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2009 Giro Donne (2.1) - Prologue
By Bart Hazen
Date: 7/4/2009
2009 Giro Donne (2.1) - Prologue

2009 Giro Donne (2.1) - Prologue

From July 3 to 12 the women gather together in Italy for the 2009 Giro D'Italia Feminine. Last year the race was won for the fifth time in her career by Fabiana Luperini. Amber Neben second and Claudia Häusler third completed the podium. This year Luperini is once again one of the favorites alongside Amber Neben, Claudia Häusler, Edita Pucinskaite, Kristin Armstrong, Susanne Ljungskog a.o. This years race kicks off with a prologue in Scarperia followed by nine stages.

Prologue: Scarperia - Scarperia, 2.5 km
The prologue of the 2009 Giro Donne over 2,5 km in Scarperia is won by Dutch Cervelo sprinter Kirsten Wild. Wild was almost 4 seconds faster than team captain Kristin Armstrong. Danish Champion Linda Villumsen took the third place. Ina Teutenberg and Charlotte Becker completed the top five.

Team Reports
Cervelo: Wild wins prologue

The Women's Giro d'Italia opened with an evening prologue of 2.5km in Scarperia, just outside of Florence. The women of Cervélo TestTeam had a very successful start to the stage race, taking the top two podium spots: Kirsten Wild won the leader's jersey, and Kristin Armstrong was close behind in second place.

"It was a short prologue today of 2.5 km," said Sports Director Manel Lacambra. "Kirsten and Kristen did a perfect job. It was very important for us to be well positioned going into the first stage ahead of the other good climbers. We know that this is just the start of what may be the hardest [Women's] Giro d'Italia in 20 years, but the base is set for a good competition now. We have the best riders and the best equipment, so we are ready for the other stages."

"It was very competitive, even though it was only over a distance of 2.5 km and the course was almost flat," said Kirsten Wild. "We are all very happy with two podium spots and we are looking forward to the next stage."

1 WILD Kirsten (NED Cervelo Test Team 3'06.12
2 ARMSTRONG Kristin (USA) Cervelo Test Team 3'09.92 3.80
3 VILLUMSEN Linda Melanie (DEN) Team Columbia 3'10.25 4.13
4 TEUTENBERG Ina Yoko (GER) Team Columbia 3'10.81 4.69
5 BECKER Charlotte (GER) Equipe Nurnberger 3'11.40 5.28
6 CARROL Katherine (USA) Usa National Team 3'11.80 5.68
7 LJUNGSKOG Susanne (SWE) Team Flexpoint 3'12.07 5.95
8 SLAPPENDEL Iris (NED) Team Flexpoint 3'12.12 6.00
9 SCHMIDT Trine (DEN) Team Flexpoint 3'12.32 6.20
10 BELTMAN Chantal (NED) Team Columbia 3'12.61 6.49
11 ARNDT Judith (GER) Team Columbia 3'12.98 6.86
12 CANTELE Noemi (ITA) Bigla Cycling Team 3'13.22 7.10
13 POOLEY Emma (GBR) Cervelo Test Team 3'14.40 8.28
14 HOLLER Monica (SWE) Bigla Cycling Team 3'14.79 8.67
15 GUNNEWIJK Loes (NED) Team Flexpoint 3'15.02 8.90
16 ANTOSHINA Tatiana (RUS) Gauss Rdz Ormu 3'15.43 9.31
17 ZILIUTE Diana (LTU) Safi Pasta Zara Titanedi 3'15.58 9.46
18 NEBEN Amber (USA) Equipe Nurnberger 3'15.91 9.79
19 D' ETTORRE Alessandra (ITA) Top Girls Fassa Bortolo 3'16.14 10.02
20 BUBNENKOVA Svetlana (RUS) Fenixs Edilsavino 3'16.20 10.08
21 DUSTER Sarah (GER) Cervelo Test Team 3'16.37 10.25
22 TAMAYO Lauren (USA) Usa National Team 3'16.42 10.30
23 VZESNIAUSKAITE Modesta (LTU) Bigla Cycling Team 3'16.81 10.69
24 BATES Katherine (AUS) Team Columbia 3'16.83 10.71
25 HAUSLER Claudia (GER) Cervelo Test Team 3'17.43 11.31
26 CROMWELL Tiffany (AUS) Australia 3'17.66 11.54
27 PUCINSKAITE Edita (LTU) Gauss Rdz Ormu 3'17.78 11.66
28 HATCH Elizabeth (USA) Team System Data 3'18.08 11.96
29 WORRACK Trixi (GER) Equipe Nurnberger 3'18.10 11.98
30 KITCHEN Lauren (AUS) Australia 3'18.48 12.36

Remaining stages
Stage 1: San Piero a Sieve - Pratolino di Vaglia, 99.9 km
Stage 2: Pontedera - Santa Maria a Monte, 13.5 km
Stage 3: Calcinaia - Prato a Calci/Monte Serra, 106.4 km
Stage 4: Porto San Elpidio, 109.2 km
Stage 5: Fossacesia - Cerro al Volturno, 109.2 km
Stage 6: Cerro al Volturno - Sant'Elena Sannita, 119.3 km
Stage 7: Andria - Castel Del Monte, 131.2 km
Stage 8: San Marco Dei Cavoti - Pesco Sannita, 115.6 km
Stage 9: Grumo Nevano, 111.2 km

Full result

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