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Open letter to Mr. Pat McQuaid, President of the UCI
By Guest Contributor
Date: 4/17/2009
Open letter to Mr. Pat McQuaid, President of the UCI

Open letter to Mr. Pat Mc Quaid, President of the UCI
Guest Editorial & open letter regarding proposals to assist in cleaning up cycling...

Myles McCorry

Firstly, may I congratulate the UCI on the evolving efforts to rid our wonderful sport of the cheats and their suppliers who continue to bring cycling into disrepute.

With major scientific advances in drug-testing procedures, coupled with the mainstream global desire for a new start, we can visualize an era of clean, real cycle sport. Professional Cycling has undergone frequent scandals from the use of performance enhancing products; it is stigmatized as being dirty and therefore we must take the lead, for all sports, in the prevention of this in the future.

BikePure is an umbrella group of fans, riders, media and the cycle to protect the integrity and the potential of cycle sport. Through the declarations of thousands of our members, we have compiled a list of recommendations, which we believe would improve the efficiency of the testing system by creating clarity and restoring trust within the doping agencies.

Our proposals to assist with the clean up of cycling:
1. Introduction and immediate implementation of a blanked, fixed four-year ban from competition for any doping offence.
2. Introduction of life bans for anyone caught doping for the second time.
3. Life bans for management and team personnel working with cyclists who assist doping practices.
4. Strict adherence to the rulebook and a time limit of 4 weeks to be set
from sample taken to test result, inclusive of ruling.
5. Unification of all countries testing authorities under the UCI banner: meaning that any doping infringements in a single country will have automatic effect globally.
6. A standardization of testing procedures, time intervals under WADA, to be enforced in each area.
7. Fully open results of the Bio-Passport program online and listed infringement penalties.

Bike Pure is the voice of the masses and we feel that the governing bodies should take on board the feelings and wishes of the governed. We fully understand you have a hard and complex job and wish to assist in every possible way. With 5 current UCI world champions and an affiliate base from over 50 countries, BikePure's commitment and voice is steadfast and positive.

We hope this meets with your approval and we look forward to a response in the near future.

Yours in cycling,
Myles McCorry

The Daily Peloton
We have and continue to publish contributors articles with many differing views on doping and the administration of anti doping rules. The cycling community as a whole has to confront the curse of drugs in the sport and the inherent short and long term effects to riders health. It is important to dispel the myths of doping and the idea for younger riders that doping will make it possible for them to reach their dreams. It simply won't.  It will lead to a life of secrecy and misery. If you don't believe this read the confessions of some of the riders in the links below who made the that crucial mistake.

We are determined to push the debate in this area and challenge the assumptions of our readers and bring to light the differing opinions in the cycling community. In the end we hope it brings about some positive change. The publication of this editorial is in no way and endorsement of its proposals by the or it's staff.

The anti-doping battle is one that has to ultimately raise the standards of ethics and morals for all the participants of the sport at every level and demand the same from their fellows. It is a crusade for the hearts and minds of cyclists to admit that doping is nothing more than cheating and stealing a win from a fellow rider.  We hope a system will eventually evolve that allows a rider who has erred to come clean and make up his damage and loss of reputation to the sport  in some way and regain his integrity and return to the peloton after. Any ethics system should strive to protect the group from the unethical or stupid actions of other members and seek to return the whole to a greater integrity and higher level of sanity and purpose.

Theft is an open admission that one could not have honestly earned something on his own efforts. It will take the efforts of the cycling community at every level to win this race for clean and fair sport .
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