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Semi Pro Cycling Team is out to Kick the CO2 Habit
By Staff
Date: 1/8/2009
Semi Pro Cycling Team is out to Kick the CO2 Habit

USA Semi Pro Cycling Team is out to "Kick the CO2 Habit"
t"Ten Speed Drive/Ellsworth Factory Cycling Team - Tea, Going Green on the National Road Calendar and North American UCI  Events in Mexico and Canada. Updated with Race Calendar and Jerseys

Ten Speed Drive Racing, Inc. is excited to announce the formation of the Ten Speed Drive/Ellsworth Factory Cycling Team. Formerly known as Colavita New Mexico presented by JNF Enterprises, TSD/Ellsworth will further emphasize their commitment to the environment and “Go Green and Kick the CO2 Habit”. Central to the Team's mission will be their efforts to minimize their environmental impact.

Ten Speed Drive/Ellsworth Factory Jersey (front)

  “We are dedicated to promoting cycling as a form of transportation and to further public awareness of everyday techniques – from transportation to energy consumption  the public can use to lessen their environmental footprints,” said team director, John Freisen. “The bicycle should be an important part of any environmental solution – yet bike racing is extremely resource intensive,” continued Freisen. “We're hoping to bridge that gap.”

Team racers will commute by bike in their daily lives as often as practicable, minimize individuals' miles traveled or flown, use carbon offsets, eat locally and sustainably when traveling, and use durable products created by responsible companies. “The team is working closely with its sponsors to build a low-impact model,” adds Freisen. “We're also learning from conscientious programs who have come before us, like Ben Turner's Clif Bar development cyclocross team.”

The team will be co-sponsored by Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles, whose products are made in the U.S. Ellsworth has a long tradition of environmental sustainability; the company utilizes solar power, insulating materials for their offices and warehouses that allow for no air conditioning and minimal heating, and they incorporate efficiency into their entire work stream.

“Eat a bowl of pasta and you can fuel a 100-mile bike ride. That's efficiency,” said Tony Ellsworth, CEO of Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles. “We try to bring that thread of efficiency and its direct correlations to environmental stewardship -  into every aspect of our business model.” Ellsworth looks to further the company's environmental connection and promote their road bike lineup by supporting Ten Speed Drive/Ellsworth. The team will be racing aboard the Ellsworth Scant scandium road frames and will be debuting the brand new Ellsworth carbon time trial bicycles this Spring.

en Speed Drive/Ellsworth Factory Jersey (back)

Race Calendar
The Ten Speed Drive / Ellsworth race calendar will feature many of the biggest, most prestigious events in North America, including events from the National Road Calendar (NRC) races in the U.S. as well as select UCI events in Mexico and Canada. (Tentative race calendar below)

Other sponsors teaming up with Ten Speed Drive / Ellsworth and helping them achieve the mission on and off the bike  include Voler Team Apparel, Clif Bar, BioGreen Bottles, Patagonia, Profile Design, Rudy Project, Luna Bar, Fair Wheel Bicycles, and York Allergy Clinic.

2009 Ten Speed Drive/ Ellsworth Factory Cycling Team Roster:
Josh Liberles, USA Team Captain
Travis Burandt, USA
Adam Carr, USA
Leo Frayre, Mexico
Brian Husen, Honduras
Emiliano Jordan, USA
Chris Keane, USA
Ronnie Strange, USA
Christian Velasquez, Honduras
Garrett White, USA
Jesus Zapata, Mexico
Director and General Manager: John Freisen,

The team is based out of El Paso, Texas. I live where manager, John Freisen resides; The riders are from all over the US, Mexico, and Honduras. "We will be doing alot of traveling from Canada, Mexico and over to the Dominican Republic. That is why we started to minimize our effects, where ever and when ever we can. Lots of things to recycle. We feel if we use fuel to get to a race, why cant we use a bike to get to a job or to the store."

Follow the team on their website:
You can get out and cheer them on as they appear in their first races in February in Florida and Arizona with the first full squad racing in the Fuelta Dominico Independencia in the Dominican Republic.

Ten Speed Drive Racing - Race Calendar
Calendar for full 8 man team events in Bold, other races will field smaller squads. Some races may conflict. Following their mission goals, he team will chose the races that will allow us least fuel expenses.

2/7-2/8 Gainesville Weekend Stage Race, Florida
2/13-2/15 Valley of the Sun Stage Race, Phoenix, Arizona
2/14-2/15 Dade City Stage Race, Florida
2/22 - 3/1 La Vuelta Dominico Independencia, Dominican Republic (Invitational)
3/1-3/8 La Vuelta Mexico Telmex, Mexico City, Mexico (Invitational)(waiting list)

3/6-3/8 Tuscon Bicycle Classic Stage Race, Arizona
3/14-3/15 Citrus Sports, Florida
3/21-3/22 Fayetteville Stage Race, Texas
3/20-3/23 San Dimas Stage Race, California
3/26-3/29 Redlands Bicycle Classic, California (Invitational)
4/3-4/5 Cherry Festival Classic Stage Race, Oregon
4/4-4/5 Ft Davis Hammerfest, Texas
4/19 Arizona State Crit Championships,
4/24-4/26 La Vuelta Bisbee, Arizona
4/29-5/3 Tour of the Gila, Silver City , NM
5/7-5/10 Joe Martin Stage Race, Fayetteville, Arkansas
5/11-5/17 Oregon Pro Cycling Classic, Oregon (Invitational)

5/14-5/17 Tour of Arkansas, Little Rock, Arkansas
5/23/-5/26 Memorial Crit Weekend, Dallas, Texas
5/29-5/31 Tulsa Tough, Oklahoma
6/9-6/14 Tour de Beauce, QC, Canada (Invitational)
6/10-6/14 Nature Valley Grand Prix, Minnesota (Invitational)

6/20-6/21 Ocala Stage Race, Florida
6/27 AT&T Crit, Austin, Texas
6/27-6/30 New England Race Week, Mass, Conn, NH, RI
7/2-7/5 Fitchburg Longjo Classic, Mass
7/13-7/19 Tour de Toona, PA
7/12-7/19 GasTown Cycling Superweek, Vancover Canada
7/22-7/26 Cascade Cycling Classic, Portland, Oregon
7/31-8/2 Tour of Elk Groove, IL
8/8-8/9 Texas Team Time Trial
8/8-8/13 Tour of New York (Invitational)
8/18-8/23 Tour of Utah
8/28-8/30 Hotter than Hell 100, Waco, Texas
10/5-10/11 La Vuelta Chihuahua, Mexico (Invitational)
11/23-11/29 La Vuelta Cyclista Chiapas, Mexico (Invitational)

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