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2010 UCI Cyclocross World Championships - Elite Men
By Bart Hazen
Date: 1/31/2010
2010 UCI Cyclocross World Championships - Elite Men

2010 UCI Cyclocross World Championships - Elite Men
Zdeneck Stybar takes home victory and rainbow jersey of World Champion!

After a 2nd place last year in Hoogerheide, Zdenek Stybar dominated all of the favorites on a fast and frozen course in Tabor, Czech Republic today. Stybar dominated by attacking the lead group consisting of perennial favorite, Sven Nys, who was accompanied by the likes of Klaas Vantornout and another Czech rider, Martin Bina.

Victory Zdenek Stybar!!   Photo © 2010 Bart Hazen

Stybar never looked back and continued to open up a 20  second lead over the chasing riders. Reigning world champion, Niels Albert, never saw the front of the race after the first laps.

Soon, Vantornout would emerge from the chase group and attempt to close the gap, but there was no catching Stybar on his home turf. This move, however, solidified Vantornout's silver medal in 2nd. This left Bina to drag Nys for the final lap of the race, with Nys making a move in the closing moments to overtake the Czech rider who had reason to celebrate his 4th place finish as well as his countryman's victory.

Stybar opens his gap on Nys and Vantornout   Photo © 2010 Bart Hazen

Not a great day for the Belgians, Stybar led Belgiam's  Klaas Vantornout by 21 seconds at the finish with favorite Sven Nys coming up 38 seconds short. Czech Martin Bina and France's Francis Mourey filled out the top 5 in that order.

Zdenek Stybar's gold medal was the second for the Czech Republic following up Saturday's by Junior rider Thomas Paprstka.

Tim Johnson, top USA rider    Photo © 2010 Bart Hazen

The highest placed USA rider was Tim Johnson in 14th and an impressive top-20 finish was also had by Jamie Driscoll. Former world podium silver medalist, Jonathan Page didn't find his legs and finished outside the top-20.
courtesy Matt Howey

Klaas Vantornout leads the chase.   Photo © 2010 Bart Hazen

The race was off to a fast start from the echo of the start gun on the frozen snow and ice slicked course in Tabor. Klaas Vantornout led out of the hole shot followed by fellow Belgian Sven Nys and World Cup winner Stybar. Nys led the charge at the front leading the early break followed by Vantornout, Stybar, Steve Chainel, Radomir Simunek, Francis Mourey, Gerben de Knegt and Bart Aernouts.

Vantornout attacked passing Nys opening a small gap,  Nys chased with Stybar sidelined briefly by a flat. Luckily team mate followed by Nys, while Stybar suffered an early flat; luckily a quick pit stop and help from Czech team mate Radomir Simunek he was able to rejoin the front of the race.  Behind Americans Jonathan Page, Tim Johnson, Jamey Driscoll and Jeremy Powers chased mid pack with Page nearest the front.

Sven Nys attacks in the barriers.   Photo © 2010 Bart Hazen

Back at the front Simunek set the pace with Sven Nys trying to control the front - Vantornout tested their resistance attempting to establish a gap. Pauwels and Swiss rider Christian Heule managed to join the leaders with Stybar and Morey slowly closing the gap with defending champion Niels Albert and Erwin Vervecken on the third lap.

Entering the 4th lap Stybar moved to the front and launched a blistering attack opening a gap; Heule and Vantornout responded but could not close to the Czech rider, Nys however bridged to join the duo with Martin Bina forming a chase group of 4. Nys exploded from the group as they jumped the barriers and was off in pursuit for Stybar. He looked good at first but ate it in a turn with Bina and Vantornout caught Nys and led the chase... Nys recovered and regained the duo shortly after. Mourey and Simunek followed with Bart Wellens hard on the chase trying to catch the five leaders.

Nys faltered again in the barriers  and was rejoined by Bina who attacked; Nys countered but with Vantornout and Stybar at the front the race of the two was reduced to one for the final podium step.

Zdenek Stybar crossed the line solo to the roar of cheers from his home crowd with Belgian Klaas Vantornout following to take second place. Nys and Bina followed at 40 seconds with Nys managing to distance the Czech ruder by two seconds for the final podium step. Bina crossed the line in 4th celebrating team mate Stybar's victory. France's Francis Mourey once again rode a consistent race to fill out the top five.

Stybar in his well deserved rainbow jersey of world champion. Photo © 2010 Bart Hazen

After Race Comments
Zdenek Stybar "This is the most beautiful win of my career. The final 100 meters in front of my home crowd is something to die for. I gave all my best during the race as there was no place to hold back. When riding in front I didn't know who was riding behind me. I was riding my own race but heard from the side that my gap was increasing lap by lap. It's unbelievable to win in my own country,

Klaas Vantornout "Its a very good season for me. I was second at the Belgian Nationals behind Nys and now again second at the Worlds behind Stybar. Stybar was the strongest today. I'm happy with second as it was the maximum I could get today"

Sven Nys "A World Championship is a special event. It's the third time in a row to finish third. My condition and power is OK but the feeling today and the technical sections were a disaster today. It was just not the perfect day for me as I crashed a lot during the race. "

2010 Worlds Cyclocross Podium:  Klaas Vantornout, Zdenek Stybar and Sven Nys  Photo © 2010 Bart Hazen

 2010 UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships
Tabor, Czech Republic
Elite Men Results
1 14 Cze19851211 Stybar Zdenek Czech Republic 1:08:58
2 3 Bel19820519 Vantornout Klaas Belgium +00:21
3 2 Bel19760617 Nys Sven Belgium +00:38

4 16 Cze19830521 Bina Martin Czech Republic +00:40
5 8 Fra19801208 Mourey Francis France +00:56

Mrs. Stybar congratulates her son Zdenek. Photo © 2010 Bart Hazen

6 17 Cze19820419 Zlamalik Martin Czech Republic +01:02
7 21 Sui19750402 Heule Christian Switzerland +01:07
8 15 Cze19830906 Simunek Radomir Czech Republic +01:18
9 24 Ned19751211 De Knegt Gerben Netherlands +01:49
10 7 Bel19780810 Wellens Bart Belgium +02:13
11 30 Ita19841012 Fontana Marco Aurelio Italy +02:25
12 10 Fra19830609 Bazin Nicolas France +02:26
13 9 Fra19830906 Chainel Steve France +02:28
14 42 Usa19770805 Johnson Timothy United States Of America +02:28
15 22 Sui19850517 Wildhaber Marcel Switzerland +02:37
16 6 Bel19720323 Vervecken Erwin Belgium +02:45
17 26 Ned19860718 Van Amerongen Thijs Netherlands +02:47
18 29 Ita19821211 Bianco Marco Italy +02:54
19 43 Usa19861111 Driscoll James United States Of America +03:07
20 23 Sui19840131 Flückiger Lukas Switzerland +03:09
21 11 Fra19790422 Gadret John France +03:11
22 35 Esp19790729 Suarez Fernandez Isaac Spain +03:13
23 12 Fra19781113 Colombatto Laurent France +03:14
24 54 Ger19871120 Pfingsten Christoph Germany +03:17
25 4 Bel19840412 Pauwels Kevin Belgium +03:29
26 36 Esp19780824 Hermida Ramos José Antonio Spain +03:32
27 31 Ita19861107 Ursi Fabio Italy +03:34
28 58 Lux19860903 Drucker Jean-Pierre Luxembourg +03:42
29 19 Cze19750807 Ausbuher Kamil Czech Republic +03:52
30 41 Usa19760916 Page Jonathan United States Of America +04:05
31 56 Den19741118 Parbo Joachim Denmark +04:15
32 25 Ned19800616 Al Thijs Netherlands +04:15
33 20 Cze19870725 Bambula Ondrej Czech Republic +04:21
34 57 Aut19780617 Presslauer Peter Austria +04:31
35 38 Gbr19860618 Field Ian Great Britain +04:43
36 46 Svk19740114 Barenyi Milan Slovakia +04:50
37 5 Bel19820623 Aernouts Bart Belgium +04:56
38 18 Cze19761020 Dlask Petr Czech Republic +04:57
39 55 Ger19820318 Sickmueller Johannes Germany +04:59
40 59 Lux19800225 Bausch Gusty Luxembourg +05:00
41 45 Usa19830629 Powers Jeremy United States Of America +05:13
42 40 Gbr19770905 Oldham Paul Great Britain +05:33
43 27 Ned19790629 Van Gils Wilant Netherlands +06:07
44 39 Gbr19800804 Crawforth Jody Great Britain +06:12
45 33 Esp19791102 Ruiz De Larrinaga Ibanez Javier Spain +06:19
46 37 Esp19780515 Zaballa Gutierrez Constantino Spain +06:37
47 32 Ita19841108 Damiani Luca Italy +06:48
48 49 Svk19730408 Metlicka Vaclav Slovakia +06:50
49 52 Jpn19800104 Tsujiura Keiichi Japan +07:27
50 44 Usa19810305 Trebon Ryan United States Of America +07:37
51 48 Svk19861224 Haring Martin Slovakia +08:39
52 47 Svk19710611 Glajza Robert Slovakia -1lap
53 64 Irl19810519 Aiken Rodger Ireland -1lap
54 60 Hun19790113 Buruczki Szilard Hungary -1lap
55 63 Mgl19830624 Boldbaatar Bold-Erdene Mongolia -3lap
56 62 Mgl19800528 Ariunbold Naranbat Mongolia -4lap
57 66 Isr19810515 Pekatch Dror Israel -5lap
58 61 Rou19830703 Anghelache George-Daniel Romania -5lap

Nations Ranking
1 Cze Czech Republic 3 11
2 Bel Belgium 3 15
3 Fra France 3 30
4 Sui Switzerland 3 42
5 Ita Italy 3 56

6 Ned Netherlands 3 58
7 Usa United States Of America 3 63
8 Esp Spain 3 93
9 Gbr Great Britain 3 121
10 Svk Slovakia 3 135
11 Ger Germany 2 63
12 Lux Luxembourg 2 68
13 Mgl Mongolia 2 111
14 Den Denmark 1 31
15 Aut Austria 1 34
16 Jpn Japan 1 49
17 Irl Ireland 1 53
18 Hun Hungary 1 54
19 Isr Israel 1 57
20 Rou Romania 1 58

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