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GP Kanton Aargau (1.HC)
By Chris Graetz
Date: 6/8/2009
GP Kanton Aargau (1.HC)

GP Kanton Aargau (1.HC)
Milram's Peter Velits Opens His Pro Account in Gippingen.

Slovakian Peter Velits (Milram) won the 46th GP Kanton Aargau jumping his rivals in the final few kilometers to record his first win since he joined Milram at the start of the 2008 season. He won ahead of Ben Hermans (Topsport Vlaanderen) and Triberg-Schwarzwald winner Heinrich Haussler (Cervelo Test Team).

The challenging 19.6km circuit around the town of Gippingen was raced a total of ten times. This course was almost as tough as the course on Saturday climbing a total of 2400m. With mostly the same riders backing up from the Triberg-Schwarzwald, they were prepared for the highest elevations in the course, the Loorholz 6 - 12 % gradient and the Strickland featuring 8% gradient. Milram Captain, Linus Gerdemann, however, was one rider who did not start today. His place in the team was taken by Ronny Scholz as Gerdemann is off for next month's Tour de France.

After the race had gotten underway, the riders raced over a lap until a breakaway sustained a slight advantage over the peloton. Pascal Hungerbuhler (Vorarlberg-Corratec), Martin Reimer (Cervelo TestTeam), David Le Lay (Agritubel), Rene Murpf (Swiss National Team), Nosotti Diego (Ceraminca Flaminia) and Florian Salzinger (Atlas-Romer’s House Bakery). The peloton didn’t let that escape group get more than 3 minutes.

110km into the race, the break was caught and a new group formed consisting of Alexandr Pliuschin (Ag2r), Freddy Bichot (Agritubel), Vladimir Duma (Ceramica) and Wim en Vocht (Vacansoleil).

When Jan Bakelants (Topsport Vlaanderen) and Wouter Poel (Vacansoleil) joined the group shortly after, there was a strong group formed with a good chance of success. Ag2r won this race the last 2 years so they were hoping that Pliuschin would make it a hat-trick of wins for them. The break had a stable lead over the peloton for a while until Pliuschin and Duma attacked the break. The duo looked like they might make it, until they and the rest of the break were caught by a Cervelo TestTeam led peloton with around 35km to go.

There were plenty of attacks at this time, but all were unsuccessful as Cervelo put a commanding speed into the peloton trying to set up a win for Heinrich Haussler or Thor Hushovd.

With 9km to go, Milram's Peter Velits attacked from the peloton up the final climb to try his luck,  and suddenly was on his own until he was joined by Ben Hermans; they took a 12 second advantage over the reduced peloton consisting of about 40 riders. Fortunately for the two leaders, the peloton hesitated and Cervelo lost momentum; however Agritubel took up the pace making; but  the cat was out of the bag. Despite the peloton's best efforts to bridge the gap, the two escapees kept the rush at bay.  Velits took the win ahead of Hermans and Haussler led the peloton home in a sprint finish for third two seconds after Velits claimed victory.

For Velits, this was a good win. The 24 year old joined Milram at the start of the 2008 season and finally recorded his first win for Milram, his first since he won the Under 23 World Championships in Stuttgart two years ago.

First words from the winner Peter Velits, “I’ve raced for two years in the pro peloton without a victory, with this win. My waiting is over. I knew the course as I raced it two years ago. After Saturday’s events, I just didn’t feel my best. I had heavy legs. The last three circuits, however, everything was okay and I attacked. In the end it was about tactics. We maintained our edge over the chase, which was very important. I also had a bit of luck.” Said Velits.

This was a very important win for Milram looking ahead to next months Tour de France. Velits topped off some hard work for Milram after the German Pro Tour team placed three riders in the top 10 at the GP Triberg-Schwarzwald on Saturday following John Frohlinger’s 3rd place, Peter Velits 8th place and Peter Wrolich’s 9th.

“We rode a top race yesterday already and could do even better today. Our team worked together brilliantly and we are finally rewarded for our efforts. These two races this weekend make us very hopeful for the next important events before the Tour de France.” Said Milram’s Sports Director, Ralf Grabsch.

GP Kanton Aargau (1.HC) Results
196 km - 4:46:29 - 41.04951 km/h
1. 27 Svk Velits Peter   Milram 04:46:29
2. 95 Bel Hermans Ben  Topsport Vlaanderen  :00:00
3. 41 Ger Haussler Heinrich Ctt Cervélo Test Team  :00:02
4. 66 Ukr Khalilov Mikhaylo Flm Ceramica Flaminia  00:02
5. 43 Nor Hushovd Thor Ctt Cervélo Test Team 00:02

6. 143 Ned Honig Reinier Vac Vacansoleil Pro Cycl 00:02
7. 52 Fra Bouet Maxime Agr Agritubel 00:02
8. 132 Sui Zahner Simon Ens Equipe Nationale Sui 00:02
9. 16 Bel1 Van Avermaet Greg Sil Silence - Lotto 00:02
10. 97 Bel  Vanspeybrouck Pieter Tsv Topsport Vlaanderen  00:02
11. 35 Ger Weissinger René Vbg Vorarlberg - Corrate 00:02
12. 133 Sui Heule Christian Ens Equipe Nationale Sui 00:02
13. 131 Sui  Trafelet Stefan Ens Equipe Nationale Sui 00:02
14. 7 Fra Loubet Julien Alm Ag2r La Mondiale 00:02
15. 78 Ita Solari Luca Sda Serramenti Pvc Diqui 00:02
16. 23 Ger19850609 Fröhlinger Johannes Mrm Milram 00:02
17. 54 Fra19790701 Calzati Sylvain Agr Agritubel 00:02
18. 61 Ita19800815 Caruso Giampaolo Flm Ceramica Flaminia - 00:02
19. 121 Sui19860619 Eggli Tobias Had Nazionale Elettronic 00:02
20. 14 Bel19860606 Jacobs Peter Sil Silence - Lotto 00:02
21. 144 Ned19820417 Mol Wouter Vac Vacansoleil Pro Cycl 00:02
22. 55 Fra19840502 Huguet Yann Agr Agritubel 00:02
23. 91 Bel19860214 Baekelants Jant Tsv Topsport Vlaanderen 00:02
24. 101 Bel19750721 De Waele Bert Lan Landbouwkrediet - Co 00:02
25. 115 Hun19841227 Kusztor Pèter Arh Atlas - Romer S Haus 00:02
26. 98 Bel19820709 Van Hecke Preben Tsv Topsport Vlaanderen 00:02
27. 88 Cze19760129 Bencik Petr Psk Whirlpool - Author 00:02
28. 141 Ned19740701 Pronk Matthé Vac Vacansoleil Pro Cycl 00:02
29. 22 Ger19820218 Eichler Markus Mrm Milram 00:02
30. 126 Ita19780207 Andrenacci Danilo Had Nazionale Elettronic 00:02
31. 125 Nzl19870226 Meenhorst Alex Had Nazionale Elettronic 00:02
32. 116 Sui19841125 Lang Pirmin Arh Atlas - Romer S Haus 00:02
33. 31 Sui19821015 Dietziker Andreas Vbg Vorarlberg - Corrate 00:02
34. 34 Sui19860926 Schmäh Elias Vbg Vorarlberg - Corrate 00:02
35. 128 Col19830815 Munoz Julian Had Nazionale Elettronic 00:02
36. 51 Fra19710413 Moreau Christophe Agr Agritubel 00:02
37. 53 Esp19830825 Gonzalo Eduardo Agr Agritubel 00:02
38. 71 Sui19790509 Bertogliati Rubens Sda Serramenti Pvc Diqui 00:02
39. 102 Bel19741101 Scheirlinckx Bert Lan Landbouwkrediet - Co 00:02
40. 75 Esp19840323 Mate Luis Angel Sda Serramenti Pvc Diqui 00:02
41. 45 Esp19830825 Novoa Mendez Joaquin Ctt Cervélo Test Team 00:02
42. 148 Bel19780904 Veuchelen Frederik Vac Vacansoleil Pro Cycl 04:46:31
44. 58 Fra19791230 Lelay David Agr Agritubel 00:02
45. 82 Ger19740104 Hondo Danilo Psk Whirlpool - Author 00:02
46. 147 Ned19831211 Van Groen Arnaud Vac Vacansoleil Pro Cycl 00:02
47. 85 Cze19871115 König Leopold Psk Whirlpool - Author 00:02
48. 146 Ned19830513 Hoogerland Johnny Vac Vacansoleil Pro Cycl 00:02
49. 77 Sui19850403 Rossi Nazareno Sda Serramenti Pvc Diqui 00:02
50. 112 Sui19830601 Bourgeois Guillaume Arh Atlas - Romer S Haus 04:46:31 00:00:02
51. 81 Ger19801020 Sinkiewitz Patrik Psk Whirlpool - Author 00:02
52. 62 Ita19830131 Angeloni Adriano Flm Ceramica Flaminia - 00:02
53. 3 Fra19790422 Gadret Johon Alm Ag2r La Mondiale 00:02
54. 48 Sui19860625 Wyss Marcel Ctt Cervélo Test Team  :00:15
55. 42 Bel19831121 Pauwels Serge Ctt Cervélo Test Team :00:22
56. 57 Fra19770726 Laurent Christophe Agr Agritubel  00:03:00
57. 138 Sui19880307 Fumeaux Jonathan Ens Equipe Nationale Sui  :03:00
58. 15 Swe19790115 Ljungblad Jonas Sil Silence - Lotto  3:00
59. 5 Fra19860903 Kadri Blel Alm Ag2r La Mondiale 3:34
60. 4 Mda19870113 Pliuschin Alexandr Alm Ag2r La Mondiale 3:34
61. 28 Aut19740530 Wrolich Peter Mrm Milram 3:34
62. 46 Esp19831016 Pujol Munoz Oscar Ctt Cervélo Test Team 3:34
63. 13 Bel19810902 Dockx Bart Sil Silence - Lotto 3:34
64. 17 Bel19830430 Kaisen Olivier Sil Silence - Lotto 3:34
65. 136 Sui19831208 Andres Roman Ens Equipe Nationale Sui 3:34
66. 118 Sui19851016 Wisler Janick Arh Atlas - Romer S Haus 3:34
67. 84 Cze19820123 Mares Martin Psk Whirlpool - Author 3:34
68. 68 Ita19820726 Nosotti Diego Flm Ceramica Flaminia - 3:34
69. 26 Ger19780424 Scholz Ronny Mrm Milram 3:34
70. 114 Ger19860412 Scherzinger Frank Arh Atlas - Romer S Haus 3:34
71. 83 Cze19800609 Kozubek Stanislav Psk Whirlpool - Author 3:34
72. 86 Cze19780307 Buchacek Tomas Psk Whirlpool - Author 3:34
73. 72 Ita19771213 Bertolini Denis Sda Serramenti Pvc Diqui 3:34
74. 12 Bel19850202 Hoste Leif Sil Silence - Lotto 3:34
75. 47 Ger19870614 Reimer Martin Ctt Cervélo Test Team 3:34
76. 122 Sui19880312 Baer Michael Had Nazionale Elettronic  05:20
77. 73 Ita19880710 Bertolini Thomas Sda Serramenti Pvc Diqui 05:44
78. 76 Ita19840925 Moser Leonardo Sda Serramenti Pvc Diqui 05:44
79. 135 Sui19830627 Frey Joel Ens Equipe Nationale Sui 05:44
80. 107 Bel19810120 Barbe Koen Lan Landbouwkrediet - Co 05:44
81. 63 Ukr19720302 Duma Vladimir Flm Ceramica Flaminia - 05:44
82. 2 Sui19790826 Clerc Aurélien Alm Ag2r La Mondiale 05:44
83. 32 Sui19770222 Hungerbühler Pascal Vbg Vorarlberg - Corrate  05:44
84. 6 Fra19810177 Riblon Christophe Alm Ag2r La Mondiale 05:44
85. 8 Fra19850508 Pineau Cédric Alm Ag2r La Mondiale 05:44

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