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Training: The Power of a Network
By Staff
Date: 12/28/2009
Training: The Power of a Network

Training: The Power of a Network
What do Lance Armstrong, Michael Phelps, Tom Cruise and Scarlet Johansson all have in common?

DayByDay Cycle Coaching
The Power of a Network
By Ben Day

The Power of a Network - this is a topic that I have been thinking of writing about for a while and I figured - what better time than at Christmas! This piece, in the world of cycling, is more relevant to athletes who are very performance-focused, but it also has applications for everyone, in every day life.

What do Lance Armstrong, Michael Phelps, Tom Cruise and Scarlet Johansson all have in common? An entourage! They have surrounded themselves with specialists who can deliver the best possible service. Lance and Michael have a list of soigneurs, trainers, physical therapists and PR managers who effectively serve their needs. Tom and Scarlett have make-up artists, PR managers, and image consultants who help them with every detail. These people appreciate, due to its necessity, the power of creating a network around them that helps them to be as successful as they can possibly be.

As everyone who practices sports know, with activity, comes the risk of injury. During these times, being able to seek out a therapist who excels in their job, is a way in to ensure the speediest recovery and the most efficient use of the money invested in your own body. You are in turn, giving yourself the best chance of getting back into training and on the path to success.

This is just one example in an athlete’s career. The most successful athletes also have access to the most qualified networks. Coaches, strength and conditioning trainers, nutritionists, massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists, doctors and physiologists are some of the services that are available to help you get the most out of your abilities. Finding the best people specifically for you and your sport is the difficult thing.

My first taste of a powerful network has been my association with Australian cycling. As a youth, I was coached at a club level until I was accepted into the Queensland Academy of Sport and eventually made part of the Australia’s elite National team. I have at my disposal some of the sport’s greatest physiologists, physiotherapists, physicians, surgeons, nutritionists, massage therapists, coaches, and managers who have all been instrumental in helping me achieve some amazing results during my professional career.

When I relocated to Europe, I had to reach out and find my own local support network. This task was extremely difficult given the culture change and language barrier. This is when I realized and appreciated how valuable having a talented entourage in my corner. Much time was wasted in identifying those who worked well with me.

Another aspect that is often underappreciated is the importance of having a supportive family. This is relevant to not just your sporting pursuits, but also to a lot of things that come your way in life. Encouragement to get through hard times, a friendly hand to help babysit, someone to inspire you, a way to vent your frustrations, are all things our family and close friends provide to help us and in turn, this is something we can give back.

At DayByDay Cycle Coaching, through my personal experiences, I have seen the need to create an all-encompassing network of providers to help my athletes achieve their goals. In a soon-to-be-released website update, I will create a “web” of where to go and who to see for the various types of support that you may need. This is where I call upon you, the reader, for your help. Can you tell me of the important providers in your network – the cycling orientated, experienced, and open minded practitioners who have helped you achieved your results to date. If you think they are worthy of being included in the DayByDay Cycle Coaching “web”, I would love to hear from you. Contact me here or on my Twitter account: benday78.

During this holiday period, as you spend time with your family, please take a moment to appreciate the greatest support network around you - your family. Be thankful for the support they provide you and ensure that you provide them your support as well.

Merry Christmas & a Successful New Year
                May the wind be always at your back.

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