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George Hincapie... Feeling better!
By Jaime Nichols
Date: 8/15/2002
George Hincapie... Feeling better!

On Monday, George Hincapie, who crashed hard on the descent of the Jaizkibel, was waiting for swelling in his calves and a hematoma caused by the impact of the guard rail on the road to go down. After his frightening high speed crash, he was still having difficulty walking.

Today he reports:

"I am walking better now. I was able to ride 1.5 hours yesterday. I am doing physical therapy everyday, trying to reduce the hematoma, and I am going to try and ride twice today.

I think I will keep improving."

Hincapie has said that he wants to try to keep his form and continue his season, and to ride the San Francisco Grand Prix, of which he is the defending champion.

We hope you do, George!

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