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29th Olympics - Women's Time Trial Live Part 1
By Staff
Date: 8/12/2008
29th Olympics - Women's Time Trial Live Part 1

Olympics Women's Time Trial Live Part 1
The ladies are on the ramp and the pursuit for gold on the Badaling course has begun...

Welcome to our live coverage of the 23.5 km time-trial for the women at the Olympic Games. The women have to do 1 lap on the Badaling course, the same course as the road race. The first rider off the ramp is Canadian Alex Wrubleski. Boyarskaya in the gate and launches here effort.

Lithuanian and former Giro Donne winner Edita Pucinskaite is off and is already climbing. On the ramp we have now Britain's Emma Pooley. Pucinskaite is moving very well and looks off to the best start of the four riders so far so far. Pooley won the Trofeo Binda, was 2nd at the British nationals and won the Tour of Bretagne this year. So she is actually in great shape.

1740 CEST - The next off the ramp is Maryline Salvetat (France). Salvetat is a former world champion cyclocross. On the road she was second at the French national championships. Maryline is in a French tricolore skin suit and looking very good on a black Giant time trial rig.  Next to start are Emma Johansson Emma  - Sweden, Min Gao of China, Switzerland's Karin Thurig Karin and Holland's wunderkind Marianne Vos. With Thürig and Vos we have already two riders who have good chances for a medal.

Now Swede Emma Johansson is off the ramp. Johansson is in great shape, gaining her silver medal in the Olympic Road Race on Sunday. Johansson is also the reigning Swedish TT champion. Min Gao from the organizing country China is off the ramp; Min Gao rode a great road race with a 16th place. She also won this years Asian Road Race Championships.

One of the favorites for a medal Karin Thürig (Switzerland) is off the ramp. Thurig is a real TT specialists and rides during the season for the famous Cervelo-Lifeforce team. Thürig won three races this year. The race she won are: 4th stage Grande Boucle Féminine Internationale, National Championships ITT, 5th stage Thüringen-Rundfahrt der Frauen.

1751 CEST - Now another favorite and wonder child Marianne Vos (The Netherlands) is off the ramp. Vos disappointed with a sixth place in the Road Race and will want a bit of revenche today. Vos never rode an international top time-trial at a championships so its hard to take some references. But with this course she has some good chance. The course isn't for real specialist with less recovery as you have the 9 km Badaling climb and the descent in which you have to hammer the pedals to keep the pace high.

The next one off the ramp is Kazakhstan Zoulfia Zabirova. Zabirova was very active during the Olympic Road Race and was able to finish in 10th. She also won two stages in the toughest stage race for women in the world the Tour de L'Aude.

Linda Villumsen (Denmark) launches off the ramp; Villumsen riding for Team Columbia was fifth in the Olympic Road Race and can ride a good TT too. Villumsen is both the Danish national Road and ITT Champion. The weather in Badaling is dry. It's very hot out there but the wind is strong so this will effect the race.

Wrubleski comes through on top of the climb after 10,5 km with a time of 23,35. The first time there as she was the first off the ramp. The next one off the ramp is German powerhouse Judith Arndt. Arndt has a good time-trial but disappointed in the Olympic Road Race. This year Arndt won amongst others the Tour of Flanders and for the second time in a row the tough Thüringen Rundfhart.

Marianne Vos hammers a big gear, it doesn't look fast but we will have to wait until the top of the climb to wait for the time. Natalia Boyarskaya is on top of the climb at the time check. The Russian is 1.44 faster than Wrubleski. Lang Meng from China we didn't see so she has probably been passed by Boyarskaya. Boyarskaya her time 21:51.17 Lang Meng is on top of the climb in a time of 24:53.26 and is already 3.02 down on Boyarskaya. That's pretty much losing three minutes after about 10,5 km of racing as they only did the climb at this point.

The next one off the ramp is France's grandmother of cycling Jeannie Longo. Longo who turns 50 later on this year is still pretty good. She didn't take a medal in the road race but showed she is still on the roll. Longo is the current French champion.

After Longo we have 10 women left to start with Melchers, Doppmann, Wood, Vilajosana, Armstrong, Ljungskog, Soeder, Cooke, Thorburn and World Champion Kupfernagel. Mirjan Melchers-van Poppel is off the ramp now for The Netherlands. At the world championships in 2007 she was 11th in the ITT; she was also second at the Dutch National Road Championships.

1803 CEST - Emma Pooley is at the time check in a time of 20:45.99 and sets the best time. Edita Pucinskaite hasn't a good ITT as she has been passed by Pooley who started who started 2.00 behind her. Swiss Priska Doppmann another gun of the Cervelo team flies off  the ramp. Cervelo has four riders at the start with Doppmann, Armstrong, Thurig and Soeder all strong time trialists. Salvetat sets the third best time on top of the climb.

Now off the ramp is Oenone Wood. Wood another rider of Columbia is the present Australian Road Champion. Wood isn't a TT specialist. Emma Johansson from Sweden crosses the top of the climb. At the time check she is 2.17 down on the surprising Emma Pooley... She has the same time as the Lithuanian Edita Pucinskaite. The top of the climb is after 10,8 km of racing to be exact.

The Chinese lass, Min Gao is at the time check 1:21 down on Pooley. Third time for the time being. Karin Thürig is on top of the climb with a time of 21:22.55 and loses 35 seconds on Pooley. The next one at the time check will be Marianne Vos.

Off the ramp is another favorite Kristen Armstrong. Alex Wrubleski comes in at the finish with a time of 39:15.42 and that's the best time - an average speed of 35.9 km/h.

Marianne Vos crosses the top at the time check in 21:49.83 and loses over 1.00 on Pooley. Now off the ramp is former double world road champion Susanne Ljungskog from Sweden. Russian Natalia Boyarskaya comes in at the finish with a time of 37:14.65 and is 2.00 faster than Wrubleski. Lang Meng comes now in at the finish with a time of 40:51.61 and that's the third time

Emma Pooley is at the finish now and she is really flying - her time 35:16.01 and she is almost 2.00 faster than Boyarskaya. Edita Pucinskaite, a former multiple winner of the Giro Donne, is 3.39 slower than Pooley at the finish. Disappointing as she can do better. Christine Thorburn is off the ramp now. So both Soeder the third from the 2007 ITT Worlds and the reigning Olympic Road Champion Nicole Cooke are off as well.

Thorburn is a specialist as she did well in the past at championships; still one rider to start with the present world champion Hanka Kupfernagel. Maryline Salvetat comes in with a time of 38:09 and is 2.53 down on Pooley. La Hanka (Kupfernagel) is off the ramp.

Everyone has started. in about 35 minutes we know who the new Olympic Champion is. Longo is at the time check in 21:10 and is 23 seconds down on Pooley. Wow what a time . Arndt is 1.00 down in fifth on the top of the climb. Longo still on track for another Olympic medal. Emma Johansson wont take another medal after her silver medal of Sunday - She loses 3.12 on Pooley and is already fourth now at the finish. Min Gao finished now and is third with a time of 37:15

Karin Thürig rolls in with a time of 35.50 and is 35 seconds down on Pooley. The second best time thus far. If Pooley wins we can expect a real dominance of the British team in the cycling events as they mostly rock the Track disciplines too. But with the win in the road race and the possible win in the ITT they definitely have a more than a good start.

Melchers is over 2.00 down on Pooley at the 10,8 km time check. Priska Doppmann is on top of the climb with a time of 21:47 and is 1.00 down on Pooley already.

Vos has 200 meters left, 100 meters left and her time is 36:58 and loses 1.42 on Pooley -  third time for the time being. Vos won't take a medal either in this discipline

Zoulfia Zabirova is the next at the finish. Her time 36:29 and is 1.13 down on Pooley. the third best time thus far. Armstrong is 19 minutes on her way and almost at the top of the climb, she rides strong it can be a good time.

The next one at the finish is Double Danish Champion Linda Villumsen. Villumsen fifth in the road race doesn't have her best day. She comes in with a time of 36:50 and is fourth at the moment. Vos is down to five

Our Live Coverage continues in Part 2

Start List, times and bib numbers

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