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Fantasy Tour - The Best Team Name Award!
By Fabio
Date: 7/28/2002
Fantasy Tour - The Best Team Name Award!

2nd FABIO'S FANTASY TOUR ("FantaSTour 2002")

As much as several previous Fabio's Fantasy Games, also the 2nd Fabio's Fantasy Tour included the special contest set up to pay tribute to the participants' creativity: the "Best Team Name Award", where the Virtual team with the funniest and most original name is given a special prize.

In all past editions of the Game this prize consisted of ... just the satisfaction of being selected by the special DP jury and taking 1st place. But this time, thanks to the kindness of DP reader Francesco Grandi from Italy, we have a ... less virtual prize at stake: a jersey of the Sampdoria Football Team (based in Genoa, Italy) that will be sent to the contest winner.

The best team name selection process was divided in two halves. In the first one, the DP jury voted to choose five "finalists", and in the second it selected the winning name amongst them. So here are the results, starting from 5th place:

5th: The Green Kelme Futureboys (Herman van Iterson - Holland)

4th: Team Let's Hope They All Finish (Robert Nagoda - U.S.A.)

To the Podium places now:

3rd: Lactic-Acid Trip (George Forman - U.S.A.)

2nd: CHUPACABARA-SASQUATCH (Cedric Adams - U.S.A.)

But the absolute, uncontestable winner of the "Best Team Name Award" for the "Fantasy Tour de France" is ...

... Tour-mania (Dan Suciu - Romania)

Besides the funny pun related to mr. Suciu's country ("Tour-mania" from Romania) the name perfectly portraits the "state" featuring all of us cycling fans each time the "Grande Boucle" comes.

So congratulations to mr. Suciu (who is also the first Fabio's Fantasy Games participant from that East-European country) and all other Top 5 Virtual Teams. And a special mention also to all following teams, that got some votes:

* 9-Princes
* All the King's Men
* Barbarossa
* Botouro
* D's Wind Lancers
* El Pipi Cycling Team
* Fastbears
* Glgnfz Allstars
* Just a Guess
* Mad Dog Missy
* Morris Men On Stilts
* No, I said a pound of Rope!
* Smithfield Hams
* Sorry Leblanc, No Frogs Here!
* Speedy Gonzalez
* Spokesmen
* Sprints by Spurts
* Tassa Giortolo
* Team Canada eh!
* the irish blessing
* wheelnuts

Besides all these names, there were other funny and original ones, but unfortunately the DP Jury had a limited number of choices at its disposal.

Thanks to the participants, and see you in the next Fantasy Game. In the meantime, keep exercising your creativity !!!

But before that ... see you in a few hours for the Fantasy Tour Final results.

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