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USA Women’s Elite Road Race
By Stephanie Chase
Date: 7/31/2009
USA Women’s Elite Road Race

USA Women’s Elite Road Race
Bend, Oregon -  TIBCO's Meredith Miller takes Stars & Stripes in Solo Attack!

Despite extremely hot temperatures throughout Oregon this week, the U.S.’s best racers still came to throw their lot in for a stars and stripes jersey. Many riders were in Bend last week to compete in the Cascade Classic, as the elite road race featured the same Awbrey Butte course as the stage race.

Team TIBCO had a strong showing last weekend; placing six riders in the top fifteen. Amber Rais, feeling comfortable on a course she had taken seventh in a few days prior, launched an attack on the first lap that lasted until the third. TIBCO’s move sent ValuAct and Colavita into chase mode.

 few attackers attempted to bridge up to Rais but none were successful. Rais was caught at the end of the long, steep Archie Briggs climb on the third lap.

Once Rais was caught, a flurry of racers began to counter and eventually the winning break of Meredith Miller (TIBCO), Amy Drombroski (Webcor Builders), Kristin LaSasso (Mellow Mushroom), Chrissy Ruiter (ValuAct) and Jen McCrae (Team Type 1). It was Miller who went for it with 2 km to go and coming in for a “no one else in the picture” finish.

Ruiter was second, LaSasso, third, and Dombroski, fourth. Dombroski, however, was the first U23 rider to finish and took that national title in addition to her fourth place on the Elite road race.

Team Type 1’s Seehafer Fifth At Elite Road Nationals
Kori Seehafer’s bid for a solo victory at the USA Cycling Elite National Championship Road Race came up a few miles short Thursday. The Team Type 1 rider was caught and passed by a group of four riders within three miles of the finish of the 67-mile (107.5 km) race that was run on the challenging Awbrey Butte circuit around Bend, Oregon.

Seehafer finished fifth as Meredith Miller (Team TIBCO) soloed to the win, ahead of Christina Ruiter (ValueAct Capital Cycling Team) and Kristen Lasasso (Team Lip Smacker).

Amy Drombroski (Webcor Builders Women's Professional Cycling Team) earned the Under 23 national title while Team Type 1’s Jacquelyn Crowell finished third in that category. The elite and age group categories competed together on the course that included more than 1,000 feet of climbing on each of the four laps of a 17-mile (27 km) circuit.

Seehafer said she did what she could to hang on after attacking with 15 miles to go and building a 35-second gap that forced a reaction from the field and the formation of the eventual four-rider chase group.

“I got caught at the right turn at the base of the last climb,” Seehafer said after her best finish at road nationals since a sixth-place in 2007. “I stayed with them until you take the right turn – about five kilometers from the finish. At that point, I was hurting and got dropped on the little climb. Then I caught up with them, only to watch Meredith attack and get off solo. Then I got dropped again.”

Initially, the group chasing Seehafer numbered five and included Team Type 1’s Jen McRae, who – like teammates Alison Powers, Samantha Schneider and Crowell – had been monitoring riders trying to mount the chase.

“I ended up covering the decisive move that went to Kori, but I just couldn’t say with them on that climb,” McRae said.

Seehafer said if she had to do it all over again, she would have kept riding hard after catching the four; “My mistake was that when I caught them after chasing back, I should have gone straight through them instead of sitting up,” she said. “I just don’t have the acceleration after an effort like that.”

Crowell, who finished second in the USA Cycling Collegiate National Road Race Championships earlier this year, was pleased with her third-place finish among riders 23 or younger. More important than a strong finish, she said, was to try and help Seehafer get the win.

“I saw the attack with Amy (Drombroski) go and my teammate, Jen (McRae), was immediately on it,” Crowell said. “Once you see your teammate on an attack you can’t do anything. So I just let it go and hoped it would come back.”

Powers, Seehafer and Crowell will compete in the individual time trial Friday. Team Type 1’s Jeff Bannink is entered in the Elite men’s division. He was one of eight riders who have Type 1 diabetes who competed in – and won – the Race Across America (RAAM) in June.

Women's U23
Age 19 - 23
1 Amy Dombroski  Webcor Builders Cycling Team 02:52:23.40 
2 Ally Stacher  Team Kenda 02:53:10.80 
3 Jacquelyn Crowell  Team Type 1 02:53:43.90 
4 Rachel Warner  Charlottesville Racing Club 02:53:44.80 
5 Ashley Anderson  Proman Hit Squad 02:56:28.50 

6 Samantha Schneider  Mesa Cycles 03:04:36.40 

Women's Junior Results
Age 17 - 18
1 Coryn Rivera  Proman Hit Squad 02:40:18.60 
2 Jessica Prinner  Abd Cycling Team 02:41:16.40 
3 Jacqueline Kurth  Team Kenda Tire 02:41:17.20 

4 Kendall Ryan  Vrc Now 02:41:24.30 
5 Kaitlin Antonneau  Nova/iscorp 02:41:41.50 

6 Maura Kinsella  Unattached 02:42:01.00 
7 Cinthia Lehner  Hincapie Development Team 02:42:05.80 
8 Mikayla Lyman  Kristin Armstrong Cycling Acad 02:42:06.90 
9 Megan Baab  Unattached 02:42:07.90 
10 Jessica Yeaton  Unattached 02:42:08.40 
11 Bridgette McLean  Hincapie/gary Fisher P/b Barkl 02:42:10.60 
12 Zoe Reker  Unattached 02:45:24.60 
13 Rose Mauney  Fulton Flyers Women 02:46:44.10 
14 Catherine Probst  Young Medalists Cycling Club 02:50:50.80 
Complete Women's Junior 17-18 Results
All Junior Results

Elite Women's Results

1 Meredith Miller  Team Tibco 02:52:15.30 
2 Christina Ruiter  Value Act Capital 02:52:22.00 
3 Kristen LaSasso  Mellow Mushroom 02:52:22.40 
4 Kori Seehafer  Team Type 1 02:52:35.10 
5 Katharine Carroll  TIBCO 02:52:49.50 
6 Evelyn Stevens  CRCA-Radical Media 02:52:49.80 
7 Mara Abbott  Team Columbia-htc 02:52:52.50 
8 Alison Powers  Team Type 1 02:53:06.40 
9 Alice Pennington  Unattached 02:53:06.60 
10 Kristin Sanders  Value Act Capital 02:53:08.90 
11 Carmen McNellis  Colivatia Sutter Homes 02:53:09.10 
12 Nicole Evans  Value Act Capital 02:53:09.30 
13 Jessica Phillips  Unattached 02:53:09.50 
14 Anna McLoon  Altarum Women's Cycling Team 02:53:09.50 
15 Teri Sheasby  Unattached 02:53:09.60 
16 Rebecca Much  Webcor Builders Cycling Team 02:53:10.40 
17 Andrea Dvorak  Colivatia Sutter Homes 02:53:14.70 
18 Stacy Marple  Unattached 02:53:17.00 
19 Tina Pic  Colivatia Sutter Homes 02:53:43.50 
20 Patricia Bailey  Wines Of Washington 02:53:44.20 
21 Debbie Milne  Unattached 02:53:45.20 
22 Erika Graves  Kahala Lagrange 02:53:45.50 
23 Amity Elliot  Van Dessel 02:53:45.50 
24 Kate Veronneau  Altarum Women's Cycling Team 02:53:46.30 
25 Lisa Turnbull  Team Group Health 02:53:46.50 
26 Kelly Benjamin  Colivatia Sutter Homes 02:53:46.50 
27 Kathryn Donovan  Kahala Lagrange 02:53:48.20 
28 Marisa Asplund  Dft P/b Treads 02:53:50.30 
29 Katheryn Curi Mattis  Webcor Builders Cycling Team 02:53:51.80 
30 Shelley Olds  Proman Hit Squad 02:53:52.70 
31 Christina Smith  Unattached 02:54:27.20 
32 Kristin McGrath  Value Act Capital 02:54:27.50 
33 Melanie Meyers  Unattached 02:54:30.40 
34 Melissa Ross  U Of Wyoming Cycling 02:54:46.30 
35 Kari Studley  Velobella 02:55:09.70 
36 Melissa Sanborn  Vanderkitten Racing 02:55:09.80 
37 Kathleen Billington  Velo Classic Tours/radical Med 02:55:10.00 
38 Sarah Maguire  West Priority Health 02:55:10.00 
39 Jennifer McRae  Team Type 1 02:56:01.80 
40 Lauren Tamayo  Team Tibco 02:58:15.70 
41 Coryn Rivera  ------- 02:58:15.70 
42 Lise Grace  Wines Of Washington/bikesale.c 02:58:30.90 
43 Heather Albert  Riverstone Women's Racing Team 03:01:21.20 
44 Liza Rachetto  ICO 03:02:04.90 
45 Kristina Seley  Touchstone Climbing 03:02:04.90 
46 Cara Bussell  Unattached 03:08:24.20 
47 Brooke Miller  Team Tibco 03:15:45.10 
48 Robin Farina  Value Act Capital 03:15:45.30 
49 Ann Marie Miller  Unattached 03:19:13.60 
50 Lindsay FOX  Team Oregon 03:25:58.50 
51 Carolyn Eller  Ti Cycles/avanti Racing 00:00:00.00 

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