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2009 Grande Boucle Féminine Internationale
By Bart Hazen
Date: 6/24/2009
2009 Grande Boucle Féminine Internationale

2009 Grande Boucle Féminine Internationale
Cervélo TestTeam Dominates the 2009 French Tour.  Emma Pooley tops the podium with team mate Christiane Soeder and Marianne Vos third. Poland's team shines with 2nd in the teams competition and the Harlequin jersey of the Queen of the Mountains.

The 2009 Grande Boucle, started on June 18 and just finished on Sunday the 21rst; it was an all Cervélo Women’s TestTeam dominance by taking three stage wins and placing three girls in the top four, and two riders on the fianl first two podium steps. Only Marianne Vos (DSB Bank) prevented an all Cervelo show by winning the final stage and finishing third overall.

The report:
Stage 1: Bressuire - Bressuire, 18.3 km ITT

The opening time trial of the 2009 Grande Boucle Féminine was won byCervélo’s vice Olympic Champion Emma Pooley. In the 18,3 km ITT she was 18 seconds faster than multi-talented Marianne Vos, and 39 seconds than 2008 Grande Boucle Winner and vice World Champion Christiane Soeder. The top five was completed by two other Cervelo riders Regina Bruins and Kirsten Wild.

Team report
Cervelo TestTeam: Pooley and team dominate Stage 1, Grand Boucle

The women of Cervélo TestTeam, led by Emma Pooley, dominated the first stage of the 2009 Grand Boucle. The 18.3 km time trial in Bressuire, France saw the women's team take five of the first six places. Marianne Vos (DSB Bank) was the lone non-Cervélo rider in the top 6.

"Today was the first stage of the Grande Boucle; as the title defender we have some ambitions and today's stage was the perfect start," said Sports Director, Manel Lacambra. "Although we had five women in the top six we are keenly aware that second place is held by the strong Marianne Vos who currently leads the UCI ranking. The course was 18.3 km long and very technical with a lot of downhills, which is normally not our strength, as we like it more when it is hard. But as you can see in the results, the ladies did a great job. So far the overall situation is looking good for us, but the race has just started and we have three more stages to go."

Stage 1 Result & General Classification
1 4 POOLEY Emma CWT 25'12''45c
2 11 * VOS Mariane DSB 25'36''63c à 0'24''
3 1 SOEDER Christiane CWT 25'51''52c à 0'39''

4 2 BRUINS Régina CWT 26'12''92c à 1'00''
5 6 WILD Kristen CWT 26'46''67c à 1'34''

6 3 DUSTER Sarah CWT 27'13''52c à 2'01''
7 17 LIEBIG Tina DSB 27'18''75c à 2'06''
8 82 * DAWIDOWICZ Aleksandra POL 27'22''37c à 2'10'' '
9 12 BAKKER Liesbeth DSB 27'30''98c à 2'18''
10 83 * GORYCKA Paula POL 27'32''79c à 2'20''
11 105 SCHINK Lina Kristin RCB 27'36''98c à 2'24''
12 34 CILVINAITE Inga SAF 27'39''90c à 2'27''
13 36 PAULIUKAITE Svetlana SAF 27'40''05c à 2'28''
14 81 WLOSZCZOWSKA Maja POL 27'46''99c à 2'34''
15 114 * SAASTAD Kristine RAB 27'48''46c à 2'36''
16 21 GUARNIER Megan MBO 27'51''16c à 2'39''
17 35 ITURRIAGAECHEVARRIA Eneritz SAF 27'52''52c à 2'40''
18 5 SCHNIDER Pascale CWT 28'00''78c à 2'48''
19 121 * UNGURYTE Edita USC 28'05''40c à 2'53''
20 14 * TABAK Noortje DSB 28'07''53c à 2'55'
Compete Stage 1Results .pdf

Stage 2: Bressuire – Niort, 64 km
The Cervelo dominance continued in stage two from Bressuire to Niort over 64 km. Austrian defending champion Christiane Soeder won the stage over the Hutchies team mate Kirsten Wild and Dutch Champion Marianne Vos.

After 20 km of racing in a break with Christiane Soeder, Tina Liebig, Svetlana Pauliukaite and Lina-Kristin Schink broke clear. After about 47 km of racing. Soeder got rid of her companions to win with a 37 seconds lead over the first chasers led home by Wild.

Due to her win Soeder took over the leader’s jersey from her team mate Emma Pooley.

Cervelo TestTeam Report
Soeder victorious as Team continues domination

“Today's stage was a short one and the team once again worked extremely well," said Sports Director Manel Lacambra. "We tried to control the race from the start and then attacked 15 km from the finish with Christiane Soeder, with the goal of placing her ahead of Vos in the overall ranking. Things worked exactly as planned; Soeder escaped successfully and took a solo victory, while the team controlled the peloton. Kirsten Wild won the bunch sprint ahead of Vos. With today’s victory, Christiane is now in the # 1 in the GC and we still have five riders in the top six! For the final stages we will attempt to control the race to take the overall victory.”

Stage 2 Results
1 1 SOEDER Christiane CWT 1h31'19'' 10''
2 6 WILD Kristen CWT à 37'' 6''
3 11 * VOS Mariane DSB '' 4''
4 82 * DAWIDOWICZ Aleksandra POL à 38''
5 2 BRUINS Régina CWT ''

6 3 DUSTER Sarah CWT ''
7 126 * VOLOGDINA Viktoria USC ''
8 123 * MYKHAYLOVA Tetyana USC ''
9 104 * MILOW Mandy RCB ''
10 62 GALVEZ LOPEZ Deborah LTK ''
11 61 RIBEROT Fanny LTK ''
12 106 WEGEMUND Lydia RCB ''
13 34 CILVINAITE Inga SAF à 41''
14 21 GUARNIER Megan MBO ''
15 116 * WAERSTED Froydis RAB ''''
17 84 SADLECKA Magdalena POL '' '
18 4 POOLEY Emma CWT ''
19 63 LOPEZ MORALES Belen LTK ''
20 94 COSTA Rute LFR '
Complete stage 2 results .pdf

Stage 3: Hagetmau - Pau   86.6 km
The third stage from Hagetmau to Pau over 86,6 km produced another victory for the Cervelo Women’s team and the second win for Britain’s Emma Pooley. Pooley won with a 20 second lead over Giorgia Bronzini and Kirsten Wild. Race leader Soeder finished in eighth at 33 seconds. Due to her win Pooley regained the leader’s jersey from Soeder.

The first real break came after 53 kilometers of racing; the break included,  Emma Pooley, Megan Guarnier, Regina Bruins, Sarah Düster, Marianne Vos and Christiane Soeder. At the 63 kilometer mark Pooley attacked again and was joined by Elena Berlato and Tina Liebig. The three were later joined by more riders including,  Marieke van Wanroij, Giorgia Bronzini and Kirsten Wild.

Five km before the finish Tina Liebig escaped the group, but the Cervelo team didn’t let her go. In the final kilometers the third attack of Emma Pooley was the decisive one as she took a gap and won with a 20 second lead over Bronzini and Wild.

Cervelo TestTeam Comments:
Pooley wins Stage 3 of Grande Boucle

Cervélo TestTeam's Emma Pooley won today as she and her teammates continued to control the Grande Boucle.

"Today, once again, we controlled the whole race starting our attacks in the last 25 km with Bruins, Wild, Pooley and Soeder," explained Sports Director Manel Lacambra. "As a result both Pooley and Wild were present in the final 6 rider breakaway. Emma and Kirsten gave full gas in the front group to stay ahead of the second group that contained Marianne Vos. In the last 5 km Emma made an attack in the front group, Kirsten controlled the group and Emma stayed ahead with a time gap of 30 seconds to win the stage solo. Kirsten Wild sprinted for second place but she had already done lot of work and was beaten by Bronzini. Emma has now taken over the lead again from Christiane who is now ranked second in the GC. Kirsten is leading in the Green Jersey GC and we are also leading in the the team ranking."

"We raced hard with our team today," said Emma Pooley. "I need to say thanks to Kirsten, she did a great job and worked really hard for me so I was able to make an attack in the last 5 km. I am looking forward to tomorrow, finally we will see some mountains. Christiane is strong as well in the mountains so we again we have a lot of options to work with."

Stage 3 Results
1 4 POOLEY Emma CWT 2h11'49'' 10''
2 31 BRONZINI Giorgia SAF à 20'' 6''
3 6 WILD Kristen CWT '' 4'' '

4 17 LIEBIG Tina DSB à 23''
5 32 * BERLATO Elena SAF à 25''

6 11 * VOS Mariane DSB à 33''
7 2 BRUINS Régina CWT ''
8 1 SOEDER Christiane CWT ''
9 33 BORCHI Alessandra SAF ''
10 3 DUSTER Sarah CWT à 37''
11 16 VAN WANROIJ Marieke DSB à 46''
12 61 RIBEROT Fanny LTK à 52''
13 123 * MYKHAYLOVA Tetyana USC ''
14 86 JASINSKA Malgorzta POL ''
15 106 WEGEMUND Lydia RCB ''
16 21 GUARNIER Megan MBO ''
17 126 * VOLOGDINA Viktoria USC ''
18 34 CILVINAITE Inga SAF ''
19 66 * SCHMITT Anne Marie LTK '''
20 111 STEESSENS Nana RAB ''
Full results for Stage 3 .pdf

Stage 4: Irun - Anglet  109.8 km
The final stage in the 2009 Grande Boucle Feminine from Irun to Anglet over 109,8 km would not be a fourth straight stage win of Cervelo. The stage win went to Holland's Multi-talented Marianne Vos (DSB Bank). Vos was the best in the Queens stage over her break companions Christiane Soeder, Regina Bruins, Maja Wloszczowska and Emma Pooley. The latter one secured the overall win in the Grande Boucle. Soeder and Vos completed the final podium.

At the top of the first mountain a group of five, Soeder, Pooley, Bruins, Vos and Wloszczowska broke clear. Despite several attacks from Marianne Vos the three Cervelo girls controlled the race very well until the finish but were not able to win the final stage as well, Vos was the fastest of the quintet of attackers in the sprint for the win.

Polish team riders, Aleksandra Dawdiwicz and Paula Gorycka led the peloton to claim sixth and seventh and finish 4 minutes and 36 seconds after the Vos raised her arms in victory. The rest of the peloton followed at over 7 minutes singly or in small groups. The effort by the Polish lasses had an excellent week with Maja Wloszczowska taking the Harlequin jersey of the climbers competition with a commanding lead over Emma Pooley of 12 points. The team also claimed three riders in the top ten general classification and second in the final teams classification.

Marianne Vos took the Intermediate sprints Trophy.

Cervelo TestTeam report:
Pooley wins La Grande Boucle Féminine Internationale

Marianne Vos won the last stage today in a sprint of 5 riders, second was Christiane Soeder with Bruins and Pooley ending in fourth and fifth places. Emma Pooley won the General Classification, Christiane Soeder, last year's winner, was second and Marianne Vos third.

"With the first climb of the day starting early in the stage at the 3 km mark, we gave it full power right from the start because we wanted to make the race hard right from the opening gun," said Sports Director, Manel Lacambra. "On the top of the mountain we had a group of five girls; Emma Pooley, Christiane Soeder, Regina Bruins, Marianne Vos (DSB Bank) and Maja Wloszczowska (Polish National Team). Vos tried to attack on the downhill but our girls controlled the race and chased her back. The second mountain was very hard, with an average 15% gradient. But again we controlled the race and especially Vos right until the finish line. We knew that Vos was the fastest and today she took the stage, but we worked hard and Christiane earned second place and the Green Jersey. We've ended this tour with a great result, first and second in the overall, 3 stage wins, the Green Jersey and the Team Classification."

"I'm very happy," said Emma Pooley. "It was a hard day, probably the hardest stage of the race because the team had to work to defend the Yellow Jersey. The girls - Pascale, Kirsten and Sarah did great work from the start of the race and Christiane and Regina stayed with me on the climbs. When we ended up with three girls in a break of five we knew that the race was saved. The Grande Boucle is a really special race with a big history and I'm very happy to win it. Christiane and Regina were also really strong and could have won this race, but I am really happy with their support and really proud to be member of this team. My next goal will be the National Championships next weekend and after that the Giro d'Italia. I am looking forward to it."

Stage 4Results
1 11 * VOS Mariane DSB 3h15'45'' 10''
2 1 SOEDER Christiane CWT à 0'' 6''
3 2 BRUINS Régina CWT '' 4''
5 4 POOLEY Emma CWT à 03''

6 82 * DAWIDOWICZ Aleksandra POL à 04'36''
7 83 * GORYCKA Paula POL '' '
8 17 LIEBIG Tina DSB à 07'01''
9 31 BRONZINI Giorgia SAF à 07'10''
10 32 * BERLATO Elena SAF à 07'13''
11 14 * TABAK Noortje DSB ''
12 34 CILVINAITE Inga SAF '' ''
13 84 SADLECKA Magdalena POL ''
14 124 * OLIINYK Olena USC à 07'46''
15 6 WILD Kristen CWT à 14'35'' '
16 36 PAULIUKAITE Svetlana SAF '' '
17 33 BORCHI Alessandra SAF ''
18 123 * MYKHAYLOVA Tetyana USC ''
19 21 GUARNIER Megan MBO '' ''
20 12 BAKKER Liesbeth DSB ''
Full Stage 4 Results .pdf

2009 Grande Boucle Féminine Internationale
General Classification (Final)
1 4 POOLEY Emma CWT 7h24'36''
2 1 SOEDER Christiane CWT à 22''
3 11 * VOS Mariane DSB à 34''

4 2 BRUINS Régina CWT à 01'32''
5 81 WLOSZCZOWSKA Maja POL à 03'33''

6 82 * DAWIDOWICZ Aleksandra POL à 07'45''
7 83 * GORYCKA Paula POL à 09'19''
8 17 LIEBIG Tina DSB à 09'40''
9 34 CILVINAITE Inga SAF à 10'40''
10 14 * TABAK Noortje DSB à 11'10''
11 84 SADLECKA Magdalena POL à 12'05''
12 31 BRONZINI Giorgia SAF à 12'24''
13 124 * OLIINYK Olena USC à 12'30''
14 32 * BERLATO Elena SAF à 12'42''
15 6 WILD Kristen CWT à 16'21''
16 3 DUSTER Sarah CWT à 17'18''
17 12 BAKKER Liesbeth DSB à 17'55''
18 105 SCHINK Lina Kristin RCB à 18'01''
19 21 GUARNIER Megan MBO à 18'16''
20 35 ITURRIAGAECHEVARRIA Eneritz SAF à 18'17''
Complete Final General Classification .pdf
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