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29th Olympics - Men's Time Trial Live Part 2
By Staff
Date: 8/13/2008
29th Olympics - Men's Time Trial Live Part 2

Olympics Men's Time Trial Live Part 2
Svein Tuft has set the time to beat as Denis Menchov the last rider of the second group launches off the start ramp.

1448 DST - The final rider from the second group of riders, Denis Menchov (Russia) is now underway. He placed 6th in the two Tour de France time trials, so is competent against the watch. A Medal position is certainly possible for the Russian.

Steve Cummings crosses the line in, 1h05m07, so limited his losses in the final part of the ride. He looks exhausted, and is seemingly enjoying having water poured over his head. Estionian Rein Taaramae posts the 2nd best time at the 10.8km check, just fifteen seconds ahead of Cummings' best time, but importantly ahead of our leader at the finish Tuft's time.

1452 DST - Gesink is coming home to finish his ride. He won't be Tuft, but may post the 2nd best time right now. 1h04m02 is his time, 23 seconds behind Tuft, but ahead of Britain's Steve Cummings.

Current fastest times
- Svein Tuft (Can) 1h0439
- Robert Gesink (Ned) @ 23s
- Steve Cummings (GBR) @ 28s

1457 DST - The first group of riders have all finished their time, and 6 of the second group have passed the 10.8km check; none of them have threatened the fastest time at that point, which is still held by Steve Cummings. The next rider off is Samuel Sanchez, the Olympic Road Race Champion, who begins at 15h30 DST.

1500 DST - David Zabriskie is on the approach to the 10.8km check. If he loses time to Cummings that is fairly inconsequential, as the British rider faded at the end of his ride. Chris Anker Sörensen is 5 seconds down on the top of the climb. He is currently third. German TT Champion Bert Grabsch crosses the top after 10,8 km. with his heavy weight he is 25 seconds down on Tuft. Andriy Grivko (Ukraine) is 1.32 down on Tuft after the first lap.

1505 DST - Ryder Hesjedal is at the first finish passage as fifth. 45 seconds down on Tuft. Menchov is 12th at the first time check 26 seconds down on Tuft. The Kazakh Andrei Mizourov is half way through the race now at the first finish passage. His time 33:14 the 9th best time thus far.

Prezymyslav Niemiec from Poland riding for the Miche team in Italy is half way the race. His time 33:22 and the 13th best time thus far at 1.53 from Tuft. Niemiec was 6th in the Tour of Slovenia, 12th in the Route du Sud and 16th in the road race of the Olympics. Maxime Monfort is 1.07 down half way the race on Cummings that is. Tuft had a good second lap as he was 23 seconds down on Cumminggs after lap 1. Gesink still on an excellent second place.

Nibali is 1:18 down on the fast time at 23.2km, while Zabriskie posts a time of 31:56, so a mere 17 seconds down on the fastest time there. Italian Vincenzo Nibali who completed the Giro and the Tour this year is 8th after lap 1. 1.18 down on Cummings. Nibali finished10th in the Giro and 20th in the Tour.

1515 DST - Menchov is being listed as 'Menshov' perhaps this is an imitation of the Russian who is riding today. Second in the worlds TT in Stuttgart Laszlo Bodrogi is half way the race now. Bodrogi isn't a real climber, Bodrogi comes to the 23.2km check; he has lost over a minute and a half to Cummings and Zabriskie. Bodrogi is 1.41 down on Cummings. Danish talent Chris Anker Sörensen is half way the race now. 42 seconds down on Cummings. Sörensen is with Fuglsang the best Danish talents for stage races in the future.

Only Bert Grabsch and Denis Menchov are left to pass the second checkpoint. A bit later olympic champion Sammie Sanchez will starts as first of the third group. Grabsch has lost 23 seconds to Cummings at the time check.

1520 DST - Here comes Menchov. Remember his 10.8km time wasn't too bad, and left room for him to improve as the race wore on. However, it doesn't look as if he's managed to do that; his time is already over 32 minutes. His time 32:41 the 9th best time thus far. The first gruop has completed the race already, the second group of 13 riders has completed lap 1. Up to the third and final wave with all the world class riders.

Current fastest times (47km finish)
- Svein Tuft (Can) 1h0439
- Robert Gesink (Ned) @ 23s
- Steve Cummings (GBR) @ 28s

Cummings has the fastest split points at the 10.8 km and 23.2 km splits, before Tuft took over at the 34.6 km check and the finish.

1525 DST - 5 minutes until the 3rd pool of riders begin. At the 34,6 km check Ryder Hesjedal has the third time. The Canadians are kicking butt on the Great Wall! Tuft and Hesjedal are split by Robert Gesink at that check.

1530 DST - Olympic Road Champion Samuel Sanchez leads off the first of the third group of 13 riders. Sanchez can do well in time trials as evidenced in the Vuelta of last year; on this course he has a chance of doubling his Olympic Gold.

The Buffalo of Medelin Santi Botero is off the ramp now. Botero was 7th in the Road Race last Saturday and in great form. Lampre's Marzio Bruseghin is off the ramp. Bruseghin won the 10th stage in the Giro earlier this year. What do you think? A time trial of course and a mountain one at that. Bruseghin could be an outside tip for the medals. He placed fourth in the Athens TT.

Zabriskie at the 34,6 km check. 22 seconds down on Tuft at the top of the climb. Tuft won lots of TT's this year. He is Canadian Champion and PanAm champion.

1535 DST - Michael Rogers begins his ride. Rogers is also three times world champion against the clock: 2003, 2004 and 2005.  Rein Taaramae the Estonian rider comes in in 1:05.47 and is 1.07 down on Tuft. The Slovenian Spilak has a time of 1:07.34 and is 2.55 down on Tuft.

1537 DST - Kim Kirchen begins his ride. He came 2nd in both Time Trials in the recent Tour, so could be an outsider. Vladimir Karpets is on the course too - seven riders to start. German Champion Bert Grabsch is 49 seconds down on Tuft after 34,6 km. Gustav Larsson off the ramp - Larsson won the time trial at the recent Tour of Denmark.

1540 DST - Garmin/Chipotle rider - Ryder Hesjedal is coming home to finish. He's slipped back in the final few kilometres... His time 1:04.42, the 4th best time.

Menchov loses 1.07 on Tuft at the top of the climb. 11th time out there; now waiting for Sanchez at 10,8 km. Mizourov is in 1.52 down on Tuft. 7th time thus far. Botero is riding in his characteristic style hammering the biggest gear he has on the climb, it doesn't look fast but that doesn't tell you anything.

The winner of the Tour de France 2007 and the Giro D'Italia 2008 Alberto Contador is off the ramp now. Leipheimer and Clement are on the course too.

1545 DST - Cadel Evans now begins his TT. Only two riders are left to begin now. Nibali and Monfort to the finish now. Nibali passes Monfort and Niemiec too - How confusing... It's like the end to the Road Race! Nibali comes in with a time of 1:05.36 and is 4th at the moment 56 seconds down on Tuft

1546 DST - Here comes Schumacher! Stefan Schumacher, the winner of both TT's in the Tour de France, off the ramp. Only the world champion himself to start - Like his namesake, this is one quick man - Fabian Cancellara.

Zabriskie is coming home to finish now. He won't be among the medals. He is slower than Cummings: 38 seconds down on Tuft for 4th. So Tuft still first, Gesink second and Cummings third.

1548 DST - Fabian Cancellara off the ramp... the favorite and current World Time Trial Champion flies...  all the riders are on the course in one hour we will know who takes the medals.  The way he rode the road race at the Weekend shows how good the Swiss rider is on this course.

Samuel Sanchez has the new best time at the top of the climb after 10,8 km - 8m31s is his time. Cummings was the 10th man off in this race, so it shows that his time was very good at that sector. Cummings definitely had a fast start; but dividing your effort is very crucial today. Chris Anker Sörensen comes in now with a time of 1:05.55, 1.15 down on Tuft.

Grabsch fifth time at the finish. Only Menchov to finish from the second wave. Grabsch is also the German TT Champion, though carries too much weight to be successful on this course.

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