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2009 Route de France (2.1) - Roundup
By Bart Hazen
Date: 8/18/2009
2009 Route de France (2.1) - Roundup

2009 Route de France (2.1) - Roundup

From August 9 to August 14 the women gather together in France for the 2009 edition of the Route de France. After a prologue and five stages the overall win went to 41 year old Columbia-HTC Amercian Kimberly Anderson. For Anderson it's her biggest win in her career. A roundup:

Prologue: Fontaines - Chaix, 4.1 km
Diana Ziliute (Safi-Pasta Zara) has won the 4,1 km prologue of the 2009 Route de France. Svetlana Bubnenkova and Ina Teutenberg finished as second and third. Ziliute is the first overall leader.

1 ZILIUTE Diana SAF 05' 59,830'' 00' 00''
2 BUBNENKOVA Svetlana FEN 06' 00,570'' 00' 01''
3 TEUTENBERG Ina TCW 06' 04,160'' 00' 05''
4 CROMWELL Tiffany * AUS 06' 07,930'' 00' 08''
5 STARNES Alison USA 06' 10,120'' 00' 11''
6 MARTISOVA Yulia GAU 06' 13,240'' 00' 14''
7 FAHLIN Emilia * TCW 06' 17,380'' 00' 18''
8 KOZONCHUK Oxana * MSI 06' 18,550'' 00' 19''
9 BACCAILLE Monia MIC 06' 19,380'' 00' 20''
10 GUDERZO Tatiana MIC 06' 20,380'' 00' 21''
11 ARMITSTEAD Elizabeth * LBL 06' 20,770'' 00' 21''
12 CORSET Ruth AUS 06' 21,140'' 00' 22''
13 BOYD Kaytee MSI 06' 21,560'' 00' 22''
14 GRASSI HERRERA Giuseppina MSI 06' 21,760'' 00' 22''
15 GILLOW Shara * AUS 06' 21,770'' 00' 22''

Full Result

Stage 1: Fontenay le Comte - Cholet, 106.6 km
Columbia-HTC's Ina-Yoko Teutenberg saw off the opposition in Route De France's stage one from Fontenay-le-Comte to Cholet on Monday to claim a convincing bunch sprint win. Diana Ziliute remains in the overall lead.

"The last part was very technical, but at the finish [rival Diana] Ziliute started to accelerate very early and we got a good gap, that made a big difference," Teutenberg said later.

"I got good support from the team throughout the stage and then they gave me a great lead-out, which all helped."

Teutenberg said she had had an incident-free stage and build-up to the bunch sprint, even though Monday's 108 kilometre ride through central France had not been straightforward.

"The stage was tougher than it looked on the race profile. They always say it's flat in this part of France, but in fact it's constantly up and down.

"The hardest part of this year's race are the last two stages, which are really hilly, and together with tomorrow's [Tuesday's] time trial that's where the overall will be decided."

The Columbia-HTC sprint star said her stage win and third place in Sunday's prologue showed that after a few weeks where she had not felt in such great shape, he condition was now improving.

"I had a bit of a flat period after the Giro d'Italia [in July] and things didn't go as well as we would have liked in Sweden [in the Vargarda World Cup rounds], either.

"But now I've got a stage win here in France and hopefully things will continue to get better from now on and I can start to build up for the rest of the season."

1 TEUTENBERG Ina TCW 2h 58' 24'' 00' 00''
2 GILMORE Rochelle LBL 2h 58' 26'' 00' 02''
3 ZILIUTE Diana SAF 2h 58' 26'' 00' 02''
4 MARTISOVA Yulia GAU 2h 58' 26'' 00' 02''
5 VERBEKE Grace LBL 2h 58' 26'' 00' 02''
6 UNGURYTE Edita * USC 2h 58' 26'' 00' 02''
7 GAUTARD ROUSSEL Karine FUT 2h 58' 26'' 00' 02''
8 KOZONCHUK Oxana * MSI 2h 58' 26'' 00' 02''
9 MCNELLIS Carmen USA 2h 58' 26'' 00' 02''
10 BUBNENKOVA Svetlana FEN 2h 58' 26'' 00' 02''
11 LEMIEUX Audrey ESG 2h 58' 26'' 00' 02''
12 BACCAILLE Monia MIC 2h 58' 26'' 00' 02''
13 MACKIE Emma LBL 2h 58' 26'' 00' 02''
14 GUDERZO Tatiana MIC 2h 58' 26'' 00' 02''
15 PRESTI Gloria * MSI 2h 58' 26'' 00' 02''

Full result

Stage 2: Cholet - Cholet, 15 km
Australian Tiffany Cromwell has won the 15 km Individual time-trial in the Route de France. Cromwell was hundredths of a second faster than Ina Teutenberg. Kristin McGrath finished as third. Ina Teutenberg takes the overall lead.

Team Report
Columbia-HTC: Teutenberg takes yellow in Route de France

Columbia-HTC's Ina-Yoko Teutenberg powered into the race lead of the Route de France on Tuesday after coming within hundredths of a second of claiming victory in the stage two time trial in Cholet.

"I was just a fraction of a second behind the stage winner, and it's always a bit disappointing to miss a victory by so little," Teutenberg said afterwards. "However, getting the race lead is really important, too."

The winner of stage one in a bunch sprint said she was "a little surprised to be going so well in the time trials right now, but that makes it doubly pleasing.

"I did have some time references from my team-mates for the time trial, and the course suited me. In any case, there was only one real tactic in a time trial like this, which was to go all out from the start."

With three days racing remaining, Teutenberg is cautious about her chances of holding onto the top position overall.

"I don't know if I'll be able to hold the lead right the way through to the finish. There are some pretty important climbs at the end of the race and as a sprinter, when you come into form your climbing's always the thing that gets better last.

"So I'll take it on the day by day, and see what happens."

1 CROMWELL Tiffany * AUS 20' 34,080'' 00' 00''
2 TEUTENBERG Ina TCW 20' 34,340'' 00' 00''
3 MCGRATH Kristin USA 20' 36,010'' 00' 02''
4 MARTISOVA Yulia GAU 20' 36,340'' 00' 02''
5 ZILIUTE Diana SAF 20' 47,320'' 00' 13''
6 ANDERSON Kimberly TCW 20' 48,370'' 00' 14''
7 KOZONCHUK Oxana * MSI 20' 48,370'' 00' 14''
8 ANTOSHINA Tatiana GAU 20' 50,880'' 00' 16''
9 BUBNENKOVA Svetlana FEN 20' 51,000'' 00' 17''
10 VERBEKE Grace LBL 20' 55,230'' 00' 21''
11 PUCINSKAITE Edita GAU 21' 02,040'' 00' 28''
12 GUDERZO Tatiana MIC 21' 02,810'' 00' 28''
13 RHODES Alexis AUS 21' 04,320'' 00' 30''
14 KELLER Luise TCW 21' 10,390'' 00' 36''
15 CORSET Ruth AUS 21' 11,370'' 00' 37'

Full result

Stage 3: Saran - Vierzon, 114.3 km
Columbia-HTC's Route de France leader Ina-Yoko Teutenberg outpowered her rivals for her second bunch sprint victory of the race on Wednesday. Already the winner of stage one of the six-day event, at the finish of stage three from Saran to Vierzon, the German was once again the fastest. She remains in the overall lead.

"It was a tough final uphill sprint, even though most of the stage was pretty flat and easier than the first day," Teutenberg commented afterwards. "On top of that, [Columbia-HTC teammate] Emilia [Fahlin] was in a break which only got caught with about five kilometres to go, so we didn't have to do any work to chase it. There were some important GC riders in it, and a lot of the other squads pulled the break back, and then I went for the win."

Teutenberg said she had sprinted for the victory after she chased down a move by rival Diana Ziliute in the final kilometre. "Ziliute got a gap, and I caught her and went past her for the victory. I don't think I gained any more time on my rivals for the overall, but in any case it was a good win."

The race's last two stages are the hilliest of the 2009 Route de France, and Teutenberg is cautious about her chances of keeping the lead. "Thursday will also be difficult because it's a very long stage, over 150 kilometres when usually we do about 110 or 120. So I'll just have to see what happens, see how I'm feeling and go from there."

1 TEUTENBERG Ina TCW 2h 55' 04'' 00' 00''
2 GILMORE Rochelle LBL 2h 55' 04'' 00' 00''
3 ZILIUTE Diana SAF 2h 55' 04'' 00' 00''
4 BACCAILLE Monia MIC 2h 55' 04'' 00' 00''
5 VERBEKE Grace LBL 2h 55' 04'' 00' 00''
6 MARTISOVA Yulia GAU 2h 55' 04'' 00' 00''
7 KOZONCHUK Oxana * MSI 2h 55' 04'' 00' 00''
8 GRASSI HERRERA Giuseppina 2h 55' 04'' 00' 00''
9 CROMWELL Tiffany * AUS 2h 55' 04'' 00' 00''
10 JANELIUNAITE Edita * USC 2h 55' 04'' 00' 00''
11 PUCINSKAITE Edita GAU 2h 55' 04'' 00' 00''
12 CORNEO Sigrid MSI 2h 55' 04'' 00' 00''
13 MAJERUS Christine * ESG 2h 55' 04'' 00' 00''
14 GALASSI Samantha * MIC 2h 55' 04'' 00' 00''
15 JOHREND Marlen NUR 2h 55' 04'' 00' 00''

Full result

Stage 4: Vierzon - St Pourcain sur Sioule, 153.7 km
Evelyn Stevens (New York, N.Y.) pulled off her first major European road stage race victory with a win in stage four of La Route de France. Riding for the USA Cycling Women's National Team, Stevens out sprinted fellow American Kim Anderson (Santa Barbara, Calif./Columbia-High Road) to take the stage win and second place in the general classification.

Stevens joined a 10-rider break group mid-way through the 154-kilometer stage from Vierzon to St. Pourcain that gained as much as 28-minutes on the peloton. She then attacked solo with around 30-kilometers remaining, holding that lead until the last few kilometers when Anderson was able to bridge the gap. Stevens however kicked it up on the sprint to take narrow victory over the much more experienced Anderson.

"We have an incredible amount of talent in this group so I'm not surprised at all by the performance," explained USA Cycling Women's National Team Director for La Route de France, Liza Rachetto. "We wanted to race aggressively from the beginning. Our plan today was to send a rider in the break to represent the U.S. We knew there'd be a lot climbs so it was beneficial to send a climber (Stevens) up the road. Evie went with 30-kilometers to go and the attrition certainly worked in our favor. These ladies are learning an incredible amount of strategy."

The pair finished more than two minutes ahead of the third-place finisher, Monia Baccaille of Italy and over 28 minutes ahead of the peloton. The commanding victory will give them a solid lead in the general classification heading into tomorrow's final stage, a 133-kilometer road race from Blanzat to Chatelguyon.

Tomorrow could be another opportunity for us," explained Rachetto. "There are some strong teams here and we've now made them aware of our presence. The U.S. women have worked well together and we expect to continue to have the opportunity to excel."

Columbia-HTC: Anderson takes first lead of career in Route de France
Columbia-HTC's Kim Anderson has taken the first lead of her career in the Route de France stage race. Anderson succeeded teammate Ina-Yoko Teutenberg as overall leader of the six-day race after forming part of a 10-rider break that gained 28 minutes on the bunch.

The American rider then powered after stage winner Evelyn Stevens of the USA when Stevens attacked in the final 30 kilometres. Having caught her rival with 2.5 kilometres to go, Stevens won the stage but Anderson has moved into the overall lead, with a minute and 19 seconds advantage.

"I'm really excited and pleased about how the day worked out," Anderson said afterwards. "I chased down an attack and then there were 10 of us ahead, and for some reason the bunch just didn't chase behind. Our lead grew really fast, about half of the break was working well, and then when Evelyn attacked I had to chase very hard to get her back. I didn't get the stage win, but taking a race lead for the first time ever in my career is really important."

"We're really pleased for Kim, because she is a really loyal team worker and it's great that she's got her own opportunity now," team manager Ronny Lauke commented. It's true that tomorrow is a tough stage, but we've got a strong team here and we'll do everything we can to keep it all under control. "I will have to watch Evelyn very closely but I'm very confident in my teammates," Anderson added. "I'll do my best to make sure it all works out."

1 STEVENS Evelyn USA 4h 01' 05'' 00' 00''
2 ANDERSON Kimberly TCW 4h 01' 05'' 00' 00''
3 32 BACCAILLE Monia MIC 4h 03' 17'' 02' 12''
4 ITURRIAGAECHEVARRI Eneritz 4h 03' 17'' 02' 12''
5 CORNEO Sigrid MSI 4h 04' 19'' 03' 14''
6 AZZINI Emanuela GAU 4h 04' 19'' 03' 14''
7 BOYD Kaytee MSI 4h 06' 06'' 05' 01''
8 MOCQUERY Magali FUT 4h 07' 20'' 06' 15''
9 ZABLOCKYTE Egle * USC 4h 07' 20'' 06' 15''
10 BROUN Kirsty AUS 4h 07' 20'' 06' 15''
11 LESUEUR Mlodie * ESG 4h 13' 23'' 12' 18''
12 OLIVEIRA Flavia M. MIC 4h 13' 23'' 12' 18''
13 UNGURYTE Edita * USC 4h 29' 34'' 28' 29''
14 VILUNAITE Erika FEN 4h 29' 34'' 28' 29''
15 GILMORE Rochelle LBL 4h 29' 34'' 28' 29''

Full result

Stage 5: Blanzat - Chtelguyon, 132.7 km
Ruth Corset has claimed victory in the fifth stage of the Route de France to give the Australian women's team a second stage win for the tour.

The Queenslander, who was fourth in the Montreal World Cup race earlier in the season, rode across the line solo to finish over two minutes ahead on the first chasers Italian Champion Monia Baccaile and Russian Yulia Martisova.

The overall win went to Columbia-HTC's Kim Anderson (Columbia-HTC). Evelyn Stevens and Eneritz Iturriaga completed the podium.

Team report
Columbia-HTC: Anderson victorious in Route de France

Columbia-HTC rider Kim Anderson successfully fought to take home the yellow jersey as the overall winner of the Route de France Friday. The American rider and her Columbia-HTC teammates celebrated the win after the 132-kilometre stage from Blanzat to Chatelguyon.

"This is such a fantastic outcome, and it's great to be in this position," said Anderson afterward. "The stage was a lot less stressful than I thought it would be. I only really had to watch [US National Team rider] Evelyn (Stevens) who was in second. Once we got into the circuits my teammates really kept the pace. I just held on, stayed patient, and when Evelyn finally did attack, I just thought 'I really can do this.'"

Anderson said she had great confidence in today's stage, feeling the support of her team. "The team and (Sports Director) Ronny (Lauke) had so much confidence in me going into today. I just focused on that and didn't want to disappoint after all the work they did for me."

Anderson's victory marks the Columbia-HTC women's 43rd win of the 2009 season.

1 CORSET Ruth AUS 3h 57' 37'' 00' 00''
2 BACCAILLE Monia MIC 3h 59' 58'' 02' 21''
3 MARTISOVA Yulia GAU 3h 59' 58'' 02' 21''
4 BUBNENKOVA Svetlana FEN 3h 59' 58'' 02' 21''
5 OLIVEIRA Flavia M. MIC 4h 00' 01'' 02' 24''
6 GAUTARD ROUSSEL Karine FUT 4h 00' 01'' 02' 24''
7 KASPER Romy * NUR 4h 00' 01'' 02' 24''
8 BOYD Kaytee MSI 4h 00' 01'' 02' 24''
9 ZILIUTE Diana SAF 4h 00' 04'' 02' 27''
10 PUCINSKAITE Edita GAU 4h 00' 04'' 02' 27''
11 ANDERSON Kimberly TCW 4h 00' 04'' 02' 27''
12 HIERCKENS Corine FEN 4h 00' 04'' 02' 27''
13 ITURRIAGAECHEVARRI Eneritz 4h 00' 04'' 02' 27''
14 GRASSI HERRERA Giuseppina MSI 4h 00' 04'' 02' 27''
15 BELTMAN Chantal TCW 4h 00' 08'' 02' 31''

Full result

Final Ranking
1 ANDERSON Kimberly TCW 14h 22mn 06s
2 STEVENS Evelyn USA 01mn 23s
4 BACCAILLE Monia MIC 03mn 37s
5 BOYD Kaytee MSI 05mn 51s
6 CORNEO Sigrid MSI 06mn 04s
7 AZZINI Emanuela GAU 11mn 19s
8 LESUEUR Mlodie * ESG 13mn 11s
9 OLIVEIRA Flavia M. MIC 14mn 31s
10 ZABLOCKYTE Egle * USC 15mn 30s
11 CORSET Ruth AUS 26mn 16s
12 MARTISOVA Yulia GAU 27mn 45s
13 ZILIUTE Diana SAF 27mn 48s
14 CROMWELL Tiffany * AUS 28mn 11s
15 VERBEKE Grace LBL 28mn 27s
16 GUDERZO Tatiana MIC 28mn 32s
17 PUCINSKAITE Edita GAU 28mn 36s
18 MCGRATH Kristin USA 28mn 39s
19 ANTOSHINA Tatiana GAU 28mn 40s
20 BUBNENKOVA Svetlana FEN 28mn 48s

Full result

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