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92nd Giro d'Italia - Stage 5 Live Coverage Part 2
By Fabio
Date: 5/13/2009
92nd Giro d'Italia - Stage 5 Live Coverage Part 2

92nd Giro d'Italia - Stage 5 Live Coverage Part 2
Seven in the lead. But the bunch looks well-determined to chase them down in the final ascent, where a royal clash of climbing giants is expected to break out. Follow the action here.

 Stage5: San Martino di Castrozza - Alpe Di Siusi 125 km

1535 CEST The chase is bearing fruit at last, the peloton gained about half a minute on the seven wonders up front over the last few miles. Visconti and his companions, still perfectly cooperating, just reached the 35-to-go point as they wind through the Bolzano-Bozen area. The start of the final climb is only a dozen kilometres away Lance Armstrong asks for the Astana team car to reach him. Why? He knows, we don't ...

Lance had to fix something in his handlebar.

1539 CEST Titi Voeckler the Alsatian beat Pietropolli and Serpa to claim victory at the Bozen traguardo volante. The bunch came in 04'11" behind. The average speed after two hours of racing is a good 45.7 km/h.

Stage 5 © 2009 Gazzetta dello Sport

One more time, the seven front runners (with 30 kilometres to go now, and a wild bunch of tunnels coming prior to the start of Alpe di Siusi) are:

  • José Serpa Perez (Col - Diquigiovanni-Androni Giocattoli);
  • Carlos Ochoa (Ven - Diquigiovanni-Androni Giocattoli);
  • Thomas "Titi" Voeckler (Fra - Bbox-Bouygues Telecom);
  • Eros Capecchi (Ita - Fuji-Servetto);
  • Daniele Pietropolli (Ita - LPR Brakes-Farnese);
  • Francesco Gavazzi (Ita - Lampre-NGC);
  • Giovanni Visconti (Ita - ISD)

    1546 CEST There are skirmishes inside the bunch in order to start the ascent in the best positions. Their gap to the seven leaders dropped under four minutes.

    1550 CEST they made it to Prato all'Isarco town as they hit the final ascent.

    Stage 5 © 2009 Gazzetta dello Sport

    Liquigas joined the chase on the front of the group, resulting in a further shrnking of the gap, which went under two and a half minutes. The "virtual jersey" is no longer on Visconti's shoulders.

    1555 CEST Francesco Gavazzi is the first victim of the ascent, so that the front group is down to six men. Bolzano's own Manuel Quinziato of Liquigas-Doimo drives the bunch over the climb.

    Liqui-guy Quinziato is done with his job now. Petacchi is one of the few sprinters NOT dropped so early in the final climb. Most fastmen have lost contact already. The pack is obviously thinning down enough.

  • 1605 CEST AleJet later lost contact, the main peloton is down some 50 riders, with Liquigas (Agnoli, Miholjevic, Stangelj) riding tempo and cutting the gap to a mere two minutes. All overall contenders are in the group of course, even if Carlos Sastre seems to be struggling a little at the bottom of the field. Playing poker perhaps? Paolo Bettini, a former teammate of the TdF reigning champion, says there's not much to worry about, because that's just Sastre's "riding style".

    "Lupo di Palu divora le pecore" ("Wolf of Palu, go eat all the sheep") that banner along the route shows how some of Gilberto Simoni's fans - Gibo, like Francesco Moser, is from the Trentino town of Palu di Giovo - chiose to display their support for the Diquigiovanni team leader today.

    1610 CEST DNF update: David Garcia Dapena of Xacobeo-Galicia, first green jersey wearer this year, but unfit today, and dropped on the opening ascent after a few miles, pulled out of the race.

    Liquigas-Doimo are doing a helluva job for the chase. Francesco Gavazzi has been swallowed by the merciless field already. The race is about to take on a "gentler", less steep section, almost flat. Valerio Agnoli drives the peloton with Carlstrom, Miholjevic and Basso following his wheel. Agnoli was a "last minute choice" for the team as their DS Amadio picked him over veteran Andrea Noè.

    With Liquigas flying at 60 km/h in a false flat section, the gap couldn't help coming further down to 78 seconds.

    1615 CEST 15 km to go, but only 4 kilometres to the "start" of the hardest part of the climb. Lance still has a couple teammates behind him.

    1620 CEST- 11km to go. Ochoa and Serpa are dong their best to keep the breakaway going, but with Liquigas flying so high, their attempt is simply doomed to failure. The gap further dropped to 30-40 seconds, they're gonna be reeled in in a moment, and the key battle will start straight after that. Won't it?

    Ten kilometres left now. The Siusi's toughest part is coming ...

    1624 CEST Mission accomplished: the seven wonders are no longer that wonderful. The breakaway of the day is over after about 115 kilometres. Kudos to them anyway.

    1626 CEST Barloworld's Giampaolo Cheula was the first counter-attacker as soon the escapees were swallowed. Belgium's Dries Devenyns of Quick Step followed his move. All seven (former) escapees, as well as many of their Liquigas chasers, have been dropped already. Still there are some 50-60 riders in the main peloton.

    1628 CEST Cheula caught, the same goes for the Flemish. No way the two guys could be given green light of course. Arsmtrong slipped a little towards the middle-bottom of the pack, with Brajkovic close to him, while Horner and Leipheimer are nearer the front.

    1630 CEST Eight to go. Three Liqui-guys as drivers, green jersey holder Di Luca follows them. Levi keeps an eye on Damiano Cunego as much as Scarponi follows Gibo. Water & Soap man Massimo Codol stays beside Stefano Garzelli. Just 40 guys left in the front group.

    Less than seven kms left now. Codol fell off the pace as the false flat section was over and the parcours got steeper. Bruseghin also struggling off the back of the pack. Lance and Soler aren't far from him. The slopes are taking toll on them.

    1630 CEST The cruel RAI cameras keep showing Armstrong while he's having a hard time at the back of the field, with three teammates around.

    LANCE DROPPED about six kilometres from the finish. Stefano Garzelli lost contact even earlier.

    1636 CEST The Liqui-pace made another excellent victim: DAMIANO CUNEGO! The Lampreman was badly dropped. Bruseghin dropped too. No signs of surrender from Lovkvist instead.

    Still three Astana jerseys caught by the Italian TV beside Armstrong's. The American is 25" down. But it looks like he even has a hard time following his teammates.

    1640 CEST Five to go. Szmyd keeps dictating the pace. He will as long as he can. Only 20 riders or so in the front group.

    One more acceleration by Szmyd .. and his job is over. Now it's all about to Basso and Pellizotti.

    1642 CEST Ivan Basso takes over on the front. Di Luca and Lovkvist easily follow him. Pellizotti can't hold the tempo though. Simoni having some problems too. Sastre tries to keep contact with the front. But it seems only Horner, Levi, Menchov, Di Luca, Lovkvist are good enough at following Ivan.

    Cunego is 40 second behind the group. Bruseghin at 49". Lance at 01'22".

    1645 CEST Great comeback by Sastre and Caisse's Arroyo. They made it into the front group again. Now Arroyo's struggling once more anyway.

    1645 CEST Great comeback by Sastre and Caisse's Arroyo. They made it to the front group again. Now Arroyo's struggling once more anyway.

    Watch out folks, Thomas Lovkvist is about to give up! The Viking is likely to surrender the jersey, sorry.

    Wow, Thomas gritted his teeth and managed to make contact again as Basso slowed the pace a little bit. Horner is having a great day in the saddle.

    1649 CEST But now Ivan cranks up the pace again, as we enter the last mile of the stage. Di Luca in second wheel, with Levi and Menchov following

    Lovkvist's showing some real grinta, and so is Sastre. Gibo lost 35 seconds already, Pellizotti's further down at 50".

    1650 CEST ONE TO GO. Rogers is not far from the front group. Arroyo and Ten Damme are about to join the leaders too.

    And with Basso and the others too busy keeping an eye on each other, the aforementioned riders could join them. Now it's time for the sprint, Sastre attacks but Menchov and Di Luca counter. It's a two-man affair ...

    ... and Menchov wins!


    Danilo Di Luca in second place, and capturing the Maglia Rosa.

    Thomas Lovkvist third. Ivan Basso in the fourth spot ahead of the Astana all-American duo.

    Cunego came in over two and a half minutes behind. Lance comes next, close to three minutes down on the winner

    Armstrong's first "after-race" words were "yes, it was very difficult".

    Stage 5 Results
    San Martino di Castrozza - Alpe Di Siusi
    125 km - 3:15:24 - 38.32 km/h

    1 Menchov Denis Rus Rab 3:15:24 0:00 20"
    2 Di Luca Danilo Ita Lpr 3:15:26 0:02 12"
    3 Lovkvist Thomas Swe Thr 3:15:29 0:05 8"

    4 Basso Ivan Ita Liq 3:15:29 0:05
    5 Leipheimer Levi Usa Ast 3:15:33 0:09

    6 Horner Christopher Usa Ast 3:15:33 0:09
    7 Sastre Candil Carlos Esp Ctt 3:15:43 0:19
    8 Arroyo Duran David Esp Gce 3:15:46 0:22
    9 Rogers Michael Aus Thr 3:15:46 0:22
    10 Kessiakoff Fredrik Swe Fuj 3:15:46 0:22
    11 Ten Dam Laurens Ned Rab 3:15:48 0:24
    12 Soler Juan M. Col Bar 3:16:09 0:45
    13 Pellizotti Franco Ita Liq 3:16:11 0:47
    14 Simoni Gilberto Ita Sda 3:16:11 0:47
    15 Masciarelli Francesco Ita Asa 3:16:14 0:50

    General Classification After Stage 5
    1 Di Luca Danilo Ita Lpr 16:20:44 0:00
    2 Lovkvist Thomas Swe Thr 16:20:49 0:05
    3 Rogers Michael Aus Thr 16:21:20 0:36

    4 Leipheimer Levi Usa Ast 16:21:27 0:43
    5 Menchov Denis Rus Rab 16:21:34 0:50

    6 Basso Ivan Ita Liq 16:21:50 1:06
    7 Sastre Candil Carlos Esp Ctt 16:22:00 1:16
    8 Horner Christopher Usa Ast 16:22:01 1:17
    9 Pellizotti Franco Ita Liq 16:22:11 1:27
    10 Arroyo Duran David Esp Gce 16:22:25 1:41
    11 Simoni Gilberto Ita Sda 16:22:45 2:01
    12 Popovych Yaroslav Ukr Ast 16:23:14 2:30
    13 Valjavec Tadej Slo Alm 16:23:20 2:36
    14 Ten Dam Laurens Ned Rab 16:23:25 2:41
    15 Seeldrayers Kevin Bel Qst 16:23:33 2:49

    Thanks for joining us for the live coverage of stage 5. Be here for tomorrow's hilly stage over 248 kilometers as we leave Italy  from Bressanone/Brixen to finish in Mayrhofenfor, Austria. Sure to be a tough day for the riders after the last two days stretching their legs in the mountains. Stage 6 is also followed by the second longest stage on Friday from Innsbruck, Austria to  - Chiavenna  a generally uphill romp of 244 kilometers so we might expect the leaders to attempt controlling the race  allow a breakaway with riders well back on the G.C. that can be brought back in the final 30 kilometers for a bunch sprint.

    Stage 5 © 2009 Gazzetta dello Sport

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