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95th Tour de France - Stage 19 Live Part 2
By Staff
Date: 7/25/2008
95th Tour de France - Stage 19 Live Part 2

95th Tour de France - Stage  19 Live Part 2
45 km to go - the French duo Sylvain Chavanel and Jeremy Roy are on the attack with over four minutes gap on a disinterested peloton.


Stage 19 Roanne - Montlucon, 163km
45 km to go, 4:38 the gap to our French duo Sylvain Chavanel and Jeremy Roy. The bunch need to get their ass in gear or it'll be an all-French competition for the win. we have also a group of dropped riders 5.00 behind the bunch with Cioni (SIL), Eisel (COL), Marzano (LAM), Krauss (GST), Bichot and Vogondy (AGR), Terpstra (MRM) and Di Gregorio (FDJ).

Evans perhaps needs a stronger team for the Tour. On the flat it's fine, but only Popovych and Brandt have been even decent in the mountains.

In the Thüringen Rundfahrt the women still have 20 km to go. Alison Powers and Loes Gunnewijk still in front with a lead of 1.20.

1622 CEST - Team Barloworld starts the chase in the bunch now in order to get a bunch sprint for Hunter... and it immediately has an effect as the gap goes up to over 5 minutes. 35 km to go the gap still 5.00 despite the work of Barloworld it looks very good for Roy and Chavanel at this point of the stage.

In the Thüringen Rundfahrt the bunch has chased down Alison Powers and Loes Gunnewijk. On the fifth KOM we see the big guns in front with Judith Arndt and Trixi Worrack
Bart says:

In the Tour 30 km to go. The gap is down to 4.30 as Liquigas comes to the front to help Barloworld. I still believe our two escapees will stay away today/ Milram joins the chase, Quick Step too.

In the Thüringen Rundfahrt we have 15 km to go and we have three leaders with 45 seconds on the bunch. The three are Judith Arndt, Trixi Worrack and Grete Treier.

Gap still 4.15 with 25 km to go 1 km to the final intermediate sprint. The gap down to 3.50 for Chavanel and Roy - Commentry Sprint: Roy takes the final sprint ahead of Chavanel.

Thüringen Rundfahrt 10 km to go and the gao for Judith Arndt, Trixi Worrack and Grete Treier is up to 1.00.

1643 CEST - The sprinters' teams are showing a real sense of urgency, as they combine on the front. Just over 20 kilometres for Roy and Chavanel, they lead by 3'38" but it's falling fast; the chase started too late,
unless they will get lots of headwind. There's a slight bump then a bit of downhill before the long, flat, straight final 1000 metres.Gap down to 3.20- If the gap comes down to a minute, I foresee a patented Chavanel lone jump for the stage win...

1644 CEST - 18km to go, our two leaders have a gap of 3'18" Chavenel isn't a great sprinter; I think he needs to attack and solo to victory; but then they need to make up 2.00 in the next 10 km. Quick Step on the front for Steegmans, who is repaying their fine work by gratefully moving to Katyusha, the "Chelsea of pro cycling", for 2009.

16 km to go - Gap 3:00

In Thüringen 3 km to go. Arndt, Worrack and Treier still in front with a lead over the 1.00

1649 CEST - 15km to go, 3'06" the gap, By the way, a group including the likes of Cioni, Vogondy and Bichot are 11 minutes down on the escape, limping into the finish. and a group with Flecha, Feillu and Wegmann is even further behind over 20 minutes. The lead still hasn't dipped under three minutes as they go under the 15km to go banner. Everyone is tired after the mountains, whose resolve will break first? If the peloton don't take a minute in the next 5 kilometres or so, they may settle for a race for third.

1652 CEST - Apparently, Flecha and Co. are about 30 minutes down. That means hors delai madness. This is the kind of stage Flecha would thrive on in a breakaway too... Wegmann and Feillu are in that group too. Another group including Cioni, Vogondy, Eisel, Bichot are 12'00" behind the leaders

10 km to go the gap 2.58 - It's looking increasingly safer for Chavanel and Roy now. Impressive riding from them. Neither have won a Tour de France stage before; with them being French, it matters more than anything in the world. So both will be very nervous, not to mention exhausted. They've been sharing pulls pretty much equally up to now, but it's getting to the point where the cat-and-mouse games can begin.

The peloton are still on the rivet, but they are 2'53" behind. Something was lacking today, after that lull in the chase.

The stage in Thüringen is won by Grete Treier from Estonia ahead of Trixi Worrack and Judith Arndt. Correction Arndt was second and Worrack third.

1659 CEST - 6km to go, it's a two horse race. France holds its breath: Sylvain Chavanel (23 wins and housewives favourite) or Jérémy Roy (no wins, the underdog)? The FDJ will be very nervous here; this is all new to him, and may be feeling pressure since his team have not had a good Tour.

1701CEST - 5km to go. Cofidis have already won with their rodeo midget Dumoulin. Sylvain Chavanel wins the prize of the most aggressive rider. Chavanel could further justify his lucrative signing to Quick Step with a win today. How timely that'd be.

4km left - Roy looks a little laboured following Chavanel. 2'23" is the difference, they've done the hard bit. The sprinters will have to wait for their unofficial World Championships on Sunday - the Champs Elysees. (Unless someone does a Vino from 2005 and jump them.....!) True. That is rare though.

1604 CEST - 2.5km to go... On a rise, Roy looks back as if he expects Chavanel to attack.

2 km to go Now Roy comes through, and the gap falls below two minutes. As if it matters really... Burghardt and De Jongh in the counter attack but for a third place.  Have they decided to have a sprint together? No attacks yet. Chavanel is on the front, he must be confident that his power is enough to blow Roy's doors off. Rosseler in the counter now.

125 meters to go...Roy starts, Chavanel responds... Photo © 2008 Fotoreporter Sirotti

1606 CEST - 1km to go Chavenel still leading, Roy in his wheel. Chavanel looks round. He's playing the game.  Roy is stuck to Chavanel's wheel. Roy won't do the pulling

500 meters to go -  Do whatever it takes to win a Tour stage. It's going to kick soon. Carbon copy of yesterday? Roy starts the sprint... The winner of the stage is...


Roy throws his bike at the line... but Chavanel is over first.
Photo © 2008 Fotoreporter Sirotti

Jeremy Roy finished second; the bunch sprint for third yet to come. Credit Agricole are working hard. Hushovd being led out, Duque is in third wheel, Zabel behind, Ciolek takes third.

Columbia's Ciolek emerges from Cavendish's shadow and leads the peloton home for third. Photo © 2008 Fotoreporter Sirotti

Roy must been feeling unlucky after, as this was his chance to win his first pro win; but Chavanel was just faster. Zabel is fourth and Leonardo Duque fifth. Chavanel looks exhausted, but jubilant! And he should be with it being his 7th victory of the 2008 season; what a Tour for Cofidis with two stages and the most attacking kilometers of all the teams.

The group Eisel, Vogondy, Terpstra, Cioni and some others are now rolling in 14.45 behind Chavanel; not all riders are in yet but it is likely that Flecha, Feillu and Wegmann will finish outside the time limit. I would guess so - the stage time for Chavanel wasn't over 3h40, and they were 30 minutes down with 10km to go for Chavanel.

1730 CEST - 145 riders are in and with the abandon of Brandt. we have to wait for four riders to finish this stage. But all four are outside the time limit.

1733 CEST - Here comes Feillu, Flecha and Wegmann they are in 28 minutes behind Chavanel but its likely they are out of the Tour due to over the time limit. Indeed, Flecha, Feillu, and Wegmann finished outside the time limit and will not start tomorrow along with Brandt who abandoned mid race.

The Stage 19 - Top 15:
1. Chavanel Sylvain 181 Cofidis Credit Par Telephone 3h 37' 09"
2. Roy Jérémy 168 Francaise Des Jeux 3h 37' 09" - 00' 00"
3. Ciolek Gerald 44 Team Columbia 3h 38' 22" - 01' 13"
4. Zabel Erik 151 Team Milram 3h 38' 22" - 01' 13"
5. Haussler Heinrich 114 Gerolsteiner 3h 38' 22" - 01' 13"
6. Duque Leonardo 186 Cofidis Credit Par Telephone 3h 38' 22" - 01' 13"
7. Pozzato Filippo 61 Liquigas 3h 38' 22" - 01' 13"
8. Hushovd Thor 81 Credit Agricole 3h 38' 22" - 01' 13"
9. Förster Robert 112 Gerolsteiner 3h 38' 22" - 01' 13"
10. Dean Julian 193 Garmin Chipotle 3h 38' 22" - 01' 13"
11. Freire Oscar 133 Rabobank 3h 38' 22" - 01' 13"
12. Lequatre Geoffroy 128 Agritubel 3h 38' 22" - 01' 13"
13. Riblon Christophe 108 Ag2r-La Mondiale 3h 38' 22" - 01' 13"
14. Maaskant Martijn 197 Garmin Chipotle 3h 38' 22" - 01' 13"
15. Ballan Alessandro 72 Lampre 3h 38' 22" - 01' 13"

The GC with the ITT tomorrow is
1. Sastre Carlos 11 Team Csc Saxo Bank 82h 54' 36"
2. Schleck Frank 17 Team Csc Saxo Bank 82h 56' 00" - 01' 24"
3. Kohl Bernhard 115 Gerolsteiner 82h 56' 09" - 01' 33"

4. Evans Cadel 1 Silence - Lotto 82h 56' 10" - 01' 34"
5. Menchov Denis 131 Rabobank 82h 57' 15" - 02' 39"
6. Vandevelde Christian 191 Garmin Chipotle 82h 59' 17" - 04' 41
7. Valverde Alejandro 31 Caisse D’epargne 83h 00' 11" - 05' 35"
8. Sanchez Samuel 27 Euskaltel - Euskadi 83h 00' 28" - 05' 52"
9. Valjavec Tadej 109 Ag2r-La Mondiale 83h 02' 46" - 08' 10"
10. Efimkin Vladimir 104 Ag2r-La Mondiale 83h 03' 00" - 08' 24"
11. Kirchen Kim 41 Team Columbia 83h 03' 11" - 08' 35"
12. Schleck Andy 16 Team Csc Saxo Bank 83h 04' 40" - 10' 04"
13. Kreuziger Roman 65 Liquigas 83h 06' 38" - 12' 02"
14. Casar Sandy 161 Francaise Des Jeux 83h 11' 44" - 17' 08"
15. Astarloza Mikel 22 Euskaltel - Euskadi 83h 14' 43" - 20' 07"

Thanks for joining us today for the live coverage... Thanks to Bart Hazen, Nick Bull, and Andy McGrath for the commentary. Join us for the stage 20 53 kilometer ITT tomorrow from Cerilly Saint to Amand Montrond. The parcours has a few short hills and plenty of rolling roads, the biggest difficulty will be the distance. Although the final time trials in the 2006 and 2007 Tours were slightly longer, this will certainly be a difficult hour for the riders.

Will Cadel Evans clinch his first Tour?  A good bet based on last year’s final test against the watch, where only Levi Leipheimer beat him. Conversely, the year before, he lost nearly four minutes to the winner that day, T-Mobile’s Serguei Gonchar. Or will Carlos Sastre be the man of the moment inspired by wearing the maillot jaune putting in the time trial of his career to win by a second or two?

Join us tomorrow when the final victory of the tour is decided.

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