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29th Olympics - Men's Time Trial Live Part 1
By Staff
Date: 8/12/2008
29th Olympics - Men's Time Trial Live Part 1

Olympics Men's Time Trial Live Part 1
Mattias Medici is off the ramp and the time trial has started...

Welcome to our live coverage of the XXIX Olympic Men's Time Trial.
1327 DST - The race is scheduled to begin in a couple of minutes time. Argentina's Medici Matias is the first rider off, though I suspect the first two established riders to post good times will be David Zabriskie (USA) and Laszlo Bodrogi (Hungary), who set off at 14.42 and 14.33 DST respectively.

The favourites - Leipheimer, Evans, Schumacher and Cancellara - set off in the final group of riders. Conditions haven't changed from the Women's race which ended a few minutes ago; it's hot, humid and there is some wind on the course.

1330 DST - Medici is underway in the Time Trial. The 33 year old is the current Argentinean TT Champion, and also took the Pan American Time Trial race this year.

1331 DST - Next man out on the road is Japan's (and Skil Shimano rider) Fumikuki Beppu. He looks far less laboured than Medici did ninety seconds ago.  Svein Tuft of Canada off the ramp... the Canadian hard man from the Symmetrics team is a fierce competitor and won the UCI America Cup in 2007.

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed that this race is divided into groups, with riders being divided into three. The times on which they set off within the groups are ninety seconds apart, however after the final rider of each group there is a sizeable gap of 42 minutes. This could cause controversy, especially if the earlier riders were to ride in better conditions, though rain for the second part of the race is not scheduled. The reasoning for this is because riders complete two laps of this 23.2km circuit, and the start house is too big, so needs to be removed as riders pass on through for their second lap.

1338 DST - David George (South Africa) leaves the start house. He is the 6th man to start from the 'Group 1' pool of riders. He was the South African TT Champion in 2004, 2006 and 2007, however the latter was his last victory against the watch.

1343 DST - Britain's Steve Cummings sets off. After him, only three riders from Group 1 will take the start. Jurco (Croatia) looks fairly comfortable on the climb; not the most fluid summit, though he is the reigning National Champion back home. We have time checks at 10.8, top of the hill, finish line 1 at 23.2km, then top of the hill again at 34km, then finish line 47km.

1348 DST - Young Gun - Dutch rider Robert Gesink leaves the start, and is the last of the 13 riders in Group 1. Gesink is in an orange and white kit with gleaming orange shoe covers... hard to miss. He showed briefly upfront in the road race, and this hilly circuit may help the Dutchman cause a surprise or two. I don't think a Medal is quite on the cards.

1349 - Medici crosses the first time check after 10.8km, in a time of 19:39. That, interestingly, is just 66 seconds quicker than Emma Pooley's ride in the women's race. Pooley set the fastest time at that time check. Beppu, the next rider across, had a time of 20m27 there, so he is only slightly faster than Pooley.

1353 DST - Despite what is becoming the norm in these Beijing games, none of this Time Trial is faked, nor is completed by ugly people on behalf of more attractive personalities.

1355 DST - Medici's time at the first check didn't last to long, Tuft (Canada) has crossed the line after 10.8km in 19m05. No-one has come with twenty seconds of him right now. You have to love the Croatia jersey of Matija Kvasina red and white checkers... just stunning.

1357 DST - David George isn't going to match Tuft's time; trailing s he does by twenty six seconds.

1358 - Tuft's time is eclipsed by Vasil Kyrienka from Belarus, who reaches the first check under 19 minutes. Gesink doesn't look too comfortable on this course; he's only ten minutes into his ride and is really having to dig deep. Recovery on the downhill sections could be key today, especially as this circuit is lapped twice. Kiryienka's first split of 18m45 is a good time, so it will be interesting to see the gaps at the end of lap one and then at the top of the hill once again. Denmark's Brian Vandborg is riding without track mits; surely this will be a problem once his hands become sweaty.

1402 DST - Britain's Steve Cummings is the fastest man at the 10.8km check, posting a time of 18:40, five seconds faster than the previous best. At the finish, Medici (Argentina) posts a time of 33:19. From the Intermediate checks, we can see this won't be the benchmark for long.

1405 DST - Gloveless Vandborg has already lost 1m20 to Cummings at the 1st check. He's 10th, out of the 11 riders so far. We remind you that you can discuss the race in progress with fans around the world in the Daily Peloton Chat Room..

1407 DST - Canadian, Svein Tuft is about to catch his three minute man, Fumiyuki Beppu . He crosses the next check at 23.5km in 32:02. He is by far the fastest at that split right now, but only a handful have posted times there. The riding style of Raivis Belohvosciks is rather unconventional to say the least; the Latvian looks hunched, and is sitting on the tip of the saddle.

Kvasin of Croatia nearly crashed into one of the barriers on the approach to the finish. He slightly misjudged the line, though managed to steer away from it. He's lost over two minutes to Tuft, who has the best time at the second time check. Kiryienka is about to catch David George for 90 seconds. The South African is clearly having a bad day, but the Belarussian isn't. His time of 32.13 is the second best time at the check.

1412 DST - It looks as if Robert Gesink may well perform a 'ninety second catch' too, as Belohvociks isn't too far away from him. Steve Cummings is approaching the 23.2km check now. It looks as if he's still the fastest man... His time at the split is 31:39, so 23 seconds faster than Tuft. At the first check, the British rider led the Canadian Tuft by :25, so both are riding consistently.

1416 DST - Gesink catches Belohvosciks, and looks very comfortable now. I suspect he may be faster than Cummings at 23.2km. While the Dutchman is noted as a good climber, he has twice been a Junior National TT Champion, in 2002 and 2004. He was only 16 when he took his first victory in the nationals. 1419 DST - Gesink has lost 23 seconds to Cummings at the second check; he only trailed by 3 at the first split.

1424 DST - Matias Medici is the first man to post a time at the 3rd time check at 34.6km, in 54m16. This third time check is the same one used after 10.8km, remember. Svein Tuft is 2:36 faster than Medici at that check, and is only 90 seconds away from his four-and-a-half minute man.

The next batch of 13 riders will begin shortly, with Slovakia's Simon Spilak beginning at 1430 DST.

1430 DST - Spilak commences his ride. The 22 year old isn't a noted Time Trialist, so don't expect too much from the Lampre rider. After a fast start, Kiryienka is dropping back, trailing Tuft at the 3rd check by just under a minute.

1435 DST - Cummings has lost time on Tuft at the 34.6km mark. 52m12 is his time, and is over half a minute behind the Canadian Tuft. Tuft has gained a minute in the 11km behind time checks two and three.

1438 DST - Medici is the first man to finish, 1h07m53. Tuft was only 1km away from him, and is going to set the new best time. 1:04:39 is Svein Tufts time. The time gaps on this course are going to be very large once everyone has ridden. Already Beppu is trailing Tuft's time at the 3rd check by five minutes, and this is only the first batch of riders.

1439 DST - Gesink is less than a second behind Tuft at the third check. Cofidis' Maxime Monfort (Belguim) has just set off to begin his ride.

1442 DST - Iran's Hossein Askari crosses the line, posting a time of 1h08m46, 4m06 behind Tuft.

1442 DST - David Zabriskie, former Tour de France Maillot Jaune, begins his ride. He looks very focused as he rides down the ramp. It looks as if Beppu will be the slowest rider today, his time of 1:11:05 is 6:25 behind the current fastest.

1443 DST - Hungarian Laszlo Bodrogi begins. He placed 2nd in the World's last year, so could be one to watch. However, the hilly nature of the course may hinder him.

1445 DST - Kiryenka posts the second best time at the finish, but is over one minute behind Tuft. The Canadian really paced himself of his ride.

1448 DST - The final rider from the second group of riders, Denis Menchov (Russia) is now underway.

Our Live Coverage Continues: Men's Olympic Time Trial Live Part 2

Start List, start times and bib numbers

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Olympic - Men's Time Trial Start List
47 km Time Trial
Group 1 13:30 - 13:48:00
13:30:00 39 Medici Matias  - Argentina 19750629 1h07m53
13:31:30 38 Beppu Fumiyuki  - Japan 19830410 1:11:05
13:33:00 37 Askari Hossein - Iran 19750323 1h08m46
13:34:30 36 Tuft Svein  - Canada 19770509 1:04:39
13:36:00 35 Kvasina Matija  - Croatia 19811204
13:37:30 34 George David  - Republic of South Africa 19760223
13:39:00 33 Kiryienka Vasil  - Belorussia 19810628
13:40:30 32 Jurco Matej  - Slovakia 19840808
13:42:00 31 Kostyuk Denys  - Ukraine 19820313
13:43:30 30 Cummings Stephen  - Great Britain 19810319
13:45:00 29 Vandborg Brian Bach - Denmark 19811204
13:46:30 28 Belohvosciks Raivis  - Latvia 19760121
13:48:00 27 Gesink Robert  - Netherlands 19860531

14:30:00 26 Spilak Simon  - Slovakia 19860623
14:31:30 25 Taaramae Rein  - Estonia 19870424
14:33:00 24 Grivko Andriy  - Ukraine 19830807
14:34:30 23 Hesjedal Ryder  - Canada 19801209
14:36:00 22 Mizurov Andrey  - Kazakhstan 19730316
14:37:30 21 Niemiec Przemyslaw - Poland 19800411
14:39:00 20 Monfort Maxime - Belgium 19830114
14:40:30 19 Nibali Vincenzo  - Italy 19841114
14:42:00 18 Zabriskie David  - USA 19790112
14:43:30 17 Bodrogi Laszlo  - Hungary 19761211
14:45:00 16 Soerensen Chris Anker  - Denmark 19840905
14:46:30 15 Grabsch Bert  - Germany 19750619
14:48:00 14 Menchov Denis  - Russia 19780125

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