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Interview: Chloe Hosking
By Bart Hazen
Date: 4/29/2009
Interview: Chloe Hosking

Interview: Chloe Hosking

Interview with talented 18 year old Australian sprinter, winner of the Tour of Chongming Island, Chloe Hosking (Moving Ladies).

Can you introduce yourself?
Hi! I'm Chloe Hosking, an 18 year old cyclist from Canberra, Australia. I'm very energetic and try to make the most of every opportunity that is thrown at me! I've set 2009 aside to try and pursue my dream of becoming a professional women's road cyclist, and that's how I came to find myself in Europe.

Why did you choose cycling as your sport?
I began cycling in 2002 when I was 12. I was playing a lot of field hockey and also rockclimbing at a national level however I got injured and asked my father, who is an incredibly keen cyclist, if he could set me up on a bike. He couldn't get me on one quick enough and I have been cycling ever since. (I think people call it a love affair.)

Chloe Hosking winning one of her two stages in the Tour of Chongming Island.
Photo © 2009 Chloe Hosking

What kind of rider is Chloe Hosking?
I like to think of myself as a road sprinter, however I can also climb fairly well. I live for big bunches and anything that gets the adrenaline pumping. I'm not sure if I have the same top end speed of riders such as Wild and Teutenberg, hopefully my first season in Europe will help me establish where my strengths actually lie when it comes to racing the big girls.

Which hobbies do you have next to cycling?
I'm a typical 18 year old girl. I enjoy hanging out with friends and shopping but I'm also a very focused student. I'm very interested in political science and history and will commence an Arts/Law degree in 2010. I also enjoy traveling, so being able to travel while riding has been unreal.

How do you look back on the first part of the season? with four wins you are one of the most successful riders of the season thus far.
The beginning of my first season as a senior rider seems a little surreal. To be ranked 4th in the UCI rider ranking for 2009 and 25th in the current UCI CQ ranking is a shock, but a welcome one. I didn't expect any of this
when I decided I'd give cycling a real crack this year. I think I've been very lucky and hopefully that luck doesn't stop any time soon.

Leading the bunch in the Omloop van Borsele
Photo © 2009 Dailypeloton

What performance/achievement you are the most proud of?
I recently competed in the Tour of Chongming Island with a Queensland based Australian Team, MB Cycles. The whole Tour was a highlight of my cycling career, however stage three in particular stands out for me. The
stage was plagued with bad luck for my team. From crashes to broken radios and finally myself getting a flat which resulted in my team having to chase for 30km to get me back to the bunch. I was still able to take out
the stage and retain the yellow jersey. The win felt so much more satisfying because it wasn't just a win for me. Throughout the stage all the girls had put everything they had on the line trusting that I could pull off the win for the team and I felt very proud that I didn't let them down.

In Europe you are riding for the Dutch team Moving Ladies. How did you get in touch with that team?
A good friend of mine put me in contact with Martine Bras, who rides for Selle Italia Menikini. From there Martine sort of took me under her wing. She put me in contact with Chris Rouw, the team manager of Moving Ladies, and he seemed more than happy to have me join the team. It was such a relief to finally find a team which wanted me to ride for them as I'd been trying to find a ride in the US for months, before I decided maybe Europe was the way to go.

You had a really good debut in European racing with a 6th place in Borsele and a 4th place in Roeselare amongst the best riders in the world. Did you expect to do that well?
My performances on the weekend were definitely a shock! I'm told it's not supposed to happen like that, you're supposed to suffer tremendously, earn your brownie points and then start to finish races, not have two top 10 finishes in your first two European races. It seems like my whole season to date just goes from one unbelievable extreme to the next. Sitting on Marianne Vos' wheel as she cruised up the side of the peloton in Borsele was unreal! Hopefully it wasn't just beginners luck and I can keep it up!

Being part of an elite break in Borsele together with amongst others Marianne Vos and Kirsten Wild.
Photo © 2009 Dailypeloton

What do you prefer the most in racing?
I love races which challenge you. Races that feel like a training ride, even if you win, aren't worth it. I love big bunches, technical courses and fast, strung out sprints. I'm an adrenaline junkie, anything that gets it pumping in races I'll sign up for.

What race has been a favorite of yours?
The Omloop van Borsele which I raced on the weekend was pretty awesome. I'd been told so much about racing in the Netherlands and it definitely didn't let any of the expectations I had built up in my head down. It seemed to have everything (minus rain), wind, gutter action, narrow and technical roads. I was stoked to finish in the top bunch in what was the hardest race of my life. I think I will always remember that race, and hopefully I'll be back next year!

What races would you like to race in Europe if given the opportunity?
The Giro of course! But I'd also love to race some of the World Cups. Maybe next year I'll get a place in the Australian Team to race some of these races, or a professional team…

Alongside Emilia Fahlin in Borsele
Photo © 2009 Dailypeloton

How does your racing schedule looks like for the rest of the season?
The program Chris has put together this year is very impressive for a Club Team. Some of the races on the program include the Ster "Zeeuwsche Eilanden", Tour de Feminin Krasna Lipa, Tour Limousin, Sparkassen Giro and the Holland Ladies Tour.

Who has inspired you, or currently inspires you to race. (Or in the present)?
I always found it difficult to look up to people I didn't know and had never met as you can only judge them on their results and how they're portrayed in the media, so when I got to know Martine and she was so helpful I really started to look up to her. She knows a lot about bike racing and is very focused. Oenone Wood is also someone I have followed and looked up to. Coming from Canberra as well, Oenone was always very active in the Canberra cycling community and always made a point of helping young riders like myself, she made it easy to want to be like her.

Racing against riders like Wild and Vos on the weekend also inspires me. Competing against them and riding next to them makes me even more determined to make it as a professional bike rider. One day I want my name to be used in the same sentence as theirs.

But also my father. He is a very keen cyclist and has been incredibly supportive of my riding since day one. He's a very smart rider and taught me a lot about bike racing. He has on countless occasions chosen my cycling over his own and I love watching his reactions when I do well.

What are your further goals for the 2009 season? and if you don't mind…. long term career goals as a person and cyclist?
For 2009 I want to continue to do well in UCI races, a couple of podium places would be nice and maybe even a win or two but I don't want to bite off more than I can chew in my first year as a senior rider. I want to continue to accumulate UCI points and hopefully sign with a professional UCI team by the end of the season. I don't want to go home to Australia without a pro contract in hand. Long term goals off the bike, I will go to university and study Arts/Law focusing on International Politics and Law and hopefully do something to do with journalism. On the bike, race for a professional UCI Team, represent Australia at Olympic and World Championship level and become one of the best riders in the world, it couldn't be that hard, right?


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