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A Look at Luna Chick Alison Dunlap
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 8/3/2002
A Look at Luna Chick Alison Dunlap

Report by Chris Wentz
July 31st, 2002

After beginning the preseason with strong showings in the Redlands Classic and cyclocross events Alison Dunlap (Luna Women's Team) began to grasp every series she entered with a ferocity seldom demonstrated by Americans. But before recounting this seasons achievements, lets look at how she began it.

July 2001, the 4th round of the National Championship Series- GT bicycles, Dunlap's longtime sponsor, has not been able to fulfill its financial obligations and is on the brink of bankruptcy. Dunlap is left with team support and love of the sport to fuel her necessary performances. Despite future sponsor uncertainties and strong European competition in the NCS Dunlap wins the short track at Mammoth, California, podiums in the cross country, and at the short track finals at Mount Snow, Vermont, places second. Weeks later she is in Sydney at the Olympics, and places seventh despite a crash- a disappointment that will give her resolve come September's World Championships.

Heading into the Worlds in her home state of Colorado, Dunlap was motivated for a strong performance with her fitness being at one of the highest levels of the season. Then September 11 happened. She and the rest of the competitors battled for a reason to compete, while UCI struggled with the decision to even continue with the event. Whatever answer she found within herself, it was the right one. After fighting for podium positions during the first half of the race Dunlap found her legs, passing Alison Sydor of Canada on the final climb. On the plateau Dunlap found Gunn-Rita Dahle with a flat tire. She held a 12 second lead over Sydor until the finish. Later she said "When I saw Gunn-Rita I thought: there's the jersey I've been chasing my whole life." Dunlap was visually ecstatic after reclaiming the jersey that hadn't been won by an American in 10 years.

After seizing the world championships Dunlap was confident that she would be able to ride for a great team next year, but it wasn't until Gary Ricks of Cliff Bar approached her about starting an all women's team that Dunlap found her place. By not having an in-industry sponsor the team was able to choose the co-sponsors they felt were best for the team. One unique partnership was made with the Breast Cancer Fund, for which the team has held several fund-raisers. While team details and clothing were sorted out Dunlap continued her passion of racing cyclocross in a feverishly red Cliff Bar skinsuit. It ended up reflecting her red hot results, as Dunlap scored multiple wins in the Supercup Cyclocross Series, and won the Cyclocross National Championships.

The 2002 Redlands Classic stage race is where the new team made its first official appearance. In their cream yellow and blue outfits the five girls put on an exhibition of their strengths, professionalism, and most of all, dedication to performance by being the only team composed solely of mountain bikers. Even downhill specialist Marla Streb partook in the nearly week long competition which included powerhouses such as the Saturn and Rona cycling teams. From the opening time trial Dunlap began to fly high by claiming a sixth place result while conserving for the circuit race. Day 2 the Highland circuit race began. At 6 laps to go Mari Holden attacked on the grueling 1/2 mile climb, establishing a 2 minute gap, and was chased by Genevieve Jeanson of Rona and Lyne Bessette. Dunlap paced herself, and on the last couple laps was the only rider able to bridge the two minute gap and came fourth on the stage to climbing specialists Bessette and Jeanson. With barely two months of preparation Dunlap's fitness was well on track to make a statement come the first goal of the season- the Sea Otter MTB stage race held in Monterey, California.

Dunlap knew Sea Otter would be a challenge- she was gunning for at least one stage win, the overall tittle, and all that while partaking in several events aimed at launching the Luna Team into the eyes of spectators and the media. Adding to the challenge was the presence of the Specialized, Gary Fisher, and Trek-Volkswagon world cup teams. One new piece of equipment on her side was quite special though, the rainbow jersey, and her tears of pride at stretching it over her body showed how much work she put into earning it.

The first stage gave Dunlap a leg up- it was a road criterium. She would be able to use her superior power and road racing experience, something few women have concrete understanding of, to capture the inaugural stage. Coming down to a field sprint she held off the favorites, ala Robbie McEwen, to power herself into the top GC position, which would not be relinquished. Dunlap was unable to win another stage, but her string of close second places kept her in the yellow jersey, and rainbow jersey, until the finish of the final cross country stage. What a stupendous kick off to what has come to be Dunlap's season.

 In this year's World cup she has again posted her best results ever claiming two seconds, a third and a fourth. First overall and with a 75 point lead over second, she needs to have a 3rd place performance to guarantee victory, which seems truly possible given her ever increasing confidence and fitness. In the NCS series Dunlap is dead-on to win the short track tittle after winning the first three rounds hands down, and with a little luck she may set a precedent by winning every short track round of the season. As the leader in the NCS cross country series as well, there has never been such a crowd favorite, or such volume of cheering for a single rider.

After the 2000 Sydney Olympics Dunlap said she would retire before 2004, but that seems hard to imagine when she is having her best season yet. Will the humble power-plant from Coco Springs stick around for one more shot at destiny? The only certainty is that while Alison Dunlap is with us, cycling is a blessed sport.

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