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2008 Missouri Cyclocross state championships
By Staff
Date: 12/11/2008
2008 Missouri Cyclocross state championships

 2008 Missouri Cyclocross state championships
Nathan Rice & Jennifer Herrel  Victorious in Frigid Conditions in Hermann..  Photos

By Daniel  Elavsky

Nathan Rice on the point to win the Elite Men's Championships

The 2008 Missouri Cyclocross state championships were held in Hermann Missouri on December 7th 2008. Founded in 1837 as a German settlement, this quaint little city nestled along the banks of the Missouri river has recently become known for it's support of cycling. In 2007, the Tour of Missouri passed through Hermann and in 2008 Hermann was selected as a host city for the start of stage 6. This was the Hermann's second year in a row hosting the Missouri state cyclocross championships.

Cruel fate in the pit: Christopher Connelly of Mesa Cycles takes a dive into the sandpit. Photo © 2008 Daniel Elavsky

The weather was overcast and bitter cold for the start of the races. It was 18 degrees at 9am for the start of racing. The course was a 2.1 mile loop that was run counterclockwise and looked to have a pretty good overall design. The course conditions were good in the morning (frozen) and the lower sections seemed to stay frozen all day even as the temperatures rose into the mid 20's.

Chris goes deep and gets intimate with  the sand. Photo © 2008 Daniel Elavsky

 As the racing continued, the course started getting a little slimy in some of the upper areas where the sun was hitting the course. The back side of the course had lots of twists and turns and a few off camber sections; and seemed to be designed with spectators in mind as the course was long and not very pedestrian friendly.

Joseph Schelz dances through the barriers on his way to 3rd place.
Photo © 2008 Daniel Elavsky

Overall the racers and spectators had a good time and promoter, Jeff Yielding put on a great event. There were heated bathrooms, outdoor propane heaters, fire wood and fire pits to help you stay warm, food was provided by Pfoodman, Montagues BBQ / Big Shark Bubba Cross Series and April from Massage for Your Health was on site for massage needs.

Elite Men's Podium - Josh Johnson, Missouri Champion Nathan Rice and Joseph Schelz  Photo © 2008 Daniel Elavsky

2008 Missouri State Cyclocross Championships Results
Pro 1/2
1. Nathan Rice - Michelob Ultra-Big Shark Racing
2. Josh Johnson - Michelob Ultra-Big Shark Racing
3. Joseph Schelz - Trek Stores

David Breslin  %th on the day   Photo © 2008 Daniel Elavsky

4. Adam Mills - KCCX/Verge
5. David Breslin - Mesa Cycles
6. Ethan Froese - Mesa Cycles
7. Richard Breininger - Mesa Cycles
8. Jeff Winkler - KCCX/Verge
9. Anthony Dust - Dogfish Racing
10. Jay Strothman - Kriegers Pub
11. Scott Olilvie - Bare Knuckles Brigade
12. Curt Kippenberger - Columbia Bike Club
13. John Matthews - DRJ Racing
14. Christopher Connelly - Mesa Cycles

Women 123
1. Jennifer Herrel - SKC Racing

Cat 3 Champion Chris Ploch (DRJ Racing) on the gravel  2008 Daniel Elavsky

Mens Cat3
1. Chris Ploch - DRJ Racing
2. Ron Bridal - Dogfish Racing
3. Casey Saunders - Dogfish Racing

4. Jonathan Schottler - Univ. of MO Columbia
5. Dennis Koscielski - Dogfish Racing

Matt James Missouri Cat 4 Champ

Mens Cat 4
1. Matt James - Mesa Cycles
2. Alex Grman - The Hub
3. Justin Bowen - No Boundaries

4. Nate Means - None
5. Jason Watkins - Wild Trak bikes

Women's Cat 4 & Juniors
Bib # Last Name First Name License # Team Cat Place
458 Edwards Alex 208217 Mesa Cycles Racing J 1
450 Schilling Jonathon 255838 Mesa J 2

459 Carter Jacob 270581 CBC J 3
457 Pruschen Joshua 261041 Cycles Unlimited J 4
451 Stull Aaron 273188 Epic J 5
454 Cato Rebecca 174489 Velo Force W 1
461 Pearce Jacqueline One Day None W 2
453 Mueller Kathryn 269517 KCOI/Boulevard W 3
455 Carder Alane 189299 Velo Force W 4
452 Redmond Cory 286340 Dogfish Racing W 5
460 Long Nicole 268410 None W 6
Complete Race Results

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