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Women's World Cup # 10 - G.P. de Plouay - Bretagne
By Staff
Date: 8/24/2008
Women's World Cup # 10 - G.P. de Plouay - Bretagne

Women's World Cup # 10 - G.P. de Plouay - Bretagne
National Champions Fabiana Luperini (Miniki) and Louise Keller (Columbia) hold the peloton, with the Italian Champion winning the duel of champions.

G.P. de Plouay - Bretagne 114.6 km
Fabiana Luperini (Miniki) proved her strength once again in taking the win of the French leg of the Women's World Cup today in Plouay. Luperini the current Italian Champion won the sprint of two after escaping on the penultimate lap of the with German champion Louise Keller of team Columbia. The duo held off the peloton by 31 seconds to take the top spots on the podium.

Suzanne de Goede of Team Nuremberg won the bunch sprint for the final podium step. Judith Arndt (Colombia) consolidated her lead of the World cup finishing 4th.

The women had 6 rounds of  the hilly and demanding 19.1 le Circuit Jean-Yves Perron that the men will face in the pro tour race tomorrow. Attacks from the start, but none could stick until the penultimate circuit when the duo of champions Keller and Luperini attacked. The duet worked well together and quickly gained a maximum gap they drove up during the fifth lap to  1:35.

The Bigla team with defending champion Noemi Cantele and Nicole Brändli led the chase in the peloton with Béatrice Thomas (ESLG 93) putting in a counter attack. Thomas made several attempts to bridge but was denied .

Louise Keller attacked Luperini on the final climb of the côte de Kerihuel but the 34 year old Italian climber showed her grit and good legs leading over the climb as the two riders went head to head in the final 3 kilometers with Luperini winning handily by 3 bike lengths over the Keller at the finish.

In the overall World cup ranking Judith Arndt from Germany (290 points) is still in the lead ahead of the both athletes form Netherlands Suzanne de Goede (208 points) and Marianne Vos (152 points).

Cervelo/Lifeforce Report
Carla Ryan in the World Cup points
With the end of the Olympic Games, the women’s cycling circus continues with the 10th women World Cup race in this season. Today, the GP of Plouay (FRA) over 114,6 km took place in the region Bretagne. While the participants of the 2008 Olympic Games from the Cervélo-Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team take a break, Carla Ryan (AUS), Sarah Düster (GER), Emma Rickards (AUS) and Pascale Schnider (SUI) competed in the second last World Cup race of the season.

In an exciting race, where the Italian cycling veteran Fabiana Luperini took the victory in a sprint with Luise Keller (GER), the Cervélo-Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team riders made a good competition. Carla Ryan finished the race in the first chaser group on the 23rd place and gains World Cup points. Despite her absence in the last three races, Kristin Armstrong is still among the top ten on the 9th place with 88 points.

Patricia Schwager sixth in the stage race in Albstadt
This weekend, Patricia Schwager (SUI) from the Cervélo-Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team took part with the Swiss National Team in the three-stage race in Albstadt (GER). In the today's third and last stage she finished on position 19th, just 0,2 seconds behind the day-winner Adrie Visser (NED). Schwager finished in the first two races among the top ten with the ninth place in the prologue and sixth in the yesterday’s road race. In the overall ranking, Patricia Schwager is sixth, 1.12min behind the winner Trixi Worrack.

As next on the schedule of the Cervélo-Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team riders is the Holland Ladies Tour, which will kick off at the second of September.

Grand Prix de Plouay - Bretagne Results
114.6 km - 3:16:49 - 34.936 km/h

1 31 ITA19740114 LUPERINI Fabiana Menikini 3:16:49
2 13 GER19840308 KELLER Luise  Team Columbia

3 21 NED19840416 DE GOEDE Suzanne Nuremberg 31.
4 12 GER19760723 ARNDT Judith Team Columbia 31.
5 61 NED19780517 BRAS Martine VVP 31.
6 134 FRA19880605 KRASNIAK Julie FRA 31.
7 36 RUS19880528 KOZONCHUK Oxana Menikini 31.
8 25 LTU19831017 VZESNIAUSKAITE Modesta Nuremberg 31.
9 46 BEL19841112 VERBEKE Grace BEL 31.
10 51 SWE19830923 JOHANSSON Emma AADrink 31.
11 1 ITA19810717 CANTELE Noemi Bigla 31.
12 141 NED19750926 MELCHERS-VAN POPPEL Mirjam Flexpoint 31.
13 24 LTU19751127 PUCINSKAITE Edita Nuremberg 31.
14 143 NED19801127 GUNNEWIJK Loes Flexpoint 31.
15 93 AUS19770102 WHITELAW Vicki AUS 31.
16 5 SUI19780312 THÜRIG Andrea Bigla 31.
17 55 NED19800826 VAN DEN BROEK Irene AADrink 31.
18 102 FRA19810707 THOMAS Béatrice ESLG 93 31.
19 43 BEL19870512 DECROIX Lieselot BEL 31.
20 122 FRA19670604 PITEL Edwige TPF 31.
21 81 FRA19840725 GAUTARD Karine FUT 31.
22 11 USA19680128 ANDERSON Kimberly Team Columbia 31.
23 153 AUS19850921 RYAN Carla RLT 31.
24 2 SUI19790618 BRÄNDLI Nicole Bigla 31.
25 15 NED19760825 BELTMAN Chantal Team Columbia 31.

26 32 JPN19740308 OKI Miho Menikini 51.
27 142 NED19840926 BRAAM Elisabeth Flexpoint 53.
28 133 FRA19801217 TOUFFET Elodie FRA 53.
29 63 BEL19740609 VAN RIE An VVP 1:17.
30 94 AUS19890215 TAYLOR Carlee AUS 1:34.
31 56 BEL19810222 WERNER Laure AADrink 1:34.
32 4 SUI19860203 HOHL Jennifer Bigla 1:34.
33 73 NZL19790524 KIESANOWSKI Joanne NZL 4:28.
34 152 GER19820710 DÜSTER Sarah RLT 4:28.
35 41 BEL19790827 STEURS Karen BEL 4:28.
36 35 SLO19710427 CORNEO Sigrid Menikini 4:28.
37 106 LUX19870225 MAJERUS Christine ESLG 93 5:53.

Hors Délai - Over Time Limit
64 NED19820930 WALLAARD Jaccolien VVP 23:02.
91 AUS19880706 CROMWELL Tiffany AUS 18:48.
104 GBR19750106 COX Leda ESLG 93 23:02.
112 AUS19640911 WATT Kathryn TLG 18:48.
123 DEN19780907 ADAMSEN Maja TPF 23:02.
151 SUI19841018 SHNIDER Pascale RLT 23:02.

3 SWE19840515 HOLLER Monica Bigla
14 DEN19850409 VILLUMSEN Linda Team Columbia
16 GER19750828 WICHMANN Anke Team Columbia
22 GER19851117 HÄUSLER Claudia Nuremberg
23 GER19790528 LUTZ Eva Nuremberg
33 AUS19800329 BATES Nathalie Menikini
34 ITA19890615 BORGATO Giada Menikini
42 BEL19730409 GELDHOF Iise BEL
44 BEL19881217 VERHAEGE Hannah BEL
45 BEL19890328 POLSPOEL Maaike BEL
52 BEL19840123 HENRION Ludivine AADrink
53 BEL19881209 BRULEE Latoya AADrink
54 BEL19780321 VAN DEN BROECK Inge AADrink
62 BEL19790105 DE VOCHT Liesbeth VVP
65 NED19890103 HUISMAN Marit VVP
66 NED19860706 BAKKER Liesbeth VVP
71 NZL19780208 BOYD Kaytee NZL
72 NZL19870604 THOMPSON Laura NZL
74 NZL19770315 MURDOCH Sarah NZL
75 NZL19881119 TORKLER Kerrianne NZL
76 NZL19791013 HILL-WILLIS Yvette NZL
82 FRA19770821 BAZIRE Sonia FUT
83 FRA19890125 DUTRIAUX Fiona FUT
84 FRA19851209 JEULAND Nathalie FUT
85 CAN19740511 MAC GREGOR Moriah FUT
86 FRA19860110 MERLOT Emmanuelle FUT
92 AUS19880308 MULLENS Peta AUS
95 AUS19831118 BURFORD Leonie AUS
96 AUS19811214 GILMORE Rochelle AUS
101 FRA19801108 GAUTIER Fabienne ESLG 93
103 CAN19871120 NUMAINVILLE Joelle ESLG 93
105 CAN19850509 LEMIEUX Audrey ESLG 93
111 FRA19870413 BRAVARD Mélanie TLG
113 FRA19831008 JEUDY Aurore TLG
114 FRA19870413 LEBRUN Emilie TLG
115 FRA19870305 MARTIN Honorine TLG
124 FRA19830317 RIBEROT Fanny TPF
125 FRA19860527 MERMILLOD Eugenie TPF
126 NZL19820928 GUDSELL Brei TPF
131 FRA19750817 LE FLOCH Magali FRA
132 FRA19830920 MOCQUERY Magali FRA
135 FRA19870709 LE FOURN Aodez FRA
144 NED19890423 KANIS Jacobien Flexpoint
145 NED19770311 ELEMANS Saskia Flexpoint
146 NED19890809 SNIJDER Adriene Flexpoint
154 AUS19731117 RICKARDS Emma RLT

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