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Interview - Fumiyuki Beppu
By Staff
Date: 11/13/2008
Interview - Fumiyuki Beppu

Interview - Fumiyuki Beppu
'Fumy' Beppu starts his 5th season as a pro rider in the Skil/Shimano outfit. Looking back and looking forward to 2009.

By Christophe Clément

Fumiyuki Beppu
Vital Statistics:
Born: April 10, 1983 - Chigasaki, Japan
25 years old
Height: 180
Weight: 67 kg
Professional: 2005
Nickname: Fumy

2005 - 2007 Discovery Channel (USA)
2008 - 2009 Skil/Shimano (Netherlands)


What introduced you to cycling as a sport in Japan?

Fumy Beppu: I was first introduced to the sport of cycling in 1990, at a tender age of 7, after a family friend had made the 20km journey to visit his home by mountain bike. My father, inspired by his friends accomplishment, decided that cycling would be a sport that his whole family would enjoy.

In the same year, my eldest brother, Hajime, upon watching the World Cycling Championships Road Race on TV, which was taking place in nearby Utsunomiya, was so inspired by the race that he decided to  enter bicycle races.

Where do you live when you are in Europe, Marseilles?

Fumy Beppu: I moved to Lyon, because I found nice place. And of course our team base is Netherlands. I will stay there, too.

Do you ever go back to VC La Pomme?

Fumy Beppu: No. But, I will sometimes go back to Marseille as my second home town. There, I have many friends such as Frederic from VC La Pomme. VC La Pomme gives me information I need. They still support me in a way.

Do you train with any riders from VC La Pomme or other pros in Marseille?
I was training with ex-La Pomme members when I was in Marseille such as Philip Deignam, Remi Pouriol, Daniel Martin, and Daril Impey. I used to train with Philip most.

Is there more interest in road cycling now you are involved?

Fumy Beppu: Road racing is a world wide sport, and has such its history. I think it is the most interesting sport in the world. I am in that sport. I am fighting in the sport now. It is very hard and severe. But, it is worth it ! I feel alive when I ride in a race.

Has the Japan keirin scene become less popular in the last decade?

Fumy Beppu: It is said that Keirin's popularity has gone down, but that means the sales from Keirin have fallen off. Originally, the Japanese people difn't have much interest in road racing.

Beppu at the 2005 Fleche Wallone
Photo © 2008 Bart Hazen

What are your career ambitions as of 2009?

Fumy Beppu: I'll ride on many classic races.

Will you ride Paris Roubaix again in 2009?

Fumy Beppu: Yes. I especially like this race because It has more than 100 years history; and I am good at this race. I could not get in this race last year because I had to ride at the Asian Championship for the Beijing Olympics. Next  year, I really want to focus on this race.

We should note here that Fumy won the Asian Championships securing his berth in the Olympics. Are there any young Japanese riders we should be aware of, Arashiro or Yoshida?

Fumy Beppu: It is kind of difficult question. Nobody has reached the level to be aware of. I think they have to make more pf an effort.

Non Cycling:
How is your English (very good via written form I have found)?

Fumy Beppu: So so. It takes me more time to use this language smoothly.

What is your favourite non Japanese car?

Are you popular with the European ladies, I hear you are (anecdotally)?
Non non it's gossip...

Do you have a favourite masseuse from your past and current teams (some female fans were interested)?
Vincent Monserez (ex Discovery, now Silence Lotto) and Gunther Van den Abbeele (Skil).

Do you like Obama or prefer Bush?

Fumy Beppu: I prefer Obama, I think He can change the world.

Do you prefer cold or hot weather?

Fumy Beppu: I prefer cold weather because I'm very hot man!!

Thank you Fumy for speaking to your fans at the Daily Peloton. Best of luck in the 2009 season.

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