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Product Review - CameBak Podium® ChillJacket Bottle
By Staff
Date: 6/3/2009
Product Review - CameBak Podium® ChillJacket Bottle

Product Review - CameBak Podium® ChillJacket Bottle
The bottle is surrounded with a Chill Jacket, which makes it sound like the Fonz was part of their R&D team...

By Stephanie Chase

I’ve been called absentminded, which is the polite way of saying I do a lot of dumb things. Here’s some proof: during a recent ride, I flatted and without a second thought, promptly turned my bike upside down to get a better look at the tire, find the perpetrator and fix the flat. It was a couple minutes into my examination that I noticed a purple liquid leaking down my frame and pooling near my saddle. Both my bottles were open.

Fortunately, lots of companies employ people smarter than me to make sure the world is a bit more obvious and idiot-proof. Second only to the Manhattan Project in terms of government funding and top-secret clearance, CamelBak recruited former Eastern bloc rocket scientists to create the perfect water bottle.

CamelBak Podium Bottle, 21 oz and 24 oz sizes available. Available in Clear with black, blue or green accents or custom ordered with your team logo.

No, I’m not sure they were from the Eastern bloc but they were pretty smart in anticipating what most water bottle drinkers want: cold fluids and their bottles not to explode all over their faces/bikes/helmets/purses.

Thus the Podium bottle was created. It’s made with TruTaste Materials which is a high tech way of saying this plastic won’t make your Cytomax taste like plastic. And the bottle is surrounded with a Chill Jacket, which makes it sound like the Fonz was part of their R&D team. Most importantly - in addition to looking cool, according to the Fonz - is keeping things cool. Which this bottle most certainly does.

Fill it up with cold fluids and the fluids stay cold well into your workout. For those of us who struggle with discerning an open bottle versus a closed one, CamelBak provides some symbols on the top to help us lesser-minded people out. Just to be clear, the raindrop with the slash indicates the bottle is closed while the raindrop without a slash means the juice is free-flowin’.

During a ride you can leave the bottle on open and just squirt water through the valve over your head or into your mouth, the built in valve won't leak until you suck or squeeze the bottle. If you're carrying a second bottle or carrying it in your car to a race, you can lock the valve and the bottle will not leak.

Just a note. These high quality drink vessels run a bit more ($12 each) than your average bottle, so keep them for training rides, centuries and touring, and away from being chucked at the feed zone during a stage race. They are not for Hot beverages, but you can put warm drinks in it and they will stay warm during a ride. More information at the link below on the care and feeding of your Podium® ChillJacket™ bottle.

More information on the Podium® ChillJacket™ here.
You can also purchase the bottle at the same link online.

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