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TD Bank Mayor's Cup Winners and Race Report
By Christopher Fauske
Date: 9/27/2009
TD Bank Mayor's Cup Winners and Race Report

TD Bank Mayor's Cup Winners and Race Report
Tina Pic closes out career with win; Kyle Wamsley heads elite group breakaway

Tina Pic finished her professional racing career with a perfectly orchestrated win at the TD Bank Mayor's Cup criterium in Boston. Her Colavita Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light team mates controlled the last couple of laps of the 1-kilometer circuit to deliver her to the line ahead of Brooke Miller (Team TIBCO) and Jennifer McRae (Team Type 1).

In the men's criterium, a break of seven formed just more than half way into the race and opened an enormous lead, assuring that the podium would be contested from within that group. At day's end, Kyle Wamsley (Colavita Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light) out sprinted Shawn Milne (Team Type 1), and Clayton Barrows (CRCA Empire presented by Northwave) in a group that included Cervelo Test Team's Ed King.

The race marked the return of professional criterium cycling to Boston for the first time in 24 years--when a previous incarnation of the Mayor's Cup was last run, and is part of an effort to turn Boston from a notoriously bike unfriendly zone into one of the nationís leading bike cities.

City bike czar and former Olympian Nicole Freedman was the race director (and was also on the start line).

The race also drew on the increasing strength of New England professional racing, with riders such as Ed King (Cervelo Test team), Dan Vaillancourt (Colavitta Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light), Shawn Milne (Team Type 1), Jake Keough (Kelly Benefit Strategies), and Lyne Bessette (October Factory Team) competing for the $20,000 prize money available for both the men and the women.

One continental team was present in force, as Colavitta Sutter Home lined up five women and four men for their respective races. The Colavitta women's squad had come, said Shontell Gauthier, "for Tina [Pic]and Rachel [Heal]," both of whom retired after the race and now move into their positions as team managers.

"It looks like a good course, technical and fast," Gauthier said. "With all the primes it's going to be a very fast race." And it was, the women covering the 1-kilometer at an average of just about 29 mph.

The organizers have signed lead sponsor TD Bank for a three-year commitment, and Gauthier predicted that although "it's kind of late in the season and a lot of us have tapered off, if the money's there we'll come."

Several of the top contenders in both races had flown in the night before from Interbike in Las Vegas, and Brooke Miller observed that she and team mate Katherine Carroll "got in around midnight from Las Vegas via San Francisco." Nonetheless, she said "it's totally worth coming. It's really pretty awesome that it's related to the mayor's office. I found out about it from my aunt who lives in Cambridge."

Carroll, meanwhile, had taken her bike into a local bike shop that morning to get it looked over and had happened to meet the mayor there, which added to her sense that the race was part of a larger happening.

Both women were particularly impressed that the prize money was the same for men and women, and by the number of primes (offering a total of $8,000 in each race). "It's going to be very aggressive," Miller predicted.

Katharine Carroll (L) and Brooke Miller, just in from Interbike.

Photo © 2009 Chris Fauske

Meanwhile, local racer Clara Kelly (NEBC/Cycleloft/Devonshire Dental) admitted that "I'm actually not a sprinter," but she hoped to be able to support her teammates. "It's definitely exciting to see NRC people on a local course. It's great for us."

Kelly, too, reflected on the date, noting that "I've been on the cross bike recently."

Clara Kelly on local ground.

Photo © 2009 Chris Fauske

The women stayed together until the final two circuits when the Colavitta squad took over at the front and prepared to set up Pic for a career-ending win. Their leadout hugged the left side of the course and forced Miller to try to find room and the right and to, in her words, "get started far too early on the final run in." Pic had time to raise her hands in a final celebration as she crossed the line ahead of Miller and third place finisher McRae.

Tina Pic (L) and Rachel Heal celebrate a job well done.

Photo © 2009 Chris Fauske

The men's race also saw a pair of Team Type 1 riders, as locally-based Shawn Milne brought William Dugan with him to the start line. Rolling up next to him at the pre-race presentations was Karl Menzies (OUCH presented by Maxxis), who would dominate the early primes. Colavitta lined up with four riders at the start.

Ed King (L), Mark McCormack (C) and Dan Vaillancourt.

Photo © 2009 Chris Fauske

Unlike the women, the men's field broke and re-formed throughout the opening 30 minutes with various riders finding themselves off the front without support and then either rejoining the field or being brought back. At about the 1/2-way mark, however, an elite group of seven got away, including King, Wamsley, Milne, and Barrows. They rapidly built up a gap of about half a kilometer and local rider and the day's color commentator Tim Johnson found himself discussing the possibility of the field being lapped.

A straight up sprint at the end saw Wamsley beat out Milne and Barrows.

Results [Top Ten]


1. Kyle Wamsley

2. Shawn Milne

3. Clayton Barrows

4. Edward King

5. Toby Marzot (Team Mountain Khakis p/b EPNO)

6. Jeff Buckles (Richmond Pro Cycling)

7. Bobby Lea (OUCH p/b Maxxis)

8. Eric Barlevav (Team Mountain Khakis p/b EPNO)

9. Karl Menzies (OUCH p/b Maxxis)

10. Isaac Howe (Team Mountain Khakis p/b EPNO)


1. Tina Pic

2. Brooke Miller

3. Jennifer McRae

4. Laura Van Gilde (Mellow Mushroom)

5. Samantha Schneider (Team Type 1)

6. Lyne Bessette (October Factory Team)

7. Kacey Madefield (Lipsmacker)

8. Katharine carroll (Team TIBCO)

9. Mary Zider (Specialized-Mazda-Samson)

10 Tiffany Pezzulo (DFT p/b Treads).

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