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92nd Giro d'Italia - Stage 6 After Stage Interviews
By Staff
Date: 5/14/2009
92nd Giro d'Italia - Stage 6 After Stage Interviews

Michele Scarponi: "I'm so happy. This is my first ever win at the Giro, and I badly needed it. I was aiming for a better result yesterday, but unfortunately my legs weren't good enough for me to finish with the best ones. Today I was hungry for redemption. I tried to get into the right breakaway since the first kilometre, and things went right. At some point, when I saw that there were still two hundred kilometres left, I didn't know what to do, but I never gave up. All of us (in the breakaway) cooperated, and as we hit the last climb I started to give it everything to make it to the finish all by myself. When Kiriyenka punctured, I didn't realize that. I first thought that he had misjudged a turn, but later noticed what happened to him, and at that point I didn't even know what to do. I came down riding my tempo and waited for him to join me; we worked together until I dropped him".

Diquigiovanni's team boss Gianni "The Prince" Savio: "I'm truly happy for Michele Scarponi. He deserves that. He's a courageous rider and a sportsman of character. We knew that a long breakaway was going today, and in our team's pre-stage gathering both Marco Bellini and I told the riders, more than once, that they had to get into that at any cost. There were tons of attempts in the first part of the stage. I have been attending the Giro for 25 years, and I think I've hardly seen two hours raced at over 48 kph, especially on a parcours like this. Attacks and counter-attacks went all the time, with Diquigiovanni having someone in all of them. Michele Scarponi was good enough at making it into the right one. They worked so hard all day long, were able to handle their advantage, and he was eventually capable of holding off the oncoming peloton".

Danilo Di Luca: "The stage turned out to be difficult. All we wanted today was to keep Scarponi from taking too much of a lead, but later on some teams thought they could catch him, so we went fast all the way to the finish. The next few stages are good for breakaways too, with those squads currently short of victory likely trying to get some glory, but I don't think we're gonna see many attacks from GC contenders. So I think we'll only have to keep the race under control until (next Thursday's) ITT".

"I'm sure that a rider like Leipheimer will be protagonist in the ITT, I'd be happy if I could limit my losses to just two minutes. It's a long and unusual one, so we'll see. Michael Rogers might well be another dangerous rival. We all know how great a TT specialist he is, but he's showing some strong climbing legs too".

Stefano Garzelli: "After yesterday's stage, I shifted my attention to stage victories. Today I tried it in any possible way, maybe even pointlessly wasted some energies. I'll try to get a stage victory - that's my minimum goal - in the next stage, then we'll see what I can do about the overall. Even if, honestly, I think that I'm no longer thinking about the GC at this point".

Filippo Pozzato: "A lot of attacks came early in the stage, almost half of the bunch wanted to go clear; but the average speed was too high and no one could go. Later we tried to close down on Scarponi, but we knew that it was a hard task, especially with him having a great rouleur like Kiriyenka as breakaway companion. We gave it a go also today, and didn't succeed. But that's fine anyway. I still hope that we'll be able to bring one stage victory home at least".

Damiano Cunego: "Yesterday was quite a difficult day for me, but nonetheless I'm not giving up. I have to realize what I can do in the rest of the Giro. I have to understand whether I'll hold on and remain a GC contender, or just have to go for the stages only. We'd better think about it a few days from now though".

Team Columbia-High Road's manager Valerio Piva: "Last year, we won a good 85 races with these guys, this year we've come to the Giro with a great start, and Cavendish wearing the Maglia Rosa, as our targets. We achieved both. Mark was later taken by surprise at Trieste, but Lövkvist and Rogers are doing fine in the overall standings, and we'll try to protect them and get them in the best possible positions before the ITT . The big question mark about Lövkvist is his long distance endurance. He is a good TTist, but even if he has finished the Tour de France twice already, this is the very first time that he can be a GC competitor in a three-week race, and his first time ever at the Giro. We sure have some chances, and a team that can do well also in the future. We're in a good position, but the same goes for other squads, to start with Astana and Leipheimer: an excellent specialist against the clock with a great team beside him. We'll see what happens in the ITT".

Michael Rogers: "We have two aces up our sleeves at Team Columbia: myself but also Lövkvist. I wouldn't have any problems with working for him. And the other way around too. Thomas is a good guy. I'm fine, but there are so many hard - because of both the climbs and the long distances - days ahead. At the moment, I'm living day by day, trying to do my best in every stage. We'll see how things pan out after the Cinque Terre ITT anyway. I tested the route about two months ago, and it's very demanding. I would use an "average" bike (rather than an ITT bike) with carbon wheels, but nothing special. I don't think an ITT bike would be much of help. With two climbs of some ten kilometres each, and as many tricky descents that could cost you the stage, I don't think that we can call it one for the pure TTists only".

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