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Cyclocross News Roundup - 24 October 2008
By Bart Hazen
Date: 10/24/2008
Cyclocross News Roundup - 24 October 2008

Cyclocross News Roundup - 24 October 2008

World Ranking, World Cup Tabor, Gazet van Antwerpen trophy to kick-off, Vantornout and Van den Brand winners in Woerden, Vanthourenhout returns in Tabor, Dutch team for Tabor and European Championships in Lievin, USA Cycling CX Standings, Page and Compton dropped out in Kalmthout, Simunek wins Lebbeke, Races in Spain and Canadian National Championships..

Simms and Nys tops World Ranking
Wendy Simms and Sven Nys are leading the Cyclocross World Ranking after the first World Cup in Kalmthout. Simms thanks her lead due to her win in the national championships and her good result in Kalmthout. Simms will hope to keep a high placing through the next two World Cups in Tabor, Czech Republic and Pijnacker, Netherlands. She will then return to America for USGP Mercer Cup and Portland before returning to Europe for the remaining World Cup events in mid-December.

Sven Nys
Photo 2008 Bart Hazen

Sven Nys is the logical leader due to his win in amongst others Dottignies, Neerpelt, Ruddervoorde and Kalmthout.

Elite ranking
1 - NYS Sven BEL19760617 BEL 32 420
2 - ALBERT Niels BEL19860205 BEL 22 399
3 - PAUWELS Kevin BEL19840412 BEL 24 284
4 - AERNOUTS Bart BEL19820623 BEL 26 260
5 - POWERS Jeremy USA19830629 USA 25 247
6 - VANTORNOUT Klaas BEL19820519 BEL 26 232
7 - TREBON Ryan USA19810305 USA 27 222
8 - SIMUNEK Radomir CZE19830906 CZE 25 220
9 - STYBAR Zdenek CZE19851211 CZE 23 207
10 - WELLENS Bart BEL19780810 BEL 30 204

Wendy Simms
Photo 2008 Bart Hazen

Women's ranking
1 - SIMMS Wendy CAN19720522 CAN 36 309
2 - VAN DEN BRAND Daphny NED19780406 NED 30 300
3 - KUPFERNAGEL Hanka GER19740319 GER 34 260
4 - HAVLIKOVA Pavla CZE19830420 CZE 25 220
5 - FERRIER-BRUNEAU Christel FRA19790708 FRA 29 205
6 - TRIQUET-CLAUDE Nadia FRA19781025 FRA 30 182
7 - SALVETAT Maryline FRA19740811 FRA 34 160
8 - ELEMANS Saskia NED19770311 NED 31 150
9 - BUTLER Susan USA19710912 USA 37 149
10 - INGELS Veerle BEL19811224 BEL 27 140

UCI World Cup continues in Tabor
The 2008-2009 UCI World Cup will continue this weekend in Tabor (October 26) with the second race of this series. Both Nys and Van den Brand will start in the World Cup jersey as winners of the Kalmthout cross last week.

Start list Men and Women

Daphny van den Brand is eager to defend her world cup jersey
Photo 2008 Bart Hazen

Gazet van Antwerpen trophy to kick-off on November 1 with Koppenbergcross

The prestigious Gazet van Antwerpen trophy will kick-off on November 1 in Oudenaarde with the Koppenbergcross. In this race the riders have to climb the famous Koppenberg, known from the Tour of Flanders, several times. The full Gazet van Antwerpen (GVA) series consist of:

Oudenaarde (November 1)
Niel (November 11)
Hasselt (November 22)
Essen (December 13)
Loenhout (December 30)
Baal (January 1)
Lille (February 7)
Oostmalle (February 22)

For the participating field click here

Last year the GVA ranking was won by Sven Nys!

Klaas Vantornout wins Nacht van Woerden

Klaas Vantornout has won the Nacht van Woerden (October 21). The rider of Sunweb won the evening cross ahead of World Champion Lars Boom and Thijs Al. Richard Groenendaal and Gerben de Knegt completed the top 5. American Adam Myerson finished as 25th.

Klaas Vantornout
Photo 2008 Bart Hazen

1 Klaas Vantornout
2 Lars Boom
3 Thijs Al
4 Richard Groenendaal
5 Gerben De Knegt
6 Marco Bianco
7 Wilant Van Gils
8 Christian Heule
9 Johannes Sickmueller
10 Eddy Van IJzendoorn
25 Adam Myerson

Daphny van den Brand wins Nacht van Woerden
Daphny van den Brand goes on with winning. The Dutch, who won the World cup in Kalmthout last Sunday, was also the best in the Nacht van Woerden (October 21).

Van den Brand won the race ahead of Saskia Elemans and Arenda Grimberg.

Daphny van den Brand
Photo 2008 Bart Hazen

1 Daphny Van den Brand
2 Saskia Elemans
3 Arenda Grimberg
4 Sanne van Paassen
5 Linda van Rijen
6 Tessa van Nieuwpoort
7 Rebecca Talen
8 Abke Francissen
9 Francis Keizer
10 Sabrina Stultiens

Sven Vanthourenhout returns in Tabor
Belgian Sven Vanthourenhout will return in competition on October 26 in Tabor. The Sunweb-Projob rider was already selected by Belgian selector Rudy de Bie but finally got permission of the doctors to start.

Vanthourenhout crashed in Olomouc a few weeks and broke two wrist-bones.

Dutch Team for World Cup in Tabor
The Dutch National Selector Johan Lammerts has announced the teams for the second World Cup of the season in Tabor (October 26). The teams will be:

Elite Men
Thijs Al
Thijs van Amerongen
Lars Boom
Wilant van Gils
Richard Groenendaal
Roy van Heeswijk
Gerben de Knegt
Patrick van Leeuwen
Eddy van IJzendoorn

Elite Women
Daphny van den Brand
Saskia Elemans
Reza Hormes-Ravenstijn
Sanne van Paassen
Linda van Rijen

Dutch team for European Championships Cyclocross in Lievin
The Dutch National Selector Johan Lammerts has announced the teams for the European Championships Cyclocross in Lievin (November 2). Only the Women, U23 and Juniors will compete at this championship.

Elite Women
Daphny van den Brand
Saskia Elemans
Arenda Grimberg
Reza Hormes-Ravenstijnn
Sanne van Paassen
Linda van Rijen

Twan van den Brand
Micki van Empel
Ivar Hartogs
Mitchell Huenders
Ramon Sinkeldam

Tijmen Eising
Lars van der Haar
Michiel van der Heijden
Corne van Kessel
Mike Teunissen

USA Cycling Cyclocross National Calendar Standings - October 20
The 16th and 17th races on the USA Cycling Cyclocross National Calendar took place over the Oct. 18-19 weekend. Ryan Trebon (Bend, Ore.) emerged victorious in the category-one Granogue Cross pro men's contest, while Deidre Winfield (Charlottesville, Va.) earned the pro women's win. In Sunday's category-two Wissahickon Cross it was Jeremy Powers' (Hadley, Mass.) turn to take home the pro men's win as Laura Van Gilder (Cresco, Pa.) earned the victory in the women's race.

After 17 contests on the USA Cycling Cyclocross National Calendar, the current standings are as follows:

Men's Standings
1 Jeremy Powers (Hadley, Mass.) 245
2 Ryan Trebon (Bend, Ore.) 222
3 Tim Johnson (Middleton, Mass.) 183
4 Jonathan Page (Northfield, N.H.) 145
5 Jamey Driscoll (Jericho, Vt.) 141

Women's Standings
1 Amy Dombrowski (Durango, Colo.) 92
2 Katie Compton (Colorado Springs, Colo.) 80
2 Natasha Elliott (CAN) 80
4 Sue Butler (Portland, Ore.) 74
5 Rebecca Wellons (Woburn, Mass.) 73

Jonathan Page
Photo 2008 Bart Hazen

Jonathan Page unlucky in Kalmthout
Jonathan Page had a disappointing first world cup in Kalmthout after a strong start to the season. His season thus far included four wins in Michigan (2x) and Wisconsin (2x) and a second place in the Kermiscross of Ardooie behind Niels Albert.

After eight laps Page abandoned the race due to some bad luck and feeling a bit ill.

Katie Compton abandoned Kalmthout due to muscle problems
Katie Compton was one of the pre-race favorites in the World Cup of Kalmthout in Belgium last Sunday. The number two of 2007 wanted to go for the win but it turned out different.

Compton was forced to abandon in the early laps of the race due to the same leg muscle problem which plagued her in the final part of last season as well. Back than she was forced to withdraw from the World Championships due to this injury.

Katie Compton
Photo 2008 Bart Hazen

Compton will now head back to the states before returning to Europe for the World Cup of Pijnacker (November 9 where she will try to defend her win of last year.

Radomir Simunek wins cross in Lebbeke
Radomir Simunek has won the Kleicross in Lebbeke on October 18. The rider of the Czech Republic won the race in a sprint with four. Bart Wellens finished as second and Davy Commeyne as third.

Simunek takes the win in Lebbeke
Photo 2008 Niels de Wit

1 Radomir Simunek
2 Bart Wellens
3 Davy Commeyne
4 Jan Soetens
5 Ben Berden
6 Petr Dlask
7 Jonathan Page
8 Tom Van Den Bosch
9 Philipp Walsleben
10 David Willemsens

The podium
Photo 2008 Niels de Wit

Simunek leads Wellens in the race
Photo 2008 Niels de Wit

Zaballa and Verschueren winners in Spain
Constantino Zaballa and Bart Verschueren won last weekend's races in Spain. Zaballa won in Medina de Pomar and Verschueren won in Villarcayo.

Result Medina de Pomar
1 Constantino Zaballa
2 Javier Larrinaga
3 Aketza Pena Iza
4 Isaac Suarez
5 Bart Verschueren

Result Villarcayo
1 Bart Verschueren
2 Isaac Suarez
3 Mauro Gonzalez
4 Javier Larrinaga
5 Jose Antonio Diez

Kabush and Simms new Canadian National Champions
Geoff Kabush and Wendy Simms are the new Canadian National Champions. Both riders dominated the race from start to finish. The race took place on October 11 in Edmonton.

Result Men
1 Geoff Kabush (BC) TEAM MAXXIS 0:54:59
2 Mike Garrigan (ON) JET POWER / epicride 0:55:40
3 Derrick St John (ON) Stevens Cross 0:55:46
4 Shawn Bunnin (AB) Team Alberta 0:56:11
5 Kevin Noiles (BC) Trek Red Truck racing P/B Mosaic Homes 0:56:16
6 Tyler Trace (BC) Trek Red Truck 0:56:25
7 Kris Sneddon (BC) Kona 0:56:31
8 Craig Richey (BC) Team Aviawest - Van Dessel 0:56:39
9 Drew Mackenzie (BC) Island Racing Club 0:56:59
10 Aaron Schooler (AB) Team H&R Block 0:57:04

Result Women
1 Wendy Simms (BC) KONA 0:45:21
2 Pepper Harlton (AB) Juventus Cycling Club 0:46:31
3 Sarah Stewart (BC) Total Restoration Cycling Team 0:47:44
4 Dawn Berg (BC) Oak Bay Bikes/Ever Ti 0:48:01
5 Loni Klettl (AB) Freeskool 0:48:09
6 Mical Dyck (AB) Terrascape 0:48:34
7 Kelly Jones (BC) Sugoi 0:48:45
8 Vicki Thomas (ON) Ottawa Cross 0:50:00
9 Melanie Vaughan (BC) Steed Cycles 0:50:16
10 Jaymie McGowan (BC) Oak Bay Bikes 0:50:57

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