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Women's World Cup #3 - Ronde van Drenthe
By Bart Hazen
Date: 4/13/2009
Women's World Cup #3 - Ronde van Drenthe

Women's World Cup #3 - Ronde van Drenthe
Red Sun's Emma Johansson of Sweden wins the race and the leaders jersey of the UCI Women's World Cup. The Netherland's Loes Gunnewijk and Chantal Blaak join her on the podium.

World Cup #3: Women’s Ronde van Drenthe
The third World Cup of the season the Ronde van Drenthe was won today by Swede Emma Johansson. For Johansson it’s her first big win of the season after finishing second and third in respectively in the first two world cups in the Trofeo Binda and the Ronde van Vlaanderen.

Johansson was the fastest of a break of six riders, which got away after the final climb of the VAM Berg, ahead of Dutchies Loes Gunnewijk and Chantal Beltman. Sarah Düster, Grace Verbeke and Eva Lutz were the others in the break. Due to her win Johansson also takes over the World Cup lead from Marianne Vos.

The race was animated and made harder by the Dutch DSB Bank team of Marianne Vos. During the race we saw several attacks of Angela Hennig but she couldn’t get away far from the chase. After Hennig was caught it was up to Liesbeth de Vocht of DSB to attack. She created a gap of around 30 seconds but on the final time up the VAM Berg she was reeled in. Swiss Champion Jennifer Hohl tried to bridge up to De Vocht but didn’t succeed either.

On the final climb of the VAM Berg Noemi Cantele (Bigla) and Ronde van Vlaanderen winner Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (Columbia) attacked but the attempt didn’t succeed with the riders brought back after a futile few kilometers.

In the final ten kilometers Emma Johansson (Red Sun), Loes Gunnewijk (Team Flexpoint), Chantal Blaak (, Sarah Düster (Cervelo), Grace Verbeke (Lotto-Belisol) and Eva Lutz (Equipe Nürnberger) made the final move. Columbia-Highroad and the DSB Bank team missed the break and had to chase, but despite their efforts they came too late to reel the break in before the finish. In the sprint Vice Olympic Champion Emma Johansson won very easy over her companions.

Team Reports:
Cervelo: Sarah Düster earns third top five finish in three days of racing

Sarah Düster of Cervélo TestTeam finished 4th in the sprint finish of today's World Cup race in The Netherlands. This was Sarah's third top five finish in three days of racing.

"Today was a hard 140 km race with some pave and short climbs," said Manel Lacambra Sports Director at the end of the race. "After 30 km we put all the team in the front, full power for make a break before the start of the pavé. In the pavé our team was very good at the front and after the pavé we tried to make some attacks but it was not possible because the other teams closed them down each time. In the final we tried again to crate some attacks and it was only possible to go with Sarah in the break group of five. I thought that maybe the other teams like Columbia and DSB Bank would try to close down the breakaway for Ina Yoko Teutenberg and Marianne Vos. In the end, Sarah Duster was fourth in the sprint."

"It was pretty good, we all worked together and it was a hard finish," said Sarah Düster, after her third fourth place finish of the weekend. "In the final me and Kirsten tried to attack to be in the break and I was lucky to be in the break with Johansson, Gunnewijk and Lutz. Finally, I tried it again because I am not as strong as Kirsten in the sprint so I was fourth which was good for me."

Ronde van Drenthe Results
1. Johansson, Emma Red Sun Cycling Team 3.26'08"
2. Gunnewijk, Loes Team Flexpoint 
3. Blaak, Chantal Leontien.Nl 

4. Düster, Sarah Cervelo Test Team 
5. Verbeke, Grace Lotto-Belisol Ladiesteam  

6. Lutz, Eva Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung 

7. Teutenberg, Ina Team Columbia High Road   3.26'15" :07"
8. Vos, Marianne Dsb Bank - Nederland Bloeit 3.26'15" 7"
9. Bras, Martine Selle Italia Ghezzi 3.26'15" 7"
10. Wild, Kirsten Cervelo Test Team 3.26'15" 7"
11. Martisova, Julia Gauss Rdz Ormu - Colnago 3.26'15" 7"
12. Gilmore, Rochelle Lotto-Belisol Ladiesteam 3.26'15" 7"
13. Bosman, Andrea Leontien.Nl 3.26'15" 7"
14. Bronzini, Giorgia Team Italy 3.26'15" 7"
15. De Goede, Suzanne Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung  7"
16. D'ettorre, Alessandra Top Girls Fassa Bortolo Raxy   7"
17. Belvederesi, Tania Gauss Rdz Ormu - Colnago  7"
18. Hare Williamson, Catherine Fenixs 3.26'15" 7"
19. Greenfield, Alexandra Team Great Britain 3.26'15" 7"
20. Brand, Lucinda Leontien.Nl 3.26'15" 7"
21. Zuckermandel, Denise Team Germany 3.26'15" 7"
22. Antoshina, Tatiana Gauss Rdz Ormu - Colnago  7"
23. Pijnenborg, Mascha Red Sun Cycling Team 7"
24. Kozonchuk, Oxana Selle Italia Ghezzi 3.26'15" 7"
25. Borgato, Giada Selle Italia Ghezzi 3.26'15" 7"
26. Worrack, Trixi Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung   7"
27. Cantele, Noemi Bigla Cycling Team 3.26'15" 7"
28. Andreasson, Veronica Bigla Cycling Team   7"
29. Manderfield, Kacey Team Usa 3.26'15" 7"
30. Melchers-Van Poppel, Mirjam Team Flexpoint  7"
31. Van Den Broek, Irene Leontien.Nl 3.26'15" 7"

32. Soeder, Christiane Cervelo Test Team  15"
33. Schleicher, Regina Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung  20"
34. Hohl, Jennifer Bigla Cycling Team 3.26'30" 22"
35. Vzesniauskaite, Modesta Bigla Cycling Team   22"
36. Boyd, Kaytee Selle Italia Ghezzi 3.26'30" 22"
37. Slappendel, Iris Team Flexpoint 3.26'30" 22"
38. Van Vleuten, Annemiek Dsb Bank - Nederland Bloeit   30"
39. Baccaille, Monia Team Italy 3.26'38" 30"

40. Van Dijk, Eleonora Team Columbia High Road    1'20"
41. Anderson, Kimberly Team Columbia High Road   1'20"
42. Hennig, Angela Dsb Bank - Nederland Bloeit   1'20"
43. Visser, Adrie Dsb Bank - Nederland Bloeit  1'50"
44. Beltman, Chantal Team Columbia High Road   1'50"

45. Martin, Lucy Team Great Britain 3.29'29" 3'21"
46. Borchi, Alessandra Team Italy 3.29'29" 3'21"
47. Aune, Karin Fenixs 3.29'29" 3'21"
48. Faustini, Francesca Team Cmax Dila' 3.29'29" 3'21"
49. Tagliaferro, Marta Team Italy 3.29'29" 3'21"
50. Silversides, Emma Lotto-Belisol Ladiesteam 3.29'29" 3'21"
51. Klep, Inge Red Sun Cycling Team 3.29'29" 3'21"
52. Arnouts, Anne Red Sun Cycling Team 3.29'29" 3'21"
53. Josefsson, Catrine Bizkaia - Durango 3.29'29" 3'21"
54. Oliveira, Flavia M. S.C. Michela Fanini Record Rox  3'21"
55. Knettemann, Roxanne Team Nederland 3.29'29" 3'21"
56. Vila Josana Andreu, Marta Team Cmax Dila' 3.29'29" 3'21"
57. Carretta, Valentina Top Girls Fassa Bortolo Raxy Line   3'21"
58. Eversdijk, Anne Team Nederland 3.29'29" 3'21"
59. Mcnellis, Carmen S.C. Michela Fanini Record Rox  3'21"
60. Suelotto, Eleonora Gauss Rdz Ormu - Colnago   3'21"
61. Rotmensen, Moniek Red Sun Cycling Team  3'21"
62. Pascual Torrecilla, Gema Bizkaia - Durango 3.29'29" 3'21"
63. Stacher, Alley Team Usa 3.29'29" 3'21"
64. Marmorini, Alice Fenixs 3.29'29" 3'21"
65. Holcomb, Janel Team Usa 3.29'29" 3'21"

66. Van Essen, Sharon Team Nederland 3.29'32" 3'24"
67. Villumsen, Linda Team Columbia High Road Women  3'24"
68. Brändli, Nicole Bigla Cycling Team 3.29'32" 3'24"
69. Schwager, Patricia Cervelo Test Team 3.29'32" 3'24"
70. Elemans, Saskia Team Flexpoint 3.29'32" 3'24"
71. Neben, Amber Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung. 3'24"
72. Ljungskog, Susanne Team Flexpoint 3.29'32" 3'24"
73. Becker, Charlotte Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung 3'24"
74. Davison, Lea Team Usa 3.29'32" 3'24"
75. Schmidt, Trine Team Flexpoint 3.29'32" 3'24"
76. Huisman, Marit Leontien.Nl 3.29'32" 3'24"
77. De Vocht, Liesbeth Dsb Bank - Nederland Bloeit  4'03"
78. Dietl, Sandra Cervelo Test Team 3.32'16" 6'08"
79. Corazza, Martina Gauss Rdz Ormu - Colnago   6'08

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