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Saturn Cycling Classic Provisional Start List
By Jaime Nichols
Date: 8/8/2002
Saturn Cycling Classic Provisional Start List
Report Courtesy of Brian Muir, Saturn Cycling Classic

Boulder, Colorado, (August 8, 2002) - Jonathan Vaughters literally flew off Hoosier Pass into Breckenridge last year, overcoming the challenge of Chris Horner to take his first Saturn Cycling Classic by mere seconds. He'll have the chance to repeat the feat this Saturday, August 10, when more than 150 riders compete in the rugged 140-mile cycling endurance test from Boulder to the historic Rocky Mountain resort town.

Vaughters, representing The Handle Bar & Grill, will be joined by an outstanding Saturn Cycling Classic field representing 10 different countries and 21 different U.S. states. The Denver resident will also be riding with several fellow Coloradoans, 24 from Boulder, including recently crowned National Road Race Champion Will Frischkorn of the Saturn Team and cycling's winningest rider with over 200 victories, Scott Moninger, who won the 2000 Saturn Cycling Classic for the Mercury Team.

"Once again, we have an elite field to challenge the toughest one day cycling race in the world," says Len Pettyjohn, race director for the Saturn Cycling Classic. "With Jonathan returning along with Will and Scott, we should have another excellent race with several interesting duels over Guanella and Hoosier Passes. Last year, Vaughters used his experience to catch the leaders on Guanella Pass and battled Horner all the way into Breckenridge. We expect the same level of competition this year."

Three-time Tour de France winner Greg LeMond will be the official starter for the Saturn Cycling Classic. LeMond, the first American to win the Tour de France and the World Cycling Championships, will lead the peloton from the starting line in Boulder at 9:20 a.m. to the finish line in Breckenridge, Colorado at approximately 4:00 p.m. Horner, unfortunately, is recovering from a broken collarbone and will not be competing.

The Saturn Cycling Classic is an intense 140-mile race from Boulder to Breckenridge scheduled for Saturday, August 10. Reaching altitudes over 11,500 feet and negotiating seven mountain passes, no race in the world equals the distance, number of climbs, elevation and varied environmental conditions of the Saturn Cycling Classic, which uniquely combines the world's finest male elite road and mountain bike racers.

Provisional Start List

Handle Bar & Grill
1 Vaughters Jonathan USA
2 Grewal Rishi USA
3 Juarez Tinker USA
4 Adamac Tomas USA
5 Bonilla Jose Adrian CRC
6 Brown Michael USA
7 Carter Mike USA
8 Craig Adam USA
9 Waite Nick USA
10 Esquivel Driber CRC

11 Moninger Scott USA
12 Wherry Chris USA
13 Danielson Tom USA
14 Zarate Jesus MEX
15 Vogels Henk AUS
16 Stoyanov Plamen BUL
17 Zajicek Phil USA

Prime Alliance
21 Pate Danny USA
22 Creed Michael USA
23 DeCanio Matt USA
24 Candelario Alex USA
25 Stevenson Russell USA
26 Peters John USA

31 Klück Damon USA
32 Frischkorn Will USA
33 Fisher Christopher USA
34 Johnson Tim USA
35 Petersen Soren DEN
36 Klasna Trent USA
37 Jansen Harm NED

Tokyo Joe's
41 Horgan-Kobelski Jeremy USA
42 Swenson Carl USA
43 Ferguson Walker USA
44 Reeves Skyler USA
45 Janelle Mike USA
46 Mortenson Jimi USA
47 Gullickson Marc USA
48 Wells Todd USA
49 Pachoka Matt USA

Jittery Joe's/7-UP
51 Friel Dirk USA
52 Ley Mike USA
53 Grajales Calle Cesaar COL
54 Rosenbarger Jacob USA
55 Sheehan Clark USA
56 Lieswyn John USA
57 Coyle Chuck USA

61 Swindlehurst Burke USA
62 Baldwin Chris USA
63 Mitchell Glen NZL
64 Beamon Ed USA
65 Guay Ryan USA

Trek/Volkswagon - New Belgium
71 Brown Travis USA
72 Aschwanden Dave USA
73 Brennan Chris USA
74 Busch Nathan USA
75 Hartmann Jeff USA
76 Miller Andrew USA
77 Pink Jeff USA
78 Ruzanski Evan USA
79 Southard Mark USA
80 Stierwalt Jon USA

Sierra Nevada
81 Gragus Eddy USA
82 Wojciechowski Dariuz POL
83 Jacques-Maynes Andy USA
84 Jacques-Maynes Ben USA
85 White Troy USA
86 McGovern Chris USA

Excel Sports
91 Ask Gregory USA
92 Bajadali Andrew USA
93 Gluck Fred USA
94 Hayes Charlie USA
95 Masterson Billy USA
96 Schwab Mark USA

George's/Lost River Cycling
101 Livingston Kevin USA
102 Rodriguez Richard USA
103 Siciliano Joby USA
104 Tew Matson USA
105 Tobin Michael USA
106 Vestal Zachery USA
107 Waite Cody USA

Schwab Cycles/Torelli
111 Hughes Cameron AUS
112 Kiester Karl USA
113 King Robbie USA
114 Nickel Derrick USA
115 Perna Lew USA
116 Pradoneto Hugo USA
117 Prichard Ian USA
118 Robinson Barkley USA
119 Sheldrake Ang USA

Vitamin Cottage Morgul Bismark
121 Crowley Steve USA
122 Pinkerton Joey USA
123 Rickard Mason USA
124 Rosaasen Mike USA
125 Todeschini Brian USA
126 Tarkington Jon USA

Al's Barber Shop/Hinds
131 Overton Frank USA
132 Mohan Jim USA
133 Nussbaumer Eric USA
134 Wardell Jeff USA
135 Sullivan Patrick USA
136 Neal Jan USA Whells
141 Sullivan Danny USA
142 DePaemelaere Dan USA
143 Small Aaron USA
144 Kingery Mike USA
145 Moreman Mitch USA

Rio Grande
151 Nicol Kevin USA
152 Martin Micah USA
153 Stocker Thad USA

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