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Trofeo Laigueglia 47th Edition
By Vaughn Trevi
Date: 2/20/2010
Trofeo Laigueglia 47th Edition

Trofeo Laigueglia 47th Edition
Francesco Ginanni Encore of 2009 Victory - Lampre's Blue & Fucsia colors dominate the podium with Gavazzi and Pietropolli

Ginanni gave an encore performance, taking his second consecutive win in the Italian semi-classic. Playing off the lead out of the Lampre/Vini Farnese duo Francesco Gavazzi and Daniele Pietropolli who led in the final 700 meters but it was Ginanni getting the upper hand through last turn before the finish at 300 meters... first through the turn Ginanni proved to have the fastest legs of the three and stole the victory from the blue & Fucsia riders who finished second and third.

Francesco Ginanni celebrates flanked by Lampre duo, Francesco Gavazzi and Daniele Pietropolli. Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti

Enrico Rossi (Ita) and Matteo Montaguti (ita) filled out the top 5 in the mass sprint.  The success put a smile on Androni Diquigiovanni's "The Prince" Gianni Savio at the end of the race when it was noted his rider was the first to duplicate the double victories since Eddy Merckx (1973 - 74) and Filippo Pozzato (2003 -04) both who later won the Milan -Sanremo.

Gianni Savio congratulates Francesco Ginanni on his double.
Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti

47th Trofeo Laigueglia 183 km
The organizers increased the difficulty and length of the race for tis the 47th  edition perhaps hoping to avoid a sprint finish on the Ligurian coast however the escape of the day was caught in the final kms and once again the race was disputed in a mass sprint.

 The new parcours added four Grand Prix Mountains along the route, including the last three in rapid succession in the final 80 kilometers: Passo Balestrino (650m), Passo di Ginestro (677 m), Stellanello (454 m ) Cima Paravenna (454 m). Do not forget the "Capi", made famous by Milan-San Remo: Capo Mele, Capo Cervo and Capo Berta will be confronted by the riders immediately after the first circuits through Laigueglia; all coming in the last 100 kilometres.

The race also featured a finish into the coastal wind with two turns to be negotiated before the line, one at 700 meters and the second at only 300 meters.

The race started one man short as Lampre's uber sprinter Alessandro Pettachi was a no show due to stomach pains last night; 161 riders took to the start shortly after 11 am this morning.

During the opening circuit the battle started as a break of nine riders opened a gap; Donato Cannone (Ceramica Flaminia), Paolo Longo Borghini (ISD-Neri), Damiano Caruso (De Rosa-Stac Plastic), Stefano Pirazzi (Colnago-CSF Inox), Luca Zanasca (CDC-Cavaliere), Pasquale Muto (Team Miche), Alexandre Pichot (BBox Bouygues), and Ag2r la Mondiale duo Guilluame Bonnafond and René Mandri.

Caruso led the charge over the Passo Balestrino collecting the first of the GPM's on offer. Leaving the second circuit after 70 kilometers the group was pared down to 8 riders as Luca Zanasca lost contact with the adventurers; past the finish line the riders looked strong having gained over six minutes on the bunch.

Pasquale Muto and Alexandre Pichot lead the break through the finish line after the first circuit. Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti

Damiano Caruso continued to lead on each KOM collecting three of the four Gran Prix Montana locking up the climbers trophy dedicated to Diego Pellegrini. French rider William Bonnafond won the prize at the finish for most aggressive rider for his work in the break.

Caruso attacks break mates Alexandre Pichot and  Guilluame Bonnafond pm the Cima Paravenna. Only Pichot would be able to follow the De Rosa rider. Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti

After a 149 km the eight started the final climb of the day,  the 454 meter Cima Paravenna; Caruso and Pichot attacked on the climb and dropped their companions. Behind Lampre led the chase as the duo put in a hard drive keeping a fast pace to evade capture in the final 34 kilometers.

The pair were caught only 8 kilometers from their goal by a group of about 50 survivors.

Caruso and Pichot attempt to keep the peloton at bay. Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti

Immediately attacks followed at the head of the peloton as they raced to the coastal finish; again Giampaolo Caruso gave it a dig, followed by Niemec, Salerno, and Taborre but none could shake the Lampre led peloton with Lampre riders, Ponzi and Mori and particularly Malori showing grinta chasing down each attempt and keeping the pace high. As a result of Lampre's efforts he bunch arrived  in one group for the final duel of the sprinters.

It was Francesco Gianni leading out of the final corner 300 meters from the line and celebrating by raising both hands to the sky taking his second consecutive win in the race.

Francesco Ginanni looking fresh on the podium gave an emotion filled dedication of his victory to  his friend Franco Ballerini: “I'd like to dedicate this race, not only to Franco- my dedication is, also, to all his family, to his wife Sabrina, and to Gian Marco and Matteo, Franco's sons.”

Ginanni also commented on the finish, “I got Gavazzi's wheel, Lampre was organized best for the sprint, they had a lot of riders in the leading group. As far as I'm concerned I tried not to make a mistake, and in the end I had success, and this makes me very happy.”

Second placed rider, Francesco Gavazzi commented, "Pietropolli brought me into a good position for the sprint, Ginanni however was the fastest, he came out of the final corner well and was the strongest in the sprint. Congratulations to him. Pietropolli, today he has delivered me because I was fine, the next time I return the favor."

Lampre's Daniele Pietropolli, the 29 year old rider born in Bussolengo, Italy, came to Lampre from LPRBrakes; he had three victories in 2009. Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti

Daniele Pietropolli for his part could not hide his disappointment having given everything he had to support his team mate,  "I helped Francesco because if we do not help each other as teammates then it is useless. Today I gave my best, and it's a Pity about the result, Ginanni was very good..  We collected the second and third place, but the important thing is to try maybe next time we do first and second. A bit 'bitterness? Yes,  I have been sick this week and I was not at my best; but I managed to give my contribution to the team. "

Lampe/Vini Farnese
The podium of the 47th Trofeo Laigueglia is mostly colored in blue & fucsia, only the higher step on the podium different: that's because Lampre-Farnese Vini obtained the 2nd and the 3rd place thanks to Francesco Gavazzi and Daniele Pietropolli, while the victory was for Ginanni who preceded them in the final sprint.

The blue-fucsia team directed by Piovani controlled the race in the final part, raising the pace thanks to Malori and then to Ponzi and Mori, in order to neutralized the action of the attackers Caruso and Pichot.

The bunch was massive in the final kilometers and so the sprint was the logical end: Ginanni was too fast and crossed the finish line before Gavazzi and Pietropolli.

Alessandro Petacchi did not start having  suffered during the night for a gastroenteritis.

"I'm quite happy for the way the team performed the race, the victory would have been the prize for the efforts - sport director Piovani commented - When we caught the attackers, we prepared the sprint for Gavazzi: Francesco, well supported by Pietropolli, was great in battling against Ginanni, but this one was too fast. The second place is good in view of the next races, since Gavazzi was at his debut and so his fitness can only increase. Aperfect performance by Malori, a mix of quality and grinta that is uncommon in a neo pro".

2010 Laigueglia Podium: Francesco Gavazzi, Francesco Ginanni, and Daniele Pietropolli. Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti

47th Trofeo Laigueglia
183 km - 4:48:15 - 38.092 km/h
1  19851006 Ginanni Francesco And Androni Giocattoli Ita 4:48:15
2  19840801 Gavazzi. Francesco Lam Lampre-Farnese Vini Ita
3  19800711 Pietropolli Daniele Lam Lampre-Farnese Vini Ita

 Ita19820505 Rossi Enrico Flm Ceramica Flaminia Ita
 19840106 Montaguti Matteo Der De Rosa - Stac Plastic Ita

De Rosa's Damiano Caruso sang in the mountains to take 3 of the 4 GPMs and the King of the Mountains title. Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti

6 58 Ita19770117 Paolini Luca Asa Acqua & Sapone It
7 134 Slo19841018 Kocjan Jure Cmo Carmiooro Ngc Slo
8 201 Fra19741129 Dessel Cyril Alm Ag2r La Mondiale Fra
9 34 Ita19740204 Mazzanti Luca Kat Team Katusha Ita
10 118 Ita19860202 Zen Enrico Csf Colnago - Csf Inox Ita
11 67 Fra19881126 Vichot Arthur Fdj Française Des Jeux Fra
12 14 Blr19791027 Kuschynski Aleksandr Liq Liquigas-Doimo Blr
13 93 Ita19840220 Chiarini Riccardo Der De Rosa - Stac Plastic Ita
14 203 Rus19811202 Efimkin Alexander Alm Ag2r La Mondiale Rus
15 208 Fra19750322 Turpin Ludovic Alm Ag2r La Mondiale Fra
16 16 Svk19900126 Sagan Peter Liq Liquigas-Doimo Svk
17 87 Ita19850101 Gatto Oscar Isd Isd - Neri Ita
18 38 Bel19860308 Vantomme Maxime Kat Team Katusha Bel
19 48 Ita19870117 Ponzi Simone Lam Lampre-Farnese Vini Ita
20 205 Fra19860903 Kadri Biel Alm Ag2r La Mondiale Fra
21 8 Ita19850605 Taborre Fabio And Androni Giocattoli Ita
22 102 Fra19790521 Buffaz Mickaël Cof Cofidis-Le Credit En Ligne Fra
23 57 Ita19750910 Palumbo Giuseppe Asa Acqua & Sapone It
24 154 Sui19820405 Schwab Hubert Vbg Vorarlberg - Corratec Sui
25 204 Est19840120 Mandri Rene Alm Ag2r La Mondiale Est
26 193 Fra19830106 Pichot Alexandre Btl Bbox Bouygues Telecom Fra
27 22 Ita19770708 Tiralongo Paolo Ast Astana Ita
28   Dabrowski Jaroslaw Amo Amore & Vita - Conad Pol
29 164 Col19830306 Carvajal Jaramilloedwin Mie Miche Col
30 46 Ita19800809 Mori Manuele Lam Lampre-Farnese Vini Ita
31 196 Fra19860820 Gaudin Damien Btl Bbox Bouygues Telecom Fra
32 12 Ita19790806 Bellotti Francesco Liq Liquigas-Doimo Ita
33 35 Rus19780525 Petrov Evgeny Kat Team Katusha Rus
34 77 Ita19690115 Noe' Andrea Flm Ceramica Flaminia Ita
35 91 Ita19850218 Salerno Cristiano Der De Rosa - Stac Plastic Ita
36 113 Ita19850830 Canuti Federico Csf Colnago - Csf Inox Ita
37 72 Ita19800815 Caruso Giampaolo Flm Ceramica Flaminia Ita
38 94 Ita19871012 Caruso. Damiano Der De Rosa - Stac Plastic Ita
39 17 Den19811204 Vandborg Brian Liq Liquigas-Doimo Den
40 163 Pol19800411 Niemiec Przemyslaw Mie Miche Pol
41 53 Ita19831216 Failli Francesco Asa Acqua & Sapone It
42 161 Den19740601 Rasmussen. Michael Mie Miche Den
43 3 Ita19780108 Bertagnolli Leonardo And Androni Giocattoli Ita
44 117 Ita19821130 Pozzovivo Domenico Csf Colnago - Csf Inox Ita
45 95 Ita19820605 Cattaneo Marco Der De Rosa - Stac Plastic Ita

46 Giunti Massimo And Androni Giocattoli Ita 0:00:09
47   Gentili Massimiliano Flm Ceramica Flaminia Ita 0:00:17
48  Monier Damien Cof Cofidis-Le Credit En Ligne Fra 0:00:25
49 36 Mda19870113 Pliuschin Alexandr Kat Team Katusha Mda "
50 141 Ita19830629 Ascani Luca Cdc Cdc - Cavaliere Ita 0:00:59
51  Borisov Vladislav Amo Amore & Vita - Conad 0:01:49
52 83 Ita19750419 Scarselli Leonardo Isd Isd - Neri Ita 0:02:02
53 82 Ita19810731 Caccia Diego Isd Isd - Neri Ita "
54  Fognini Fausto Amo Amore & Vita - Conad Ita "
55 153 Sui19841230 Ackermann Silvère Vbg Vorarlberg - Corratec Sui "
56 207 Fra19850111 Loubet Julien Alm Ag2r La Mondiale Fra 0:03:58
57 182 Slo19900223 Tratnik. Jan Rar Zheroquadro Radenska Slo 0:04:03
58 24 Kaz19841010 Dmitriyev Valeriy Ast Astana Kaz "
59 25 Kaz19870214 Kireyev Roman Ast Astana Kaz "
60 145 Ita19820820 D'angelo Davide Cdc Cdc - Cavaliere Ita "
61 65 Fra19900529 Pinot Thibaut Fdj Française Des Jeux Fra "
62 152 Sui19821015 Dietziker Andreas Vbg Vorarlberg - Corratec Sui "
63 137 Ita19820607 Ratti. Aristide Cmo Carmiooro Ngc Ita "
64 148 Ita19811103 Torosantucci Davide Cdc Cdc - Cavaliere Ita "
65 151 Sui19850822 Hollenstein Reto Vbg Vorarlberg - Corratec Sui "
66 172 Ita19820805 Garofolo Vincenzo Ppo Team Nippo Ita "
67 64 Fra19801208 Mourey Francis Fdj Française Des Jeux Fra "
68 103 Fra19860203 Cusin Rémi Cof Cofidis-Le Credit En Ligne Fra "
69 54 Ita19851020 Fantini Alessandro Asa Acqua & Sapone It "
70 55 Ita19820902 Masciarelli Andrea Asa Acqua & Sapone It "
71 191 Jpn19840922 Arashiro Yukiya Btl Bbox Bouygues Telecom Jpn "
72 84 Ita19801210 Longo Borghini Paolo Isd Isd - Neri Ita "
73 88 Aus19860718 Clarke Simon Isd Isd - Neri Aus "
74 116 Ita19870311 Pirazzi Stefano Csf Colnago - Csf Inox Ita "
75 206 Ukr19790207 Krivtsov Yuriy Alm Ag2r La Mondiale Ukr 0:04:58
76 181 Slo19820802 Tratnik David Rar Zheroquadro Radenska Slo 0:05:03
77 66 Fra19830622 Roy Jérémy Fdj Française Des Jeux Fra "
78 194 Fra19820625 Bonnet William Btl Bbox Bouygues Telecom Fra "
79 86 Ita19860605 De Negri Pier Paolo Isd Isd - Neri Ita "
80 81 Ita19830113 Visconti Giovanni Isd Isd - Neri Ita "
81 15 Ita19850218 Sabatini Fabio Liq Liquigas-Doimo Ita "
82 97 Ita19870309 Borchi Stefano Der De Rosa - Stac Plastic Ita "
83 131 Fra19850425 Fournet Fayard Sebastien Cmo Carmiooro Ngc Fra "
84 32 Rus19820129 Brutt Pavel Kat Team Katusha Rus "
85 44 Ita19880427 Magazzini Enrico Lam Lampre-Farnese Vini Ita "
86 114 Ita19861022 Pavarin Marcello Csf Colnago - Csf Inox Ita "
87 7 Ita19791002 Solari Luca And Androni Giocattoli Ita "

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