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Cyclocross - Kermiscross Ardooie
By Bart Hazen
Date: 10/17/2008
Cyclocross - Kermiscross Ardooie

Cyclocross - Kermiscross Ardooie

The Kermiscross in Ardooie (Belgium) is won again by Niels Albert. Albert dominated the race from start to finish. American Jonathan Page finished as second and Dieter Vanthourenhout as third. Klaas Vantornout and Zdenek Stybar completed the top five. World Champion Lars Boom, competing in his second race of the season, finished as sixth.

Albert leads Vantornout and Boom in the early race
Photo © 2008 Niels de Wit

Albert attacked in the beginning and Zdenek Stybar tried to follow but eventually he dropped back to a group of fifteen chasers. Nobody seemed to be willing to work as the battle for the victory was already over.

Over halfway the race Albert had a lead of over one minute on Vantornout and Vanthourenhout later joined by Jonathan Page, Erwin Vervecken and Lars Boom.

In the final laps Albert took it easy as his gap was big enough to win the race. In the chase Page attacked before the sand sector and finished surprisingly as second. Dieter Vanthourenhout won the sprint for third ahead of Klaas Vantornout.

Niels Albert was outstanding today
Photo © 2008 Niels de Wit

Next to Page three other Americans competed in Ardooi namely Daniel Summerhill, Bjorn Selander and Adam Myerson.

This weekend the World Cup will kick-off with the race in Kalmthout (October 19). Last year the race in Kalmthout was won by Zdenek Stybar.

1 Niels Albert Palmans-Cras
2 Jonathan Page Planet Bike
3 Dieter Vanthourenhout Palmans-Cras

4 Klaas Vantornout Sunweb Projob
5 Zdenek Stybar Fidea Cycling Team
6 Lars Boom Rabobank
7 Kevin Pauwels Fidea Cycling Team
8 Erwin Vervecken Fidea Cycling Team
9 Tim Van Nuffel Easypay
10 Jan Soetens Revor Cycling Team
11 Davy Commeyne Revor Cycling Team
12 David Willemsens Revor Cycling Team
13 Ben Berden Revor Cycling Team
14 Kenneth Van Compernolle Sunweb Projob
15 Marco Bianco
16 Pieter Ghillbert
17 Bjorn Rondelez Lingier Versluys Beachbikers Team Vzw
18 Quentin Bertholet Fidea Cycling Team
19 Ian Field
20 Gianni Denolf Palmans-Cras

World Champion Lars Boom
Photo © 2008 Niels de Wit

21 Geert Wellens AVB Cycling Team
22 Kris Lapere MEZ Team Belgium Snellegem
23 Frederik Herpol MBK - Delsol Team
24 Michael Muller
25 Nico Clarysse Cyclingteam Oost-West Vzw
26 Bjorn Selander
27 Steven De Caluwe SDC - ROGELLI Cycling Team
28 Daniél Summerhill
29 Geoffrey Clochez
30 Julien Laidoun
31 Oscar Vazquez Crespo
32 Camiel Van Den Bergh Rendementhypo Cycling Team
33 Stefano Boggia
34 Adam Myerson
35 Steve Gruwier SDC - ROGELLI Cycling Team
36 Jo Naert Lingier Versluys Beachbikers Team Vzw
37 Steven De Schoesitter Rudyco Cycling Team

Jonathan Page the surprising second in Ardooie
Photo © 2008 Niels de Wit

Results of the other Cyclocross races of the past weekend (October 11 and 12)

Toi Toi Cup - Ceska Lipa (October 12)
1 Martin Bína (Cze) Cyklo Team Budvar Tábor 1.01.10
2 Kamil Ausbuher (Cze) Exe Jeans 0.26
3 Jan Škarnitzl (Cze) Dimp - Giant Team 0.50
4 Vladimír Kyzivát (Cze) Johnson Controls Aš Mb 0.58
5 Ondrej Bambula (Cze) Cyklo Team Budvar Tábor 1.12

Challenge de la France - Montrevel (October 12)
1 Françis Mourey (Française des Jeux)
2 Steve Chainel (Auber 93)
3 Julien Belgy (Bouygues Télécom)
4 Nicolas Bazin (US Domont Cyclisme)
5 Lionel Genthon (V.S. Romanais Péageois)

Toi Toi Cup - Louny (October 11)
1 Martin Bína (Cze) Cyklo Team Budvar Tábor 1.03.03
2 Martin Zlámalík (Cze) Prodoli Racing Team 0.06
3 Petr Dlask (Cze) Fidea Cycling Team 0.08
4 Zdenek Mlynár (Cze) Max Cursor 0.10
5 Kamil Ausbuher (Cze) Exe Jeans 0.12

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