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Route details announced for 2009 Tour de Langkawi
By Bart Hazen
Date: 12/11/2008
Route details announced for 2009 Tour de Langkawi

Route details announced for 2009 Tour de Langkawi

The organization of Le Tour de Langkawi 2009 (LTdL 2009) which will be held from February 9 -15 next year will be the proof that Malaysia is a country that will always be able to organize an international event regardless the fact that the world is facing the globalization credit crunch.

Executive Chairman of the LTdL 2009 who is also the President of Malaysia National Cycling Federation (MNCF), Abu Samah Abu Wahab, said that the 14th edition of the cycling tour will start in Putrajaya. The Malaysian Government administrative centre a commence by the Malaysian National Cycling Federation (MNCF) once again is given the trust by the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) to be the organizer of the event.

"Today we gathered together at the Ministry of Youth and Sports to witness the launch ceremony of the Le Tour de Langkawi 2009. The launch ceremony will be a proof that the Ministry of Youth and Sports is committed to get involve with all sports federations in the country to organize any sports event".

At the Launch of Le Tour de Langkawi 2009 Photo 2008 Le Tour de Langkawi

"I as the Executive Chairman of the Le Tour de Langkawi 2009 would like to thank the Ministry of Youth and Sports especially the minister, Dato' Seri Ismail Sabri Yaacob who took away all the uncertainty and questions in our minds," he said during the launch ceremony of the LTdL 2009 at KBS today."

The launch ceremony of LTdL 2009 is officiated by the Youth and Sports Minister, Dato' Ismail Sabri Yaacob along with Deputy Head of Secretary (TSUK) (Operation) Ministry of Youth and Sports, Dato' Mohid Mohamad.

Present at the launch ceremony is Head of Operation of the LTdL 2009, Dato' Naim Mohamad and also officers of MNCF.

With that being said, Abu Samah has asked everyone to take a serious look and take heed of the failure of the Americans to organize the Tour of Georgia in 2009 and also the refusal of the management of Honda Japan to participate in the Formula One (F1) race next season.

The 2009 route details of Le Tour de Langkawi Photo 2008 Le Tour de Langkawi

"Malaysians are really lucky to have a government which is totally committed and has a serious outlook at the value of organizing an event of massive proportion as such as the Le Tour de Langkawi," he said.

Abu Samah also emphasized the LTdL 2009 will ensure a participation of 20 pro continental teams, continental teams, clubs and national teams as fit to its status as the biggest cycling tour out of Europe.

The cycling tour is a seven-stage race starting from Putrajaya to Senawang (stage one), Senawang to Melaka (stage two), Melaka to Melaka (stage 3); Melaka to Bandar Baru Bangi (stage four), Petaling Jaya to Genting Highlands (stage 5), Batang Kali to Shah Alam (stage six) and Criterium Kuala Lumpur (stage seven).

Apart from that, Abu Samah also emphasized that Malaysia will be represented by three teams, which are the National Team, MCF Team (continental team,) and Le Tua (club).

Up to now, the preparation of the National Team and MCF Team has entered phase two with 50 percent of the program, handled by the Head Coach, John Beasley along with the coach, Jamaluddin Omar, implemented brilliantly.

"I received the information that John already had a discussion with Jamaluddin. I have been told that John has given the trust to Jamaluddin to continue with all the programs," he said.

The National Team and MCF Team will commence central training most probably in Genting Highlands as soon as possible.

The stages
Stage 1: Putrajaya-Senawang, 135km
Stage 2: Senawang-Melaka, 161.7km
Stage 3: Melaka-Melaka, 186km
Stage 4: Melaka-Bandar Baru Bangi, 222.2km
Stage 5 Petaling Jaya-Genting Highlands, 95.6km
Stage 6: Batang Kali-Shah Alam, 148.4km
Stage 7: Kuala Lumpur criterium, 80.4km

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