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18th Trofeo Melinda - Val di Non
By Vaughn Trevi
Date: 8/22/2009
18th Trofeo Melinda - Val di Non

18th Trofeo Melinda - Val di Non
Giovanni Visconti and Stefano Garzelli battle to the finish on the Fondo

Giovanini Visconti raised his hands in victory appropriately in the Piazza San Giovanni besting Stefano Garzelli (Acqua & Sapone/Caffe' Mocambo) in the final sprint at the top of the climb of the Fondo after the final three 31.3 km circuits over the hilly route.

Giovanni Visconti celebrates his victory, Stefano Garzelli paid for his earlier aggressiveness unable to respond to the Sicilian's final attack with 500 meters to go. Photo © 2009 Fotoreporter Sirotti

Colombian Miguel Angel Rubiano (Centri Della Calzatura) led  Ivan Basso (Liquigas) and Giampaolo Caruso of Ceramica Flaminia filled out the top five at 3 seconds.... with Barloworld's Colombian climber Mauricio Soler finished in sixth to place 2 Colombians in the top six.

Miche/Silver Cross' Rodrigo Rena Garcia leads the seven escapees over the summit of the 1100 meter Ronzone. Photo © 2009 Fotoreporter Sirotti

The race in spite of almost perfect weather, though on the hot side - a demanding course provided little action  or selection for the final with Liquigas and Acqua & Sapone controlling the race; making for a much more predictable race and outcome than normal for the UCI Europe Tour contest.

The attackers lead on the first lap on the Fonza. Photo © 2009 Fotoreporter Sirotti

Attacks had little chance as the two super powers of Italian cycling chasing down every attempt. However a break of seven eluded the two teams on the climb of the 

to arrive on the final circuits  with 5 riders surviving. But the speed of the chase and a lack of a sufficient gap gave little chance to the group which was caught shortly after they started the final lap.

Stefano Garzellin and the Acqua & Sapone crew lead the chase with LPR and Liquigas attentive at the front. Photo © 2009 Fotoreporter Sirotti

With Liquigas and Acqua & Sapone in control stretching out the peloton on the final lap the catch was made of the final three survivors of the break with the final action exploding on the final kilometer of the 2.5 km climb of the Fondo.

A fast pace up the climb strung out the peloton with Acqua Sapone star Stefano Garzelli was first to launch his attack with 650 meters to go - Ivan Basso and the two Colombian's Soler and Rubiano responded with Visconti on the tail of the group.

Sicilian Vincenzo Giovanni checked the moves jumping on Garzelli's wheel  at 500 meters with the two riders getting a few seconds  gap near the finish with Giovanni striking in the final meters to come around Garzelli for the win by a bike length.

Visconti wins with a bike length over Garzelli.... Photo © 2009 Fotoreporter Sirotti

Visconti fresh from the victory at the Coppa Agostini said he was tired after the Trittico Lombardia where he rode consistently in the three race series saying he was "very gratified" that his grinta was rewarded with the win.

 Italian national team selector, Franco Ballerini was far from being pleased or impressed by the performances of the day. "It was not the race I expected, and frankly I am little disappointed. It seems to me that none of the many riders who aspire to join the national team has done much of a significant performance. Save the only Bosisio that at least tried to do something. But where were the others? "

Franco Ballerini at the after race press conference, 'expected more'...
Photo © 2009 Fotoreporter Sirotti

Coach Ballerini expected to gain a better idea of the form of the riders for his selection and appointments for the worlds in Mendrisio. Ballerini commented he was not worried... "I remain convinced the way things are arranged that the Vuelta will clarify the situation. I know that the unity of the squad will once again be our strength.:  The coach had sharp words for Ivan Basso saying that he will be watching his performance at the Vuelta; but to day he didn't impress, "He should be bolder."  was Ballerini's assessment of the Giro winner.

Complete Race Results & Roll of Honor below.
17th Trofeo Melinda Val di Non
16th Trofeo Melinda Val di Non

The race has been sponsored by the group Melinda for the last 17 years. Melinda is a grower marketing co-op selling apples and other fruit products of growers in Italy. You can visit the site by clicking on their logo above.

Today's podium girls pose before the start of the race. Photo © 2009 Fotoreporter Sirotti

Our lovely podim misses present the winners of this years Trofeo Melinda: Stefano Garzelli, Giovanni Visconti and Miguel Angel Rubiano. Photo © 2009 Fotoreporter Sirotti

18th Trofeo Melinda - Val di Non
Male - Fondo
194 km - 4:46:00 - 40,699;

1  Visconti Giovanni Isd/Neri Ita 4.46.00
2  Garzelli Stefano Acqua & Sapone/Caffé' Mokambo 00:00
3   Rubiano Miguel Angel Centri Della Calzatura Col 0.00.03

4   Basso Ivan Liquigas Ita 00.03
5  Caruso Giampaolo Ceramica Flaminia/Bossini Docce Ita 00.03
Stefano Garzelli chats with the president of the Melinda race organization Marco Brentari before the start. Photo © 2009 Fotoreporter Sirotti

6  Soler Hernandez Juan Mauricio Team Barloworld Col 0.00.06
7   Pozzovivo Domenico Csf Group/Navigare Ita 0.00.07
8   Anza' Santo Isd/Neri Ita 0.00.13
9  Gentili Massimiliano Ceramica Flaminia/Bossini Docce Ita 0.00.14
10  Salerno Cristiano Lpr Brakes Farnese Vini Ita 0.00.18

Disappointment and tiredness show on the great champion of Acqua & Sapone.
Photo © 2009 Fotoreporter Sirotti

11  Zaugg Oliver Liquigas Sui 00.18
12   Szmyd Sylvester Liquigas Pol 0.00.22
13  Bertagnolli Leonardo Serram.Pvc Diquigiovanni-Androni Gio 00.28
14   Niemiec Przemyslaw Miche/Silver Cross/Selle Italia Pol 0.00.30
15   Bellotti Francesco Team Barloworld Ita 0.00.30 .
16  Finetto Mauro Csf Group/Navigare Ita 0.00.30
17   Sella Emanuele Carmiooro/A Style Ita 0.00.30
18Masciarelli Francesco Acqua & Sapone/Caffe' Mocambo .00.30
19  Honchar Serhiy Team Utensilnord Ukr 0.00.38
20  Dabrowski Jaroslaw Amore & Vita – Mc Donald's Pol 0.00.44
21   Zanasca Luca Centri Della Calzatura Ita 0.00.53
22  Corti Marco Team Barloworld Ita S.T.
23 Canuti Federico Csf Group/Navigare Ita 0.01.05
24  Starchyk Volodymyr Amore & Vita – Mc Donald's Ukr 
25  Mamos Philipp Amore & Vita – Mc Donald's Ger 0.01.28
26   Pardilla Bellon Sergio Carmiooro/A Style Esp 0.01.32

27  Baliani Fortunato Csf Group/Navigare Ita 0.02.02
28  Pietropolli Daniele Lpr Brakes Farnese Vini Ita 0.02.30
29  Muto Pasquale Miche/Silver Cross/Selle Italia Ita 
30  Clarcke James Isd/Neri Aus 
31  Kairelis Dainius Ceramica Flaminia/Bossini Docce Ltu 
32  Giordani Leonardo Ceramica Flaminia/Bossini Docce Ita 
33   Failli Francesco Acqua & Sapone/Caffe' Mocambo Ita 0.02.50
34   Miholjevic Vladimir Liquigas Cro S.T.
35  Stangelj Gorazd Liquigas Slo S.T.
36  Caruso Damiano Lpr Brakes Farnese Vini Ita S.T.
37  Axelsson Niklas Team Utensilnord Swe S.T.

38 Criel Tom Topsport Vlaanderen/Mercator Bel 0.03.40
39 Cheula Gianpaolo Team Barloworld Ita 0.04.30
40 Paolini Luca Acqua & Sapone/Caffe' Mocambo Ita 0.05.03
41  Bosisio Gabriele Lpr Brakes Farnese Vini Ita S.T.
42  Beuret Laurent Carmiooro/A Style Fra 0.07.00
43  Stortoni Simone Csf Group/Navigare Ita S.T.
44  Codol Massimo Acqua & Sapone/Caffe' Mocambo Ita 0.11.00
45  Masciarelli Andrea Acqua & Sapone/Caffe' Mocambo Ita S.T.
46  Marczynski Tomasz Miche/Silver Cross/Selle Italia Pol S.T.
47  Moletta Andrea Miche/Silver Cross/Selle Italia Ita S.T.
48 Terrenzio Fabio Carmiooro/A Style Ita S.T.
49 Mirenda G. Luca Isd/Neri Ita S.T.
50  Loria Eugenio Centri Della Calzatura Ita S.T.
51  Bisolti Alessandro Csf Group/Navigare Ita S.T.
52  Paterski Maciej Liquigas Pol S.T.
53   Vandewalle Kristof Topsport Vlaanderen/Mercator Bel S.T.
Abandons 57

 Trofeo Melinda  - Palmares
1992 Maurizio Fondriest (I)
1993 Stefano Della Santa (I)
1994 Massimo Podenzana (I)
1995 Pascal Richard (Ch)
1996 Andrea Tafi (I)
1997 Michele Bartoli (I)
1998 Rodolfo Ongarato (I)
1999 Mauro Gianetti (Ch)
2000 Gozard Stangelj (Slo)
2001 Francesco Casagrande (I)
2002 Dufaux Laurent (Ch)
2003 Francesco Casagrande (I)
2004 Davide Rebellin (I)
2005 Damiano Cunego (I)
2006 Stefano Garzelli (I)
2007 Santo Anza' (I)
2008 Leonardo Bertagnolli (I)
2009 Giovanni Visconti

Circuito Degli Assi - Anno
1980 G.B. Baronchelli
1981 Francesco Moser
1983 Francesco Moser
1984 Francesco Moser
1985 Francesco Moser
1987 Francesco Moser
1988 G.B. Baronchelli
1989 Maurizio Fondriest
1990 Laurent Fignon
1991 Maurizio Fondriest

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