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Luisa Tamanini wins Mediterranean Games!
By Bart Hazen
Date: 7/4/2009
Luisa Tamanini wins Mediterranean Games!

Luisa Tamanini wins Mediterranean Games!

Luisa Tamanini has won the women's road race at the Mediterranean Games. Tamanini won the event, which will be held once in the four years, with a 4 seconds lead on Julie Krasniak and a 9 seconds lead on Giorgia Bronzini who won the sprint of the bunch.

On the circuit in and around Pescara the 29 years old rider from Trento did a great race with lots of attacks. After an attack in the very first kms with 3 more riders (they gained 40"), Luisa made the decisive attack at the beginning of the last lap. Tamanini was joined by French Julie Krasniak and they managed a lead of 15" on a group where the other girls of the italian national team made a very good job to slow down the pace.. In the last kilometer Tamanini was able to get rid of Krasniak and reached the finish line all alone.

Luisa Tamanini
Photo 2009 Selle-Italia-Ghezzi

The victory is a great satisfaction for both Tamanini and the Selle-Italia-Ghezzi team and it gives them the moral for the Giro Donne. Luisa Tamanini said "I'm really more than happy for this success, I was coming from an unfortunate period and now I can finally leave everything behind. The race was not easy because there were many attacks and of course we always had to control: in the last lap I attacked with the french girl, I forced in the last km and was able to arrive alone. I really needed a win like that! Now we focus on the Giro d'Italia: the hope is that the whole team can make a great race.".

Also Selle-Italia sport-director Walter Ricci does not hide his luck. "The victory of Luisa gives confidence to Luisa herself and the whole team. With this success Fabiana Luperini now knows she has a rider in great shape along her side. I have always believed in the potential of Luisa, she always said that she'd reach the top form for the "Giro" and only a couple of unfortunate falls have prevented her from getting a success before."

Women - Result RR

1. Luisa Tamanini (Italia) 1h15'24"
2. Julie Krasniak (Francia) a 4"
3. Giorgia Bronzini (Italia) a 9"
4. Sophie Creux (Francia) s.t.
5. Alessandra Borchi (Italia) s.t.
6. Marina Jaunatre (Francia) s.t.
7. Maria del Rosario Rogriguez (Spagna)a 10"
8. Eneritz Iturriagaechevarria (Spagna) s.t.
9. Silvia Tirado Marquez (Spagna) s.t.
10. Semra Yetis (Turchia) s.t.

Men - Result RR
1. Enrico Peruffo (Ita) 3:08:15 - 45.258
2. Marko Kump (Slo)
3. Andrea Guardini (Ita)
4. Giacomo Nizzolo (Ita) 0.01
5. Enrique Mata (Spa)
6. Abdelbasat Hanachi (Alg)
7. Mirac Kal (Tur)
8. Florian Vachon (Fra)
9. Zolt Der (Srb)
10. Morgan Kneisky (Fra)

Men - Result ITT
1. Adriano Malori (Ita) Km. 22 in 282861, media 46.353
2. Tony Gallopin (Fra) a 4056
3. Ioannis Tamouridis (Gre) a 5910
4. Johan Le Bon (Fra) a 10843
5. Kristijan Koren (Slo) a 13393
6. Rafaa Chtioui (Tun) a 13555
7. Gregor Gazvoda (Slo) a 13785
8. Manuele Boaro (Ita) a 15616
9. Javier Chacon (Esp) a 15961
10. Lluis Guillermo Mas (Esp) a 20715.

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