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Interview: Lucy Martin
By Bart Hazen
Date: 8/17/2009
Interview: Lucy Martin

Interview: Lucy Martin

Interview with 19 year old Lucy Martin of the British U23 Development Team (Team 100% Me)

Can you introduce yourself
I'm 19 years old from Widnes, England and a member of the British U23 Olympic Academy Programme, currently living in Belgium with the team for the summer racing season.

Why did you choose cycling as your sport?
When I was 15 the British Cycling Talent Team came to my school and selected me as a potential cyclist after doing some tests around the school field. I began racing and training as part of the Talent Team and became more interested and enthusiastic about cycling.

Lucy Martin
Photo 2009 Bart Hazen

What kind of rider is Lucy Martin?
I think a bit of an all rounder I am still learning a lot about myself as a rider, but generally more of a sprinter than an climber at the moment.

Which hobbies do you have next to cycling?
I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, going shopping, watching films.

In action during the race in Hoeleden
Photo 2009 Bart Hazen

It's your first season as an Elite rider. How do you look back on the 2009 season thus far?
It has defiantly been a huge learning curve. I have learnt a lot about elite women's racing, working as a team, getting used to the longer distance compared to being a junior. I have experienced a lot this year so far and I am already looking forward to next season being able to go into races and knowing a bit more of what to expect.

You are riding for the British 100% Me team. Can you explain more about the team, the project and its goals?

100% Me is a British U23 Development Team which supports cycling being a clean drug free sport. The aim of the team is to develop riders for the future so emphasis is on the process, making sure we do everything correctly and professionally, gaining as much experience as possible.

In action during the race in De Klinge
Photo 2009 Bart Hazen

You are both active on the track and the road. For the future you are going to combine both disciplines towards the Olympics in London 2012?
Yes this year I have focused my season on the road, gaining experience and improving my strength but I am hoping to do some more track this winter and over the next few years.

What makes the projects of the 100% me team in the UK and a similar project in Australia with the AIS Development team for example so successful in comparison with other countries who don't have such a development projects?
The main aim of the team is development so it is very much about the process of things rather than the outcome. Making sure we are doing all the little things right, living like professional athletes with the help of nutritionists, physio etc.

Leading the chase group behind the break of five in De Klinge
Photo 2009 Bart Hazen

What do you prefer the most in racing (in general)?
I really enjoy stage races as I feel like I can get into the racing more, but in general bunch sprints, the last few km of a race where it's usually chaotic it's a big adrenaline rush.

Which race(s) in Europe you want to ride if given the opportunity?
I am hoping to be selected for the World Road Race Championships in Switzerland at the end of September which would be a big new experience for me and also next year I would like to ride the Giro if given the opportunity as it looks like a really good race.

At the start for the 1000 Euro race in Brasschaat together with Charlotte Colclough and Hannah Mayho
Photo 2009 Bart Hazen

What race has been a favorite of yours?
I really enjoyed Gracia Orlova stage race in the Czech Republic this year. It was my first stage race of the year and I learnt a lot about elite women's racing there; it also had a good range of stages like a time trial, shorter crit and longer hilly stages.

Who has inspired you, or currently inspires you to race. (Or in the present)?
Mark Cavendish currently inspires me with the way he has managed to win so many sprint finishes in so many different races, being under all sort of pressure he still manages to pull it off every time.

What will be your racing schedule until the end of the season?
My next races are in France starting with Plouay World Cup, Trophee D'Or and then the Ardeche stage race, and then from there I am hoping to be selected for the World Road Race Championships before I move onto the track throughout the winter.

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