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2009 Women's Cycle Tour of New Zealand Anounced
By Staff
Date: 12/20/2008
2009 Women's Cycle Tour of New Zealand Anounced

2009 Women's Cycle Tour of New Zealand  Anounced
Tour of New Zealand and One Day Women's International Cup of Cycling Granted UCI Rankings to Spring Tour and Wellington Women's International Cup.

UCI Status Granted to New Zealand One Day  Race
Stokes Valley promoter Jorge Sandoval has been granted a new top-rating international women’s cycle race for early next year by the sport’s world governing body, the UCI.

Women's International Cup of Cycling UCI 1.1
Though Sandoval has missed out on bringing the women’s World Cup back to Wellington he has managed to secure the next best thing, a UCI 1.1 rating one-day classic to be staged in Masterton on Sunday, March 1, 2009. It will follow Sandoval’s UCI-sanctioned annual international three-day women’s tour in the Wairarapa from February 25 to 27. The New Zealand Community Trust is the naming right’s sponsor for both events. Last years tour winner was Kristin Armstrong.

2008 Podium: Lithoprint Sprints competition, Catherine Carroll (USA), Tour winner Kristin Armstrong (Cervelo), R+R Queen of the Mountains winner Lorian Graham (Vrienden Van Het Platteland), and Tabak Under 23 classification winner, Carla Ryan from the Australian national team.

The Wairarapa is recognised as a world-class cycling destination with its ideal terrain, including the demanding Admiral and Te Wharau hill climbs, and an absence of big-city traffic. The climbs will feature on the second day of the women’s tour.

“My team and I had been working to bring the World Cup back to Wellington,” Sandoval said. “It didn’t work out this time but the UCI have offered us encouragement with the 1.1 rating one-day race. It’s ranked just below a World Cup race. There’s plenty of world ranking points on offer.

“This is great news for our sport and the region. One day races graded 1.1 usually only take place in European cities. I’ll be running the event as though it was a World Cup race on the platform already established in the Wellington region by sponsors, officials, organisers and supporters.

“We must reproduce the momentum created in the World Cup rounds of 2005 and 2006. To have the NZCT on board for a second time is very special. It gives us the confidence to put on two first-class women’s events on our own soil in 2009, and beyond.”

The good news about the 120 km one-day classic follows on the successful launch in October of Sandoval’s book, Jorge Sandoval, Surviving Pinochet.

NZCT chief executive Mike Knell said his organisation was happy to help. “We are the largest founder of amateur sport in New Zealand, and we’re pleased to contribute to the success of these outstanding events. The one-day classic is a great challenge for participants, and an added boost to cycling’s already high profile in the region.”

NZCT Women’s Tour of New Zealand - UCI 2.2
Stage 1 Gladstone Circuit Race132 km
February 25:  4 Laps at 29.1 km
Stage 2, Thursday 26 February 128kms
February 26: Masterton, Martinborough - Masterton
Stage 3, Friday 27 February 130kms
Masterton Circuit: Summit finish Admiral Hill

Wellington Women’s International Cup UCI 1.1
Sunday 1st March 2009: 15 laps - 8 km Circuit 124 km

The NZCT Women's tour and tour and Women's Intenational Cup are open to:
UCI teams
National Teams
Regional and Club Teams
Mixed teams: Riders who enter on their own, will be place on composite teams
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