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The Addict, official bike of Team Columbia-Highroad
By Bart Hazen
Date: 1/7/2009
The Addict, official bike of Team Columbia-Highroad

The Addict, official bike of Team Columbia-Highroad

Since its introduction in 2007, the Addict has proven itself in the world’s most demanding conditions of professional road racing. The Addict is an ultra-light and versatile carbon bike that can handle the rigors climbing, sprinting and high-speed descents with comfort and confidence. Team Columbia-Highroad is armed with a single tool that was developed with a revolutionary carbon process, IMP™ (Integrated Molding Process). This unique process allows frame engineers to maximize the carbon material while maintaining durability and stiffness.

The new Addict bike, official bike of Team Columbia - Highroad
Photo © 2009 SCOTT-Europe

The team’s Addict frames are equipped with exceptional components from Shimano, Pro, Continental, Fizi:k and Elite.

The Columbia-Highroad Team Camp
The first Columbia-Highroad team camp, held at the end of November, provided time to prepare the new bikes for the upcoming season. Focus was on fitting, season objectives, the new program, team building and a little pleasure during a quieter time of the year. The camp was held in Mallorca, Spain.

The new Addict bike, official bike of Team Columbia - Highroad
Photo © 2009 SCOTT-Europe

The schedule during the camp was balanced between bike setup, meetings, photo shoots, training, and public relations. Mechanics were present, doing all the pre-season preparation in a more relaxed atmosphere. Team Columbia-Highroad has a reputation for being professional, managing all of the details early on to ensure a successful season in 2009.

The fastest man on a bike, Mark Cavendish!
Photo © 2009 SCOTT-Europe

The camp was the first time the team had contact with the new Scott Addict. Like kids getting new toys, Cavendish, Grabsch, Hincapie and the rest of the riders were checking out the bikes and combing over the components and frame details. A new season, a new bike and high expectations for the team; that’s the kind of challenge Team Columbia-Highroad is up for. SCOTT is pleased to be providing bikes to the sprinter of the year, the new TT World Champion and the number one team in 2008. For all of the technical partners, the partnership is a way of improving products and pushing the limits of the equipment to improve what we offer to the market.

The guys are pleased with their new equipment
Photo © 2009 SCOTT-Europe

Since Team Columbia-Highroad had a very successful season in 2008, we thank the athletes’ commitment to Scott bicycles and wish them all the best for 2009.

A day at the training camp
To see what a training day with Team Columbia- Highroad looks like, follow this link to see a video of the team in action. Click Here

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