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Tour of Antwerp: stages 3 & 4
By Celine Tytgadt
Date: 8/17/2002
Tour of Antwerp: stages 3 & 4
By Pete Barlin

Stage 3: Friday 9th August 2002

Yesterday was a pretty good day. The race was fast and I was able to finish in the top ten. With about four kilometers left I jumped across to a small group and we stayed away to the finish. I did not have much left for the sprint, therefore I was 8th out of a group of 11. That left me starting of today’s stage in 15th on the general classification.

Stage 4: Saturday 10th August 2002

Today the Tour of Antwerp was more like Paris – Roubaix; there was a two kilometer section of nasty cobbles with dirt path of the right side and we had to ride it four times. Of course, the first time through this section there was a huge crash and I was part of it. I wasn’t hurt but there was no way that I would be able to make the front group. I collected myself, got my chain back on and jumped back on. I believe that there was group of about 30 up the road and I was with the rest of the huge peloton. I wound up finishing between the two groups.

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