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Magnus Backstedt - Moving on
By Staff
Date: 2/6/2009
Magnus Backstedt - Moving on

Magnus Backstedt - Moving on
"Big Maggie " Magnus Backstedt is leaving the pro ranks to manage his Continental Pro Team of young Vikings expanding his future in cycling to teach and train young riders as a rider, director and sponsor.

Backstedt Steps Down From Top Flight Competition
"Big Swede" will continue to consult with Garmin-Slipstream while focusing on his own development team

After 13 years of professional cycling, 34-year old Magnus Backstedt will step down from the highest level of the sport. Backstedt will take his career learnings, combined with what he has gleaned from Garmin-Slipstream's dedication to the next generation of cycling champions, to work with his own development squad and to stay on as a consultant for Garmin's young riders.

Magnus Backstedt Photo © -

To many who have watched the big Swede fight one severe injury after another in recent years, the announcement does not come as a surprise. Backstedt has suffered a career-threatening knee injury, melanoma, a separated shoulder and a broken collarbone.

"Taking a step down from the highest level of the sport I love and from a team I love is the hardest decision I have ever made, but at the same time I am excited for the new challenges ahead," said Backstedt. "At some point you have to realize that the daily punishment you are forcing your body to go through is taking its toll. I've fought my way back many times since winning Paris Roubaix in 2004, but my new fight will be to focus my energy on my own development team."

Backstedt will continue to act as a consultant for Team Garmin-Slipstream where he will mentor younger athletes, and he will also focus on a Swedish team he has created with business partner Martin McCrossan and founder Dennis Nystrand. is a Swedish registered continental team, where Backstedt will have opportunity to teach and train young riders as a rider, director and sponsor.

Magnus's young Vikings will be hard to miss in this kit.
Photo © -

"We will miss Magnus this year. He's been a tremendous leader and an inspired mentor for the younger athletes," said Jonathan Vaughters, CEO and director sportif of Team Garmin-Slipstream. "But we are happy that Magnus will stay on to play a consulting role with us. We wish him the best of luck with his new team."

Official Statement from Magnus Backstedt:
"I have had a fantastic career. I turned pro at 21; I have raced with some of the best riders and teams in the World. I've won a stage of the Tour de France and the biggest one-day Classic in the World, among others. I can take a step down from the highest level of the sport with my head held high and with the knowledge that I helped bring about a change in the sport by being involved with Garmin-Slipstream. I believe in a NEW clean future for our sport and I can pass this onto my own young riders.

I want to thank Jonathan Vaughters, Doug Ellis, every single person in the team, everyone at Garmin and our other sponsors who have supported me.

Most of all I want to thank my family (wife and 2 daughters especially), friends and all the people who have helped me through the years. I also want to thank my fans. You guys have been a huge contributing factor in helping me get back from each setback. As they say, as one door closes, another one opens. New beginnings with no regrets. I'm still going to ride my bike, wind down and bring on the future champions.

Thank you all!"
- Magnus Backstedt

Team - is the first and only UCI Continental Team in Sweden. Late friday afternoon it was finally confirmed and the team got confirmation from the UCI of its license for the 2009 season on January 23, 2009.

Magnus Backstedt and his new team. Photo © -
Alexander Wetterhall (SWE)
Freddy Johansson (SWE)
Daniel Patten (GBR)
Marcus Johansson (SWE)
Niklas Gustavsson (SWE)
Filip Rudenstam (SWE)
Johan Nystrand (SWE)
Max Öste MacDonald (SWE)

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