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Tour of Antwerp: Pete Barlin's diary
By Celine Tytgadt
Date: 8/9/2002
Tour of Antwerp: Pete Barlin's diary
By Pete Barlin

Wednesday August 7, 2002

So Iíve been chosen to ride the Tour of Antwerp with the National Team and I am now in Izegem, were I will stay till Sunday. I must say that it is an honour to be able to represent the US overseas. We are leaving for the race tomorrow morning at six thirty. We have a time trial in the a.m. and a road race later in the day, followed by three more days of road racing. Hopefully, I will be able to adjust to my new surroundings and recover after each day. I am feeling good lately and do not feel too tired. However, Iím sure that will all change. Once this stage race is over, I will go to Austria with ABC-Aitos, my normal team, then we will also race in the Tour of Southeast Flanders. Thatís three stage races in row!


Thursday August 8, 2002

One day, two stages down. This morningís time trial was very short, hardly worth waking up for if you ask me. It went well though. Iím not sure of my result; I was the first person on the second page. After that we had lunch and quick nap in the car, since the next race was at 3 Oíclock. It was flat bumpy, many turns, 130 kilometers and very sketchy. I crashed about 30 minutes into the race but it was nothing. On the whole the race was not very aggressive and not too fast. It basically came down to a sprint and I came in a respectable 10th or so, Iím not too sure about the actual result. Anyway, I have to go to bed and recover for tomorrow.

If you want to email Pete or the other team-members from the ABC-Aitos team, click here for Jacob, Jed, Brian, Austin, Nick, Travis, Michael, Pete or RJ. Or you can also visit the Cycling Center website (they have a guestbook now!) or the Cycling Center hub at the Daily Peloton (to be reached via the teams & riders link at the left) for more news.

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