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2009 Road World Championships - U23 Men's Road Race
By Staff
Date: 9/26/2009
2009 Road World Championships - U23 Men's Road Race

2009 Road World Championships -  U23 Men's Road Race
Romain Sicard of France wins U23 title Solo

Romain Sicard of France led to the finish alone by 27  seconds over Colombian Alberto Carlo Betancur and Russian Egor Silin. Peter Kennaugh of Great Britain finished 4th at 54 seconds with Belgium's  Jérôme Baugnies leading the remains of the first chase group tot he finish six seconds later.

Victory Romain Sicard!  Photo © 2009 Bart Hazen

Sicard and Michael Kreder of Holland attacked with 25 km to go and opened a gap of 16 seconds. The duo worked well as they entered the final lap with a 29 second gap as 4 pursuers tried to close the gap. Belgium's Sep Vanmarcke, Anatoliy Sashtan (Ukraine), and two French riders Thibaut Pinot and Arthur Pinot. Behind the chase was on with Colombia's Carlos Betancur leading the chase at 32 seconds.

Sicard continues his victory dance over the finish line.  Photo © 2009 Bart Hazen

On the climb Sicard and Michael Kreder opened a 33 second gap as the Belgium's Alexander Bignies tried to bridge to the duo. But Bignies was caught by 8 other riders who formed the first chase group of 9. Near the top of the climb Sicard shed his Dutch Rabobank companion as he faltered; but would not the tough Dutch rider would not be caught until the final climb to the finish. Behind the duo, the first  chase group lost any sense of organization and chose to attack each other instead as the lone rider continued to open his gap to 41 seconds on the way to the finish.

Betancur and Silin attacked the group, arriving 27 seconds after Sicard did a celebratory hand dance across the line for the victory. Betancur came around the Russian to claim the silver medal with Egor Silin taking the bronze.

Peter Kennaugh of Britain finished at 49 seconds for fourth and  Jérôme Baugnies of Belgium filled out the top 5 six seoconds later.

on the chase, USA's Peter Stetina and Poland's  Adrian Honkisz
Photo © 2009 Bart Hazen

The day started out under foggy conditions but before the race started the fog burned away to reveal a perfect day of racing for both the women and U23 men.

For the first 2 of the 13.8 circuits attacks proved fruitless and perhaps halfhearted with over 179 kilometers on tap for the young guns.

With the start of the third lap 22 year old Martin Schöffmann of Austria threw the gauntlet down and opened a gap of 20 seconds his was joined in the adventure by the lone Serbia entry 19 year old Gabor Kasa. Going into lap four the duo opened up a gap of 1:35 on the peloton led by Martijn Keizer (Netherlands) and Sergei Fuchs of Germany and Tejay Van Garderen (USA). Schöffmann picked up the pace dropping the younger Kasa and opened his gap 1:20 as he went through the start/finish area on lone chaser Alberto Carlos Betancur of Colombia. Behind the two the chase was led by multi-talented and new World U23 ITT champion Jack Bobridge of Australia only 12 seconds off the Colombian's pace.

It didn't take too long for Bobridge's effort to have an impact with 20 year old Betancur caught another attack by Bissell's young Canadian David Veilleux taking a flyer to bridge to Schöffmann who continued to pound a steady pace on the front. Veilleux was later joined by Michael Matthews of Australia (21), Columbian Darwin Aatapuma (21), and 22 year old German Niko Keinath and the quartet bridged to Schöffmann... going into the halfway point in the race the quintet had a 53 second lead on the peloton now led by the Italians with 20 ear old Diego Ulissi leading the chase with Andrei Krasilnikau (20) leading setting pace on the front.

With 114 kilometers of racing the 5 had the attention of the Italian team who threw two riders on the front to start managing the gap; Ulissi was joined by Azzuri teammate Damiano Caruso and Angelo Pagani upped the pace. The gap held at 1:15 as they started the 7th lap with 68 km to go. The chase split the peloton with 20 riders in the first chase group with the Colombian and  German riders attentive at the front. It was a race of attrition at this point as the peloton 20 seconds behind shelled riders on the 12% grade of the  Torrazza di Novazzano.

With 55 km to go the quintet continued to work well together opening their gap to 1:45. Lone chaser Alexandre Geniez (21) opened a gap of 41 seconds, he was joined by Poland's Michal Kwiatkowski (19), Dominik Nerz of Germany (20), and Ronning Troels Vinther (Denmark - 22). The second chase group was led by a Russo/Italian alliance of Gianluca Brambilla (220, Damiano Caruso and Alexander Prishpetniy (22).

Attacks continued but the with 48 km to go quintet was caught mid the tenth lap and with original attacker Martin Schöffmann of Austria the last to succumb to the chase with the peloton.

Starting the final two laps with 30 km to go 80 young guns crossed the start finish line with 2 laps. The shattered remains of the peloton followed at a minute to ten minutes behind including the day's animator Martin Schöffmann of Austria. of the 166 riders only 108 were on the road, in reality only 80 of them in contention. We can expect much the same tomorrow in the Men's professional ranks.

With the final 25 kilometers to go Romain Sicard attacked; he was joined by nd Michael Kreder of Holland and the rest of the action is as described abover. Sicard is French/Basque and has signed a contract to ride for Euskaltel/Euskadi for 2010 so you can watch the 21 year old rider in an orange jersey in the pro races and his rainbow maillot in the U23 races.

 2009 Road World Championships
U23 Men's Road Race Results

179.4 km - 4:41:54  - 38.183 km/h
1 11 Sicard Romain Fra 4:41:54 38.183
2 2 Carlos Alberto Betancur Gomez Col 4:42:21  - 0:27
3 39 Silin Egor Rus " "
4 69 Kennaugh Peter Gbr 4:42:43  - 0:49
5 41 Baugnies Jérôme Bel 4:42:48  - 0:54

6 28 Kump Marko Slo " "
7 117 Nepomnyachshiy Yevgeniy Kaz " "
8 4 Jose Cayetano Sarmiento Tunarrosa Col " "

9 145 Brandle Matthias Aut 4:42:54  - 1:00
10 80 Caruso Damiano Ita 4:43:27 +1:33
11 9 Geniez Alexandre Fra 4:43:32 +1:38
12 77 Rake Christer Nor " "
13 63 Castroviejo Nicolas Jonathan Esp 4:43:34  - 1:40
14 97 Maasing Sander Est " "
15 93 Schnyder Nicolas Sui " "
16 7 Courteille Arnaud Fra " "
17 8 Edet Nicolas Fra " "
18 120 Honkisz Adrian Pol " "
19 34 Stetina Peter Usa " "
20 17 Nerz Dominik Ger " "

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