bigmaggys ( E )
5. T Horton Team Sprocket ( E U23 ) @ 02:10
6. S Thwaites Endura Racing ( 1 )
7. J Bauer Endura Racing ( E )
8. P Williams Motorpoint ( E )
9. W Sybrandy Sigma Sport ( E ) @ 02:16
10. E Oliphant Endura Racing ( E ) @ 09:15
11. A Wetterhall Team Sprocket ( E )
12. K Gilham Sigma Sport ( E ) @ 10:40
13. Y Barker Pendragon ( E )
14. A Brown Team Sport Cover ( 1 ) @ 11:09
15. F Johansson Team Sprocket ( E ) @ 11:28
16. C Wilkinson Endura Racing ( E ) @ 11:57
17. A Magnier Cycle Premier ( E U23 @ 14:59
18. J Stewart Raleigh ( E ) @ 15:18
19. I Bibby Motorpoint ( E )
20. R Partridge Endura Racing ( E )

** Key: (E)Elite rider (1)1st category (U23)Under 23 years old.

Premier Calendar Standings (after one event)

1 Simon Richardson Sigma Sport Specialized Cycling Team 100pts
2 Ian Wilkinson Endura Racing 85
3 Niklas Gustavsson (U23) Sprocket Procycling 75
4 Marcin Bialoblocki Wilier/ Ciclismo 66
5 Tobyn Horton Sprocket Procycling 58
6 Scott Thwaites (U23) Endura Racing 51
7 Jack Bauer Endura Racing 45
8 Peter Williams Motorpoint - Marshalls Pasta RT 39
9 Wouter Sybrandy Sigma Sport Specialized Cycling Team 34
10 Evan Oliphant Endura Racing 29

** Note: Competition for best U23 rider runs in addition to main comeptition.

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