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2010 Milano-Sanremo - Live Coverage Part 2
By Fabio
Date: 3/20/2010
2010 Milano-Sanremo - Live Coverage Part 2

2010 Milano-Sanremo - Live Coverage  Part 2
The break is caught as the Cavendish group chases the lead group after the peloton split on la Manie

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1500 CET: km 201 / 097k to go. Fabrice Piemontesi, Aristide Ratti and Diego Caccia have been chased down; the race just hit the Manie climb, Katusha keeps dictating the pace in the (first) group while the Cavendish group sits half a minute back.

A pale sun showed up over the finishing line, good for the peloton that has met mostly bad weather so far.

1512 CET: The situation is very fluid now, with some more splits and countersplits in the pack. The first peloton extended their advantage over the second group to 01'10". Definitely a case of making publicity where you can. It is an impossible job for these guys.

 72 km  to go - Surprise, surprise, the Cavendish group is about to make contact with the first peloton again. This is mostly due to the slower pace kept by the main group in the last few miles as they went through the (second) feeding zone.

Brent Bookwalter (BMC-Racing) just fell, but will likely be in the saddle in the twinking of an eye  Diego Caccia and his two breakaway companions have been caught some time ago, but regardless of the efforts sustained thus far, he's on the front of the field riding tempo, working for ISD-Neri team leader Giovanni Visconti.

The ISD-Neri man on the front is giving the new Cipollini bikes a good showing off.  Cavendish is looking relaxed despite, or perhaps because, his race is run regarding a win.

64.8 km to go. Cavenish and Boonen in the second group. Visconti, Pozzato, O'Grady in the front group

Maurilo Fischer pulled out after a crash in the tunnel  he broke his left collarbone. The weather forecast is for possible showers on the Cipressa and Poggio which will be horrid and dangerous,,, but with the sun coming out of nowhere minutes ago at Sanremo, there's room for hope

The two main groups are back together with as a  counter attack by goes off the front. It's Maxime Bouet of Ag2r la Mondiale taking a dig as we approach the 50 km to go mark.

60 km to go. the first of three "Capi" (small) hills are set to come in about 8 kilometres.

A good track racer Bouet took about 20 seconds out of the field, who's not much worried about that anyway. Born in 1986, Bouet was the youngest rider in last year's Tour de France.Bouet is being given a long rope - let's take bets on when the peloton will yank it!

The attacks are coming thick and fast, with three guys counter attacking on the entrance to Alassio A small pursuit group formed behind the Frenchman, whose lead "ballooned" to half a minute however. Then 6 or 7 guys and then the peloton.

1544 CET - 56k to go. Bouet keeps his small lead on the way to the next uphill (so to speak) piece, the "mighty" Capo Mele. The main peloton sits close to a minute back.

The conditions are looking good dry roads for the moment.

Paolo Savoldelli, following the race on a RAI motorbike, said that he was impressed by the way Fabian Cancellara looks strong today. And basically said the same also of Enrico Gasparotto. The Swissman and also the former Italian RR Champion can sure be a factor in the key moments of the race today.

A plie-up in the field. Simon Clark of ISD-Neri is among those involved; he needs a new bike and looks injured. Bouet is looking strong but is looking over his shoulder;  He needs to get a grip on nerves and dig deeper. Forza Bouet! The 7 chaers are fragmenting on the climb as riders go off the back.

50.7 km to go -  Maxime Bouet still leads, the first seven chasers are :25 back the lads aren't very organised in their chase.

Monfort, Grabovskyy, Hoy. Mori are in the chase group. Of course Petacchi's domestique Manuele Mori isn't lending them any helping hand. Why should he? Let's look at the favourites - Petacchi is looking good, as is Visconti. Pozzato must be a real threat.

1558 CET - Maxime Bouet ain't giving up at all. He increased his lead on the first chase group to 45 seconds. The main peloton stays slightly over the minute behind. Boonen and Oscar Freire are coming into the betting. The Cipressa with 20km to go will sort out a few, and the remnants will be then have to knock nine bells out of each other on the Poggio.

Bouet is struggling a lot to keep a minimum advantage on the field. It would be wiser of him to wait for the seven chasers. But on the other hand, he's also getting plenty of TV exposure this way, and maybe that's what he's really aiming for.

Bouet is struggling a lot to keep a minimum advantage on the field. It would be wiser of him to wait for the seven chasers. But on the other hand, he's also getting plenty of tv exposure this way, and maybe that's what he's really aiming for. The tactic will be to establish a group out in front before the Poggio becasue there won't be much time in the 7km left off the summit to sort things out, This lead group is just a supporting act - Bouet is better off on his own.

Savoldelli, now following the first chase group, gave a confirmation of the total lack of cooperation among the seven chasers, especially from Mori and Cancellara's teammate Frank Hoj.

Grabovskyy seemed to have enough of the poor agreement in the "chase" group and resolved to take the matter into his own hands. Grabovskyy is in great form these days, as proved by his KOM jersey win at Tirreno-Adriatico.
08:03:50 [mark] Bouet has a problem now. He won't stay ahead of Grabovskyy. The Ukrainian is in fact about to join the Frenchman on the front.  Is he going to keep going?  Bouet looks blown. This is a short but nasty climb away from Diano Marina then a short sharp descent into Imperia.

1607 CET - 39 km to go, Grabovskyy leads his closest pursuers by a good 35 seconds already. Bouet is now in the peloton but on the down escalator. Grabovskyy is on the descent to Imperia - just 38.4 to go his gap is 20 seconds; below the sun is out on the beaches.

The three Capi hills are no longer a threat now, but the crucial uphill pieces (the legendary Cipressa and Poggio) are yet to come.

1613 CET - "Nytro" holds on to his margin: 22 seconds. Acqua & Sapone were very active since the Turchino desecnt, where they helped spilt the field in two; but their team manager Bruno Cenghialta, just interviewed "on the road", confirmed that Luca Paolini is in good shape, and they might give it a go at starting the fdirworks also on the Cipressa - that is just three miles away, btw.

34 km race to go - it's been an eventful day - drizzle, crashes, a big split in the peloton which joined back up, and now Grabovskyy's lone break.

The fireworks have started the bunch is a long line now... Poor Bouet is hanging on, last man in the stretched out peloton.  Grabovskyy's lead has increased to 25 seconds. The Ukrainian is a strong man, but still has the Cipressa test to pass. Sky is coming to the front with Edvald Boassen-Hagen the key man; Cervélo also. Boonen is sighted near the front too.

Boasson-Hagen, Petacchi, Bennati and others fight over the front places of the field as they are about to hit the Cipressa.  No wonder they're doing that, you cannot win the race on such climb, but you sre can lose it.

1620 CET- Grabovskyy is being caught. 3km to the Cipressa - just wait for the peleton to shred. Cancellara is making sure he is near the front  Sooo the peloton is back as one again. But it's the quiet before the storm.

Our Live Coverage Continues in Part 3

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