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GP Quest-France de Plouay - UCI Women's World Cup
By Bart Hazen
Date: 8/24/2009
GP Quest-France de Plouay - UCI Women's World Cup

  GP Quest-France de Plouay - UCI Women's World Cup
Cervélo TestTeam's Emma Pooley makes a time-trial of  Plouay for Solo Victory...

Emma Pooley raised her hands in Victory on Saturday in Plouay after an impressive 45 kilometer solo effort  taking her second World Cup this season the Brit won with a commanding margin of over a two minutes after escaping just after the halfway mark of the 114.6-kilometre race.

Team Cervélo Test Team impressed by launching her attack more than two laps before the finish as Pooley put on a display of her time trialing skills to open up a gap of over a minute and put time into teh chase in the final lap for the win.

Emma Pooley Celebrates... Photo courtesy of Cervélo TestTeam

Marianne Vos and Emma Johansson led the peloton in at 2:30 after the Brit celebrated her victory. Nicole Cooke responded to the attack and made an attempt to stay with her compatriot in the final lap but was dropped on the Kerihuel climb and never got closer to Pooley than 37 seconds after.

"It was a great Cervélo show, because it wasn't just one attack it was the whole team attacking," said Emma Pooley. "Claudia Hausler and Emilie Aubry and Lieselot Decroix and Patricia did a really good attack before me and it was a super strong race for the team and I was lucky that it was my attack that worked. It showed that the young team is progressing really, really strongly and of course we have the best bikes for solo breakaways and I think that helps. When I was crossing the finish line I still thought they would get me, I didn't believe it, I still don't."

Cervélo TestTeam Comments
Cervélo TestTeam's Emma Pooley . Pooley ended up finishing two and a half minutes ahead of a chase group that contained most of the day's favourites. Marianne Vos (DSB Bank - LTO) finished second and Emma Johansson (Red Sun Cycling Team) placed third.

"Today our tactic was try to take control of the race from the start," said Manel Lacambra, Sports Director. "We had a younger team riding today than normal and we tried to make some attacks with Emilie Aubry and Lieselot Decroix that worked very well as we tried to break up the bunch.

After that we made more attacks with Patricia Schwager and also with Regina Bruins who had a very bad crash but came back into the bunch and still continued working. Our goal was to always keep control, which we did through our stronger riders with Claudia Hausler and Emma. Our tactic was that after three to four laps we would make one hard attack with Pooley. We tried after three laps and Pooley made one hard attack but Marianne Vos closed the gap.

Then we tried again in the fourth lap and this was very good because she was in the break alone. It was not easy, as her lead increased, one minute, one minute fifteen seconds but Emma was very strong and the team was working behind her covering all the attacks. It was a team effort that made it possible for her to win this World Cup round and congratulations to all the team. Today was spectacular!"

Women's GPQuest-France Plouay
1 Emma Pooley Gbr Cervelo TestTeam  3:18:39
2 Marianne Vos Ned DSB Bank - 2:30
3 Emma Johansson Swe Rsc - 2:30

4 Grace Verbeke Bel Lbl - 2:30
5 Ruth Corset Aus Aus - 2:30

6 Nicole Cooke Gbr Vor - 2:33
7 Martine Bras Ned Msi - 2:33
8 Rasa Leleivyte Ltu Saf - 2:33
9 Diana Ziliute Ltu Saf - 2:33
10 Irene Van Den Broek Ned Lnl - 2:33
11 Mirjam Melchers-Van Poppel Ned Flx - 2:33
12 Ludivine Henrion Bel Rsc - 2:33
13 Andrea Bosman Ned Lnl - 2:33
14 Iris Slappendel Ned Flx - 2:33
15 Loes Gunnewijk Ned Flx - 2:33
16 Tiffany Cromwell Aus Aus - 2:33
17 Paulina Brzezna Pol Rsc - 2:33
18 Catherine Hare Willianson Gbr Fen - 2:33
19 Trixi Worrack Ger Nur - 2:33
20 Elizabeth Armitstead Gbr Lbl - 2:33
21 Vicki Whitelaw Aus Vor - 2:33
22 Giuseppina Grassi Herrera Mex Msi - 2:33
23 Katie Colclough Gbr Gbr - 2:33
24 Siobhan Dervan Irl Fen - 2:33
25 Karine Gautard Fra Fut - 2:33
26 Chantal Blaak Ned Lnl - 2:33
27 Regina Bruins Ned Cwt - 2:33
28 Luisa Tamanini Ita Msi - 2:33
29 Kimberly Anderson Usa Tcw - 2:33
30 Tina Liebig Ger Dsb - 2:33
31 Ana Garcia Antequera Esp Bpd - 2:33
32 Inga Cilvinaite Ltu Saf - 2:33
33 Nicole Brändli Sui Bct - 2:33
34 Noemi Cantele Ita Bct - 2:33
35 Sharon Laws Gbr Gbr - 2:33
36 Fabiana Luperini Ita Msi - 2:33
37 Eva Lutz Ger Nur - 2:33
38 Karin Aune Swe Fen - 4:05
39 Adrie Visser Ned Dsb - 6:38
40 Shara Gillow Aus Aus - 6:38
41 Claudia Häusler Ger Cwt - 6:38

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