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Review: Core Strength for Cyclists and Triathletes
By Staff
Date: 1/5/2009
Review: Core Strength for Cyclists and Triathletes

Core Strength for Cyclists and Triathletes
A review of Carmichael Training’s New Training Video. "Core Strength is cheaper than a gym membership and contains quick routines that will pay dividends come spring time and racing."

By Stephanie Chase

Being a cyclist who spends more time on the bike that at a gym, I’m aware my approach to fitness is a bit unbalanced. Yoga and Pilates are sporadic accessories to my training; the majority of my workouts are spent on the bike. Sit-ups, squats and jumping jacks are relics from junior high gym class. Unfortunately, I’ve fallen off the well-rounded workout wagon and need to get back on.

For those in a similar position, Carmichael Training’s Core Strength offers a quick and condensed and intense core strength and flexibility workout. Led by coach Jason Koop (certified by USA Cycling and US Track and Field), the DVD is broken into three sections that focus not just on the core but also the abdominal muscles, the lower back, IT bands, and hamstrings. Each ten minute section (Chris Carmichael’s introduction says “for the next forty-five minutes” but the total workout is only thirty-two minutes as presented on the DVD) has exercises that shift the focus around the body for a balanced approach.

 The warm-up sets consists of calisthenics-style, heart-pumping routines moving into the main, strength building set, and finally into the elongation, cool-down set with yoga-style poses.

During the winter season when many cyclists are confined indoors, this short workout is an ideal supplement to break the monotony that can come from hours spent on trainers and rollers. If you’re looking for something more comprehensive to do instead of the trainer, I would recommend finding another longer workout or in conjuction with weight lifting or off in conjunction before or after off day recovery  rides. At thirty minutes, this will not supplant a workout on the bike but can help buttress off-season training and building core strength to augment your roller and road training.

Don't get the idea that it is an easy 30 minute routine; it is an intense 30 minutes and the first time I did the routine I was sore for three days. Currently I am doing the routine two two three days a week as part of my preparation for Spring racing.

If you do decide to purchase this DVD, there a few things to consider. Though not noted on the exterior or DVD sleeve, the workout requires a medicine ball, and - ideally - two physio balls. The exercise balls are well worth the investment and for this routine and to maximize results other exercises. For those of us without a small home gym, substitutions (either in equipment or exercises) would be convenient. Additionally, familiarity with yoga and Pilates is beneficial as the moves are not always given in-depth introductions, so be prepared to rewind to make sure you duplicate each position and motion.

However, at $29.99 Core Strength is cheaper than a gym membership and contains quick routines that will pay dividends come spring time and racing.

Go ahead - feel the burn!

Core Strength for Cyclists and Triathletes
Join CTS Premier Coach Jason Koop, 7x World Adventure Race Champion Ian Adamson, and Fitness Expert and TV Personality, Leah Garcia for a core conditioning workout that targets all the core muscle groups. CTS Core Strength for Cyclists and Triathletes keeps you moving in a dynamic fashion to get the most out of every exercise.

Designed specifically for Cyclist and Triathletes, these workouts will provide you with:
Greater efficiency of movement
Improved body control and balance
Increased power output
Reduced risk of injury
Improved balance and stability
Improved athletic performance!
More info or purchase.

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